Engineering perception for “the new world”

Think as an individual and don’t base your opinion on groupthink or identity politics. Here is another spectacular posting by Jon Rappoport successfully articulating what so many of us think and know is going on!

Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

July 19, 2018

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The primary feature of The Group is: its members look at events in accordance with what they think other members are seeing.

It’s like passing around an unknown object, from hand to hand, and describing it as you believe everyone else will describe it.

You are always listening for “an echo effect” before it happens.

And you claim the echo effect is what you perceive.

High-IQ idiots will tell you this is the only way society can operate. They no longer know what it means to see things as they actually see them. And when they vaguely sniff out a free individual, they recoil in horror.

In the early days of the American Republic, as the two-party system developed, certain men saw the movement toward collectivism.

In phase one, it was evolving into polarized opposition. It…

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My 100, 10, 1 Rule

Simple Tip by Mitch Santell

It will take a total of 100 Contacts within any industry to do your project.
It has to be the right contacts, and you will know as you uncover them.

It only takes 10 minutes to start a task you dislike. After 10 minutes you can stop, but in most situations, you will invest the extra 20 or 30 minutes needed to finish it. The result? Your day will be productive and inspired.

It only takes one person to believe in your dream. With just one person, new energy exists that does not exist when you are apart.


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After Thinking Outside The Box

Excited thoughts by Mitch Santell

The phrase so many of us have heard over the past 30+ years is about “Thinking Outside the Box!” Thank God the box is finally on fire, and so many of us entrepreneurs are ready to step out from the circle of mediocrity to create something bigger!

burning box yes
It is better to “burn the box” rather than think outside of it.

Why You Should Stop Caring and Start Doing What You Love

By Luken Surge Via The Daily Bell

How do you do what you love when it goes against everything you have been taught by this collectivist society? Do you get told that your dreams will land you in the gutter? That your passions are a surefire way to crash and burn? Well, what if that wasn’t true at all? What if you could earn a living from doing exactly what you love? (Spoiler Alert: You can!)

Here is the truth of 2018: you don’t have to be trapped by society’s prefabricated boxes anymore. The digital era has opened up a trove of new opportunities in industries and markets that didn’t even exist 10-20 years ago. New products and services are popping up every day. There is a rising demand for unexpected skills and passions. There is definitely a place in this new world for you.

The Box is burning right now and it’s a pretty good time to get out of it.

The reality is that the old world is falling away, and quickly. Industries, products, and companies that reigned supreme years ago are moving overseas, being replaced by AI & machines, or going out of business.

A good example is Blackberry. Back when smartphones were hitting the market, Blackberry didn’t go with the new trend. Blackberry wanted to stay with their old model, but the market was demanding the ability to customize their own experience. They never adapted and Blackberry faded from the store shelves.

More recently, Toys R Us has been left in the dust. By not adapting to the shifts in the toy-selling market, they fell behind.

Sounds a little depressing, doesn’t it? But it just means opportunity for you.

The way is opening for new markets, and you can find–or create–your place in them right now.

You don’t have to open a physical store: eBay and Amazon provide platforms to sell products.

Many of the wealthiest people got their start renting real estate. That’s never been easier or more lucrative with Airbnb.

Education on any skill you want to learn is at your fingertips online–and often free.

You want to travel and do your work on the go? There is the digital nomad lifestyle that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Read more about the nomad lifestyle here:


America, This 4th Feels Like America.

A reflection by Mitch Santell

From our house to yours and from my heart to yours, I want to wish all of you a very Happy 4th of July.

This 4th of July celebration is especially significant because for the first time in a long time America seems to be on a steady course of change.

Change is what Americans do best. The only thing that remains constant is change.

My prediction is that you will witness a transitional change in the next two years that you never experienced. These changes are significant for America and allow America to remain at the forefront of being a Republic.

Our country was formed based on the individual first, then the states and the Federal Government last.

Most people I know in my world are doing better in 2018 than they were during the shit storm we went through in 2010. Listen, I love my country, and in 2007, I couldn’t live in fear anymore and moved to New Zealand for over five years. The biggest lesson I took away from that experience is this: When America get’s a cold, the rest of the world gets pneumonia.

Do we have a Republic or don’t we? Let’s try and keep her.

Over the weeks and months ahead I’ll be dissecting, analyzing and commenting on why Hollywood collapsed and the “Streaming Wars” have taken over. Get ready; it’s going to be a wild ride.

Listen, we can’t change our past, we really can’t predict our future, but we can live in the ever-present now that is America. As it is often said, those who don’t remember their past are doomed to repeat it, that’s not the truth, it is those who don’t study their history that may be doomed to repeat it. When America is based more on the individual than the Government, then all of our dreams can come true. We have some tough days ahead Ladies and Gentleman but nothing like the rest of the world.

4th of July


By Richard R. Beeman, Ph.D.

While today we marvel at the extraordinary accomplishment of our Founding Fathers, their own reaction to the US Constitution when it was presented to them for their signatures was considerably less enthusiastic. Benjamin Franklin, ever the optimist even at the age of 81, gave what was for him a remarkably restrained assessment in his final speech before the Constitutional Convention: “…when you assemble a number of men to have the advantage of their joint wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those men, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views.” He thought it impossible to expect a “perfect production” from such a gathering, but he believed that the Constitution they had just drafted, “with all its faults,” was better than any alternative that was likely to emerge.

Nearly all of the delegates harbored objections, but persuaded by Franklin’s logic, they put aside their misgivings and affixed their signatures to it. Their over-riding concern was the tendency in nearly all parts of the young country toward disorder and disintegration. Americans had used the doctrine of popular sovereignty–“democracy”–as the rationale for their successful rebellion against English authority in 1776. But they had not yet worked out fully the question that has plagued all nations aspiring to democratic government ever since: how to implement principles of popular majority rule while at the same time preserving stable governments that protect the rights and liberties of all citizens.

Few believed that a new federal constitution alone would be sufficient to create a unified nation out of a collection of independent republics spread out over a vast physical space, extraordinarily diverse in their economic interests, regional loyalties, and ethnic and religious attachments. And there would be new signs of disorder after 1787 that would remind Americans what an incomplete and unstable national structure they had created: settlers in western Pennsylvania rebelled in 1794 because of taxes on their locally distilled whiskey; in western North Carolina there were abortive attempts to create an independent republic of “Franklin” which would ally itself with Spain to insure its independence from the United States; there was continued conflict with Indians across the whole western frontier and increased fear of slave unrest, particularly when news of the slave-led revolution in Haiti reached American shores.

But as fragile as America’s federal edifice was at the time of the founding, there was much in the culture and environment that contributed to a national consensus and cohesion: a common language; a solid belief in the principles of English common law and constitutionalism; a widespread commitment (albeit in diverse forms) to the Protestant religion; a shared revolutionary experience; and, perhaps most important, an economic environment which promised most free, white Americans if not great wealth, at least an independent sufficiency.

The American statesmen who succeeded those of the founding generation served their country with a self-conscious sense that the challenges of maintaining a democratic union were every bit as great after 1787 as they were before. Some aspects of their nation-building program–their continuing toleration of slavery and genocidal policies toward American Indians–are fit objects of national shame, not honor. But statesmen of succeeding generations–Lincoln foremost among them–would continue the quest for a “more perfect union.”

Such has been our success in building a powerful and cohesive democratic nation-state in post-Civil War America that most Americans today assume that principles of democracy and national harmony somehow naturally go hand-in-hand. But as we look around the rest of the world in the post-Soviet era, we find ample evidence that democratic revolutions do not inevitably lead to national harmony or universal justice. We see that the expression of the “popular will” can create a cacophony of discordant voices, leaving many baffled about the true meaning of majority rule. In far too many places around the world today, the expression of the “popular will” is nothing more than the unleashing of primordial forces of tribal and religious identity which further confound the goal of building stable and consensual governments.

As we look at the state of our federal union 211 years after the Founders completed their work, there is cause for satisfaction that we have avoided many of the plagues afflicting so many other societies, but this is hardly cause for complacency. To be sure, the US Constitution itself has not only survived the crises confronting it in the past, but in so doing, it has in itself become our nation’s most powerful symbol of unity–a far preferable alternative to a monarch or a national religion, the institutions on which most nations around the world have relied. Moreover, our Constitution is a stronger, better document than it was when it initially emerged from the Philadelphia Convention. Through the amendment process (in particular, through the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments), it has become the protector of the rights of all the people, not just some of the people.

On the other hand, the challenges to national unity under our Constitution are, if anything, far greater than those confronting the infant nation in 1787. Although the new nation was a pluralistic one by the standards of the 18th century, the face of America in 1998 looks very different from the original: we are no longer a people united by a common language, religion or culture; and while our overall level of material prosperity is staggering by the standards of any age, the widening gulf between rich and poor is perhaps the most serious threat to a common definition of the “pursuit of happiness.”

The conditions that threaten to undermine our sense of nationhood, bound up in the debate over slavery and manifested in intense sectional conflict during the pre-Civil War era, are today both more complex and diffuse. Some of today’s conditions are part of the tragic legacy of slavery–a racial climate marked too often by mutual mistrust and misunderstanding and a condition of desperate poverty within our inner cities that has left many young people so alienated that any standard definition of citizenship becomes meaningless. More commonly, but in the long run perhaps just as alarming, tens of millions of Americans have been turned-off by the corrupting effects of money on the political system. Bombarded with negative advertising about their candidates, they express their feelings of alienation by staying home on election day.

If there is a lesson in all of this it is that our Constitution is neither a self-actuating nor a self-correcting document. It requires the constant attention and devotion of all citizens. There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: “A republic, if you can keep it.” The brevity of that response should not cause us to under-value its essential meaning: democratic republics are not merely founded upon the consent of the people, they are also absolutely dependent upon the active and informed involvement of the people for their continued good health.

Dr. Richard Beeman is professor of history and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The University is NCC’s academic partner, and for the year 1997 – 98. Dr. Beeman serves as vice chair of our Distinguished Scholars Advisory Panel.

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I leave you with “American Tune,” written by Paul Simon. Released on May 5, 1973, and the song in 2018 is just a relevant today. God bless you all!

The Hardest and Easiest Part of Success

Simple Inspiration by Mitch Santell

The hardest part of success is following your own heart while others think that you are nuts.

The easiest part of success is to follow up and follow through. You do not have to be the brightest, fastest, keenest person in the room, you simply have to have the passion and tenacity to keep going when it feels like the world is against you.

You know you can do it!

Steve Jobs on Success and Content! (1:03).

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Seth Godin, a real marketing hero!

Applause and Endorsement by Mitch Santell

seth goden green shirt

I’ve been following Seth Godin’s blog and various websites since 2006.  His insights, simplicity of message and focus, accuracy and timing will help YOU to jumpstart your own project.

First, take a look at Seth’s Blog, hosted at WordPress and a delight to view and read:

Second, Invest a few moments to listen to the podcast, it is worth your time. Here are the other places to find Seth Godin:

Listen to Seth Godin’s Genius in this podcast.

Here are Seth’s Top 100 Blog Postings:

Third, Read more about Seth in his own words…

Thirty years of projects

I realized the other day that most people grow up thinking in terms of professional affiliations. “I’m going to be an accountant.” “I’m going to work for General Dynamics.”

Somehow, I always thought of my career as a series of projects, not jobs. Projects… things to be invented, funded and shipped. Sometimes they take on a life of their own and last, other times, they flare and fade. But projects, one after the other, mark my career. Lucky for me, the world cooperated and our entire culture shifted from one based on long-term affiliations (you know, ‘jobs’) to projects.

I had a two-part approach to building a career about projects. The first was to find a partner who was willing to own the lion’s share of the upside in exchange for advancing resources allowing me to create the work (but always keeping equity in the project, not doing it merely for hire). Publishers are good at this, and it enabled me to bootstrap my way to scale. The second was to grow a network, technology and the confidence to be able to take on projects too big for the typical solo venture. Complicated projects, on time, is a niche that’s not very crowded…

The stages of a project—being stuck, seeing an outcome, sharing a vision, being rejected, finding a home, building it, editing it, launching it, planting the seeds for growth—I’m thrilled it’s a cycle I’ve been able to repeat hundreds of times over the years.

There’s a difference between signing on to someone else’s project and starting your own. The impresario mindset of initiation and improvisation are at the heart of the project. It’s yours, you own it. Might as well do something you’re proud of, and something that matters, because it’s your gig.

Read the rest here:

Avoid Drama and Crazy Makers

Comments On Avoiding The Insane Asylum by Mitch Santell

There are people in this world who only thrive on drama. There is no way around it. It’s a ball busting exhausting situation to be in when you are zen looking at people who are losing their minds.

crazy people you drove me nuts

There is only one way to survive crazymakers, don’t become one yourself. There are three things I do to keep myself in check and they are:

1). Listen more than you talk. ~ God gave us two ears and one mouth. People you meet will tell you who they are and if you listen long enough you will know if they need to be in your life.

2). Know when to walk away. ~ This is something that only you will understand. How will you know when it’s time to walk away? Answer: Do a mental inventory check of how you feel when you are with that person. If you feel empowered and inspired, stay where you are. If you leave each dialogue with this person feeling bad about yourself, it is best to move on.

3). Love them enough to let them go. ~ You will help yourself and the other person most by releasing them.

crazy people I can't

A personal reflection: Regarding how I move in the world, I like to leave each person better than I found them. I work on myself, and I reflect on myself more than anything else.

Something that I found…

“It’s been so long since the last time I had a meaningful conversation with my friends, especially the ones I used to be close with. I’m not gonna play victim and act as if they treated me so bad and left me behind. In fact, I’ve been acting distant lately, and perhaps so have they. It’s safe to say that I have no faintest idea of how they’re doing if it’s not with the help of Instagram and Twitter. Social media indeed has strange way of making us feel like we still know each other’s life when in reality we barely do anymore.

To begin with, in the past several months I haven’t reached out to some of my friends and haven’t replied to their messages to the point where they might assume I ignored them on purpose. Maybe in a way I did, but not to all of them. Relax. I’m a horrible friend and seriously screwed up. I’m really sorry for that. I’m sorry that things haven’t been so great lately. I might come off as uncaring and selfish. I won’t be surprised if some of them no longer consider me as their friends. I get it. I can’t expect anyone to stick by me when I don’t do my best to keep in touch with them and give them the attention they deserve to get.”

“Friendships are fragile and require active maintenance, or they’ll die. I guess I’ve let it happen more than once. I started to read some articles about how to maintain a friendship so maybe I can still save the remaining friends that I think I still have. Keeping in touch is said to be the fundamental aspect of it, especially when it comes to maintaining a long lasting friendship. It sounds pretty doable though, but I don’t know how to do it. The people I’ve been best friends with until now are the kind of low maintenance friends, and I’m also a low maintenance friend. We don’t always talk to each other every day. We could go months without seeing each other. But we always give the reassurance that we still have each other.”

“As a trash texter with mild depression, it’s hard to imagine what I have to do to keep the friendship alive when the very basic thing like reaching out to friends, responding back to their messages, or making phone calls can feel so overwhelming sometimes. My close friends came from various background with various upbringing. Each of them carries different set of personality. I have friend whom I can do crazy things together, and I have friends whom I can sit for hours doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company while telling about our secrets. As much as they seem to be diametrically opposite, they’re very understanding towards my habit. They never call me out for being not fun when I’m not really up to do anything. That’s the kind of friends that I need in my 20s. I’m only two years away from quarter life crisis so I’m constantly trying to avoid the gravity to fall into it while preparing myself for the probability of experiencing it. No wonder I’m always exhausted.”

Read the rest here:

crazy first

Copyright disclaimer

Social – Disclaimer: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in the Aladins Miracle Lamp is archived here under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in reviewing the included information for personal use, non-profit research and educational purposes only. Ref. The opinions rendered are the authors and not necessarily those of this website.

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Work On Yourself First

Reflections In The Mirror by Mitch Santell

The most important thing that I work on each day is myself. How can I mentor or produce or inspire another person if I am not the best version of myself?

My observations and opinions are based on my experiences, books I have read, conversations that I have had with others. It is my quest to be coachable and willing to revisit topics and situations that are not comfortable.

Living in a post-modern era here in Southern California reminds me of an out-take from Blade Runner. Since I can’t read your mind, it is best I work on my own.

aaa work on yourself first

9 Minutes and 51 Seconds To Set You Straight

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The Art of Forgiveness – Part 1

Forgive yourself and forgive others. Hot off the presses.

Homegirl Confessions

So this is just the first part of a series I put together on the subject of forgiveness. It’s something that many people struggle with, no matter what age.  Simply my point of view on forgiving yourself, friends, family, and others people in your life — and how learning how to forgive can make you happier in the long run.

Lesson #1 – Forgiving Yourself

I’m not going to act like I know everything about forgiveness because I definitely don’t. I’m not going to pretend like I understand all types of pain that warrant or don’t warrant forgiveness either. However, I do know a bit about coping. I know about resilience. I know about growth. I know about strength. Everyone has their own experiences, but I really believe that if you want to be able to forgive others, you must be able to forgive yourself first. Of course, while forgiving…

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Avoid Dream Stealers

Observations by a Producer named Mitch Santell

There are people that you will meet along your path who are so cynical that you can feel it reeking off of their shoulders. These are “psychic vampires” and “Dream Stealers.” There is a great way to get them diverted and away from you. The answer is to listen to what their dream is and start sending resources to them. Another strategy is to kill them off with sympathy. Toxic people can’t stand kindness and will attempt to make you question yourself. Whatever you do, don’t fall into their trap.


Are you clinically depressed? Are you suicidal? Do you have suicidal thoughts? If the answer is no you are a fortunate person. As soon as you are done reading this blog posting, you need to go out and get yourself hot cocoa with marshmallows, or a root beer float or a chocolate Sunday.

big fall

My Mother suffered from clinical depression her whole life and had numerous situations that would trigger her.

Unless you suffer from depression, there is no way that you can’t go out and make something positive happen in your life.

We were built for struggle!

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