After Paul McCartney

A Deeper Reflection by Mitch Santell

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Haunts Me).

The death and the replacement of James Paul McCartney is the one “Truther Story” that has fascinated me more than any other. A lot of what I am placing here I did not write, and I am putting it here so that you can read an example of how facts and situations are manufactured so that no one will wake up.

Faul vs Paul AfterHollywood

This was found at:

At five a.m. on a Wednesday morning in November, 1966, Paul McCartney of the Beatles pop group was driving his car in London.  Stopping at a set of traffic lights, he turned to look at a meter maid.  He didn’t see the lights change ahead of him and another vehicle collided with his car.  It burst into flames crowds of people gathered around the site of the accident.  The person inside was badly mangled and hard to identify.  He suffered severe head injuries and his teeth were knocked out, so he couldn’t be identified by dental records.  All anyone knew was that he was a young man with dark hair.  Shortly after the crash, a Paul McCartney lookalike contest was held.  The winner was William Campbell, a police officer from Toronto.  Campbell underwent plastic surgery and filled in for McCartney, appearing in all the subsequent Beatles’ photo shoots.  Right from the beginning the Beatles began putting clues into their songs to tell their fans of Paul’s death…

paul vs faul

The myth of the death of Paul McCartney in a car accident, and its subsequent cover-up, displays many elements common to a clear-cut, hyper-sceptical, near-paranoid belief system, a ‘conspiracy’ impenetrable to contrary facts and ordinary common sense.  The very idea that the Beatles and their management were so mired in their own growing legend that the death of one of their number could be successfully covered-up is as scandalous as it is ridiculous.

So why did a rumour, which began with one man writing in a college newspaper in the American Midwest, blossom into a world-wide news-story so strong, so impervious to basic common-sense, that the Beatles press officer, Derek Taylor, was forced to issue the following: “Even if he appeared in public just to deny rumours it wouldn’t do any good.  If people want to believe he’s dead, then they’ll believe it.  The truth is not at all persuasive.”  The rumour showed no signs of abating, not until the man at the centre of the controversy appeared on camera to affirm that he was very much alive and well.  Yet even this was not enough to kill the story.

Just A Good Replica!

Special Note:

It is definitely possible that Paul’s replacement was unaware of any furtive plots hatched by MI5 to control the biggest rock band of the era.  In that case, where he was installed to coverup a truly accidental death of the real Paul, the following perspective is offered for the reader’s consideration.

Faul and Linda Band On The Run
Linda & Paul McCartney Band On The Run era.

It must be acknowledged that Paul McCartney’s replacement was tasked with one of the toughest jobs in the world. Regardless of who he really is, the new Paul (some call him Faul) was certainly coerced (or simply assigned by MI5) to play a roll that only preordained destiny could have fatefully brought to him in 1966. In this light, his was perhaps one of the greatest sacrifices made in modern times. For he was compelled to leave behind his real identity for the rest of his life in the interest of the greater good for all of humankind. Yes, he got to play a rock ‘n’ roll superstar, but that’s not nearly as fun or easy as it sounds.

Now many may say, as many have already said, that he was, and is, an imposter. No, he is not an imposter!

In reality, all of us are called upon from time to time to be or act like something that we are not. We spontaneously fill that vital role in the moment because it is ours to do. In the case of Paul McCartney’s replacement, his noble and selfless deed surely saved the lives of who knows how many across the planet?

Again, this highly qualified perspective is being presented in the event that Paul’s replacement was truly unaware of any designs by British secret services to use: The BEATLES to advance a clandestine worldwide agenda.

Go even deeper down the McCartney story by looking at the Forensic evidence.


Forensic evidence based on photographs

The two researchers began their analysis by obtaining high quality photos of Paul McCartney before and after the car accident. Gavazzeni complained that some photos taken before 1966 were not properly dated (sometimes different photo agencies would have different dates for the same photo), and that some of the best photos were the property of photographers who were very reluctant to release them. However, they eventually found two good quality photos dated before 1966 and two after 1967.

Different photos of a human face, in order to be compared, have to be re-sized to match the same scale; to do this, one feature of the face must be used as a scaling factor.

These two researchers opted for the distance between the pupils. In other words, the photos were scaled so that the distance between the pupils was exactly the same for all of them.

Once photos of a person have been scaled so that the eyes have identical locations, then if you lay the photos on top of each other, certain features will match exactly, such as the shape of the skull. The skin and hair may be very different, but the skulls should be identical.

Both of the photos taken prior to 1966 matched one another perfectly, and both of the photos taken after 1967 matched one another perfectly.

However, the researchers were shocked to discover that the photos prior to 1966 did not match the photos taken after 1967.

For example, the frontal curvature of the jaw was different (i.e. the curve going from one ear to the other and passing through the chin, which you see when looking directly into a face, as in the photos on the right) and the jaw arc was also different (i.e. the curve of the jaw that you would see if looking downward at the head from above).

Get Off Of Social Media While You Can

Reflections by Mitch Santell

Social Media according to one of the key people who were responsible for building Facebook users stated that social media is ruining the fabric of how our society works.

Pour yourself a fresh hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and check out why I dumped my Facebook account and I only keep Twitter as an extension of this blog and website.

The Reign of Evil

“In the Kingdom of the Blind, the ONE EYED shall be King”
‘This drug……IMPEDES mind control.’–Fritz Springmeier
“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.”—George Bernard Shaw

[Stockholm syndrome is the foundation stone of the Matrx. Mind control is the Reptilians Matrix of Evil, put into action by their on planet proxies: the Psychopath Satanic Reptilian hosts.  It consists mostly of information control (seeLying Medical mind control), Suppressing sexuality, and spreading Fear, through controlled MediaPoliticsMovie industryMusic industryWikipediaTelevision, & Education, with help from chemicals (FluorideChlorineDrugsAspartame, Vaccine poisons), and Death Towers, with Murder Inc keeping a final lid on the truth. This allows them to get away with Human Abuse and Mass Murder for Energy vampirism.     Then you have their NSA/CIA mind control (seeMK Ultra SmithSpringmeierFordSodomic mind control) out of which come JonestownFeminism, Monarch, Serial killers  Mind control killingsSchool shootings etc, and explains the melt down of people like Britney Spears.  You can see how it is just mind control that keeps Allopathy Inc and it’s rackets such as Cancer Inc afloat.] shootings etc, and explains the melt down of people like Britney Spears. You can see how it is just mind control that keeps Allopathy Inc and it’s rackets such as Cancer Inc afloat.]

Why President Trump Matters

Comments On Keeping Our Constitutional Republic

Living in a household with two politically active parents, both in local politics as well as national, I got to watch and experience what it means to be an American.

At ten years of age (in 1967) my Mom had me walking local precincts to make sure that people were signed up to vote.

Yes, we were Democrats, but we were moderates who came from the John F. Kennedy era.

The Democratic Party that you are watching, witnessing and cringing at in 2018 is not the party of John F. Kennedy nor is it even the party of Bill Clinton and Al Gore back in 1998.

SGT Report provides phenomenal videos on a daily basis on what is happening in America. Yes, I am a subscriber to the channel, and if you can subscribe or even make a small donation, this guy is spot on!

America, for the most part, is genuinely grateful to have a President who is looking out for America first.

As you watch the video, see if you can spot the deep-seated anger of Hillary Clinton who was the front-runner for the Democratic Party who also destroyed the Bernie Sanders Campaign.

The way the Democrats in Washington D.C. are acting I am ashamed and became a Republican and voted for Donald J. Trump. Want to know a secret? Most Trump supporters can’t even tell their family and friends they voted for Trump but at the end of the day, I prefer to live in the Constitutional Republic known as America thank you very much!

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5 Things To Quit

Hat Tip To Ricky Ray

5 things to QUIT….

1. Trying to please everyone.

2. Fearing change.

3. Living in the past.

4. Putting yourself down.

5. Overthinking.



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Immigration Hell In America

Looking at the Bigger Picture by Mitch Santell

After you listen to this piece of audio, here is a guest posting from Frosty Woolridge.

Can We Solve What’s Happening To America?

In 2018, Americans face excruciating problems on multiple fronts. It’s almost beyond our emotional ability to turn on the TV at night to watch the news. It’s beyond depressing, and worse, it never gets better. 

House members like California’s Maxine Waters calls for violence toward anyone she doesn’t like. She calls for impeachment of the president of the United States along with dozens of other House members. All with no basis in facts.

You watched a Supreme Court nominee with a spotless record become embroiled in sexual and violence scandal from a woman 36 years ago. How does anyone counter or combat the aftermath of such accusations?

We’ve got millions of immigrants pouring into our country with no end in sight. They overwhelm our welfare systems, social services and educational systems. They wreck our food banks and classrooms for our own students. They’re bastardizing our culture, language and ethos.

An astounding 52.2 million Americans live on welfare in the United States. That ranges from housing, food stamps, school lunches, schooling for illegal aliens, medical care, dental care, home heating, electrical support, EBT, day care and the list grows. (Source:

Government source, “Approximately 52.2 million (or 21.3 percent) people in the U.S. participated in major means-tested government assistance programs each month in 2012, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report released today. Participation rates were highest for Medicaid (15.3 percent) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the food stamp program (13.4 percent).”

Over 100,000 immigrants land on America’s shores every 30 days without pause, without end and without any ability to work or skills of any kind. And, we pay for them and their children.

An average of 350,000 pregnant women violate our borders annually to birth their child on our cities, on our dollar, our hospitals, and our costs for the next 18 years. Anchor babies must be one of the longest and biggest scams on the U.S. taxpayer, ever. And, there’s no end in sight as Congress won’t stop it.

We’ve got over 20 million illegal aliens living and working in our country in violation of our laws, but they get paid in cash from employers who beat the system and never pay taxes. Thus, we suffer the largest underground economy in the world. Some make a lot of money and the rest of us pay all their taxes.

Immigrants both legal and illegal send $120 billion in cash back to their home countries annually. That’s our money being shipped out of our country. We’re being financially bled to death.

At the same time, Mexico sells us $62 billion in drugs annually to quench our voracious appetite for getting stoned, altered mental state, altered heroin highs and more. 

All those opioids caused over 65,000 deaths in America in 2017. And, no one in Congress will lift a finger to stop the drug flow. We’ve got high school kids dying of heroin overdoses…football captains, homecoming queens and water boys.

How about 44,965 suicides in the USA annually? How does such a successful society breed that much self-loathing? How about the two office shootings in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin this week? We’re a breeding ground for unhappy people who kill others in a rage.

We’ve got Black Lives Matter marching to stop violence against African-Americans by police, when 97 percent of black Americans die from other black Americans killing them in the ghettoes from Detroit to Chicago to Los Angeles and most major cities. Yet millionaire black athletes disrespect Old Glory and the police across America.

America, once a first world country, with laws and an advanced culture, features an average of 23 to 27 Muslim honor killings of their women, annually. Additionally, 500,000 cases of female genital mutilation now in the USA, which proves the most barbaric, horrific and God-awful operation on a little girl that the Islamic religion could ever create or import into our country—now flourishes in our country. It’s a flat-out assault and battery on a little girl before she has any choice. Yet, none of our laws will stop it. We’re being degraded into a 6th century Dark Ages religion by importing Muslims. (Source: White House Press, October 2, 2018,”Honor Killings in America” Ed O’Callihan, DHS)

We see Muslims running for 90 public offices in the USA all the way to the governorship of Michigan on their way to installing Sharia Law, which, by the way, negates all our Constitutional rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, religious rights and animal rights. There’s nothing good about Islam in America.

Worse, Detroit, Miami and Minneapolis face being turned into Muslim caliphates where only Muslims live, welfare and produce more offspring at record levels.

One last point: we witnessed San Bernardino Christmas massacre, Orlando gay night club, Moore, OK beheading, Ohio State stabbings, and you can bet, more internal American-Muslim terrorists acts in the future.

We’re being so multiculturalized that we face countless parallel societies that possess nothing in common with Americans or the American Way of Life.

Many of the resident intellectuals, overanxious to avoid all appearances of bigotry, support the radical ethnics in their resistance to assimilation. Cosmopolitans terrified of “ethnocentrism” embrace what can only be called “ethnofugalism”—a flight from the ethnic center of their own upbringing. Those who promote limitless diversity seem not to have noticed the disorder and violence associated with massive diversity in Africa and the Balkans. The faster the rate of immigration and the more diverse the reluctantly conjoined cultures, the greater is the threat of balkanization….

It cannot be too often repeated that an extravagantly multicultural nation is poorly positioned to compete with nations that have not succumbed to the siren call for more “diversity.” Think of Japan. In facing the real dangers of overpopulation following World War II, Japan showed that she could achieve a unanimity of purpose that is hard to imagine in a multicultural nation. Whatever measures may be required to tame population growth, their difficulty will increase strictly in proportion to the amount of diversity in the population. In a multicultural nation patriotism withers under the onslaught of internal competition between ethnic groups. The nation is then less favorably positioned to deal with external competition. Everyone within the multiethnic nation suffers.

—Garrett Hardin, Living within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos,

We feature 42,000,000 (million) Americans who cannot read, write or perform simple math. These functionally illiterate end up with alcoholism, drugs, tent cities and human misery beyond imagination. San Francisco gives 11,000 homeless drug addicts clean needles that get tossed all over the sidewalks. Defecation in the streets. Another 90,000 homeless create blue tarp cities for miles along the cement canals and old roads. (I traveled in San Francisco this summer to see it firsthand. It’s pretty sickening.)

We’ve got millions of Americans out of work and hopeless ghetto dwellers rampaging around in gangs, while everything could be made in our country, unfortunately sells in Walmart and Home Depot, “Made in China.” Yet, Chicago provides a black killing ground more deadly than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And what about law and order? How about $52,000,000,000 (billion) annually in shoplifting theft in the USA? Can you wrap your arms around that number? It means you pay more for all your food and mercantile goods because somebody steals billions in goods and gets away with it.

We stare into the bank vault of a $21 trillion debt brought to us by our own U.S. Congressional critters. Our second President John Adams said, “There are two ways to conquer a nation: one is by the sword and the other is by debt.” We owe China $1.7 trillion in trade deficits brought to you by our own Congressional officials over the past 20 years.

Along the way, we burn up our resources and soldiers in useless, stupid and insane wars that last for 17 years! Are we back in the Dark Ages?

This column touches only a few of our mounting problems, that, at some point, will prove irreversible and unsolvable. Man, do you think we’re going to make it out of this mess? 

Frosty 2018
Frosty Woolridge, fighting to keep America, America.

#Hashtags I found for 2018

According to:, this is what they said about Hashtags!

Simply put, a hashtag is an easy way for people to categorize, find and join conversations on a particular topic. The hashtag is used to highlight keywords or topics within a Tweet, and can be placed anywhere within a post. Thanks to the member-driven online information site Twitter, the lowly “pound” or “number” symbol “#” has been elevated to a new role. The hash mark, or pound symbol, (#) is now known by social media users as a “hashtag” or “hash tag”.

Hash Tags for 2018 that I found:







































































































The best Instagram hashtags for boutiques and retailers










The best Instagram hashtags for musicians









The most popular Instagram hashtags







#Hashtag Development

This really inspired me by Mitch Santell

Ciaran Blumenfeld wrote a brilliant article on hashtags so check it out along with the link to her Twitter feed.


Ciaran Blumenfeld
Ciaran Blumenfeld

You’re launching a campaign, hosting an event or trying to get the word out about a cause…

It makes sense to use a hashtag to distinguish your messages from millions of others floating around twitter and instagram. But choosing the right hashtag can be a daunting task. Here are 11 tips to consider, before you hit the # key and send your messages off.

1. Is the hashtag already taken?

This is the first question that bears asking. You can search for posts on both Twitter and Instagram to see if a tag has been used in the recent past. If it has, you should probably move on.

2. Is the hashtag too long?

Twitter recently upped their character limit to 280 (but not in all languages). This helps, but replying and re-tweeting messages can eat up those additional characters fast. Nothing kills a conversation quicker than running out of space, which is sure to happen if you choose a too long hashtag. Plus longer hashtags are more prone to typos and being forgotten.  Try to keep your tag to 10 characters or less.

3. Does the hashtag make sense?

It’s tempting, and often smart, to use initials & abbreviations to keep your hashtag short. But this only works if your audience is already familiar with this form of shorthand. For example, conferences routinely use abbreviations: #BWE12, #NonCon, occasionally adding in the year. If you are shortening a term, make sure to make that shorthand standard and make it public on your site and/or in your marketing materials from as early a date possible to avoid obscurity.

4. Is the hashtag an attention grabber?

Consider adding a short action/emphasis word to your tag if you want to amp up the attention. Words like now, go, win, stop are action oriented and create a reader disruption when combined with your brand/message. Example: #GOBRONCOS, #CRUISENOW

5. Does the hashtag rely on camel casing?

Camel casing (using upper and lower cases to seperate words) a hashtag may look great, and add emphasis, but in practice tends to fall apart. #TheEnd becomes #theend which doesn’t read well sans camel casing. Even worse, camel casing can lead to inappropriate messages.

6. Does the hashtag contain a word that is hard to spell, commonly misspelled or that has more than one spelling?

It’s also a good idea to avoid words that are frequently misspelled or that have more than one spelling. #Caribbean #Grey are two examples.

7. How does the hashtag tell your story? How does it relate to your brand or help you to achieve your ultimate goal?

Keep your goals in mind. Your hashtag should be a reflection of the action or impression you wish to create.

8. Will you be using the hashtag again?

Whether you intend to use the hashtag in a recurring fashion, or not, you should consider whether you could. If your hashtag is an accurate reflection of your long AND short-term goals, it will have legs.

9. How will the hashtag play on other forms of social media?

Even if you don’t plan to use the tag on other sites at this time, consider whether you might want to in the future. Would the tag transfer? If someone used the tag in a Facebook update or wall post, would it register with the reader? The best hashtags are immediately understood and continue to have impact, even when used away from the original medium.

10. Who will (ideally) be using this hashtag?

Keep your user in mind. If they are part of a small special interest group, and are interested in a closed conversation, creating a viral, trending tag is not a priority so much as creating a tag that works well for the group members.

11. Will this hashtag offend or anger anyone?

Before you settle on a hashtag, consider whether there might be any negative fall out. Even if the hashtag has never been used, it could be “owned” in the sense that it is already a common phrase familiar to others & being used by someone else. If your hashtag is unintentionally rude or offensive, it’s unlikely to generate the successful outcome you desire.

Read more here:



Social Media Management Tools

A quick list for you by Mitch Santell

social media drugs
It is all social and it is all online for you to build your brand!

Social media can be an exciting and confusing mind field of sources to grow your business, your brand and your message.

Rather than write a long post with all the pros and cons of each platform, I have listed them all here so you can start exploring. Let me know how your journey goes. I will continue to share mine.

Sendible +






Crowdfire +





Here is also an interesting report I found on social engagement. Click on the link below and it will take you to the report.













Randy Quaid’s Analysis On Kavenaugh

Delighted Observation by Mitch Santell

The powers that be in Hollywood are cringing at the fact that a true conservative may end up serving on the Supreme Court and he won’t vote to Impeach President Trump so guess what?

America wins again.

In case you forgot who Randy, here he is in Independence Day!


This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Not withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright.

How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

The ability to connect with your audience as your blog grows is an important one. Here are some great tips and insights on blog posting. It helped me, and I know it will help you.

The Art of Blogging

Ever since blogging became mainstream people have been debating about how long blog posts should be. A lot of bloggers may read one or two posts on it, and try to follow the rules – never revisiting the issue for as long as they blog. This can be a mistake.

For a definitive answer, the following are three things to consider when you’re trying to decide how long your blog posts should be.

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