A Vanishing Act..

I have had family members with mental health issues. I Thank God every day that I do not have mental health issues nor does my wife. For those of you who do, my heart goes out to you, it’s a deep dark road you are on. Any time you reach a point that you can’t take it any more, always remember that you are living in one of the most transitional times in the history of mankind.

Anxiety The Bitch

Where have I been? Where have I gone? What am I doing? The bitter truth: here, nowhere and nothing. Sometimes life is not as easy as it seems. The demons of your past can creep and snap you up at any point of vulnerability. I had everything clear; I was to get a job, move on with my life and roll off into the sunset with nothing but an hyper-extended ego and a success story for the ages. We call all dream, right?

Of course, we all go through stages of peace and tranquility where all is clear, motivation is high and a drive for happiness is strong enough to combat the demons of our mental health – yet what can one do to completely dismiss such demons? The bitter truth: nothing. They become a part of us, the part of our DNA we never wanted nor wished for, yet…

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Hollywood Gets Caught

Grateful Smiles by Mitch Santell

Earlier this morning I was a guest on The Zeph Daniel Report. It was a lovely interview, and I think you’ll enjoy the gentle flow of our banter as it relates to the current state of Hollywood.

zeph daniel color
Zeph Daniel of The Zeph Report

Since 2002 The Zeph Report has been putting out spiritual and geopolitical podcasts and prophetic reports across multiple media platforms including world wide shortwave and satellite radio.

The style is raw audio, the moment inspiration hits. Controversial, the truth is oftentimes brutal, and calls for change… in thinking, in consciousness itself.

Dedicated to the Creator of all things, the Zeph Report was inspired by a revelation from YHWH to Zeph Daniel in 2001, and has been on the air ever since.

Find Zeph at Spreaker now: https://www.spreaker.com/show/zeph-report-podcasts

By Zeph E. Daniel (http://www.zephnet.com)
October 23, 2004

[Editor’s Note: Zeph Daniel is a victim of satanic ritual abuse and Illuminati mind control programming. He was born into a powerful and influential Hollywood family and was subjected to the typical horrendous abuse from a very early age that most victims of Illuminati programming are forced to endure. He broke through his programming in 2000 and credits his unwavering devotion to God and Jesus as the lifelines which rescued him from the abyss. You can read more details of his incredible journey on Zeph’s web site. This article deals with a subject that needs to be faced squarely by devote and honest Christians everywhere on this planet, but especially here in the United States: the apocalyptic, End Times scenario that is being hammered into the minds and hearts of fundamentalist Christians across this nation is a set up. If you take the time to read a book written by William Bramley called The Gods of Eden, you will find that the same End Times scenario, the same script, and the same cast of characters, has been used before-many times before.

Self satisfied people often respond emotionally (and irrationally) to information that they cannot handle intellectually or objectively because of pre-conditioning (remember the earth used to be”flat” at one time and everyone just knew it to be true). If you possess a fundamentalist perspective and find yourself becoming upset and angry with the information presented below, then you have to honestly question yourself and ask: am I a victim of mind conditioning too? Words cannot harm you and if you cannot consider the merits of a presentation without going bananas, then you have a problem, dear friend, not the author of this article. Remember, truth will always find a way to surface and that which is false cannot sustain itself indefinitely…Ken]



After Hawaii (Now What Do We Do)?

Commentary and Reflections by Mitch Santell

Over the past few days, I have been looking at the aftermath and the continuing disaster in Hawaii. Many of the videos seem to be missing now, so I have placed a cool video that was posted by a great YouTube Channel known as Third Phases of the Moon.

Thirdphaseomfoon Rated Top Best UFO and Paranormal Video On YOUTUBE! Our goal is simple: To bring unfiltered video, messages & research in the field of ufology directly to the public! We Let you the Public Decide, and Participate in Sharing Your Incredible UFO Videos To The World! SUBSCRIBE For more Amazing Video! Join Us on Twitter! For business or promotional inquiries please send your requests to cousinsbrothersproductions@gmail.com If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Over 410,000 Subscribers and 230 Million Views!

Please keep your friends, relatives and for that matter everyone in your prayers because these people are going to need them!

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Avoid Drama and Crazy Makers

Comments On Avoiding The Insane Asylum by Mitch Santell

There are people in this world who only thrive on drama. There is no way around it. It’s a ball busting exhausting situation to be in when you are zen looking at people who are losing their minds.

crazy people you drove me nuts

There is only one way to survive crazymakers, don’t become one yourself. There are three things I do to keep myself in check and they are:

1). Listen more than you talk. ~ God gave us two ears and one mouth. People you meet will tell you who they are and if you listen long enough you will know if they need to be in your life.

2). Know when to walk away. ~ This is something that only you will understand. How will you know when it’s time to walk away? Answer: Do a mental inventory check of how you feel when you are with that person. If you feel empowered and inspired, stay where you are. If you leave each dialogue with this person feeling bad about yourself, it is best to move on.

3). Love them enough to let them go. ~ You will help yourself and the other person most by releasing them.

crazy people I can't

A personal reflection: Regarding how I move in the world, I like to leave each person better than I found them. I work on myself, and I reflect on myself more than anything else.

Something that I found…

“It’s been so long since the last time I had a meaningful conversation with my friends, especially the ones I used to be close with. I’m not gonna play victim and act as if they treated me so bad and left me behind. In fact, I’ve been acting distant lately, and perhaps so have they. It’s safe to say that I have no faintest idea of how they’re doing if it’s not with the help of Instagram and Twitter. Social media indeed has strange way of making us feel like we still know each other’s life when in reality we barely do anymore.

To begin with, in the past several months I haven’t reached out to some of my friends and haven’t replied to their messages to the point where they might assume I ignored them on purpose. Maybe in a way I did, but not to all of them. Relax. I’m a horrible friend and seriously screwed up. I’m really sorry for that. I’m sorry that things haven’t been so great lately. I might come off as uncaring and selfish. I won’t be surprised if some of them no longer consider me as their friends. I get it. I can’t expect anyone to stick by me when I don’t do my best to keep in touch with them and give them the attention they deserve to get.”

“Friendships are fragile and require active maintenance, or they’ll die. I guess I’ve let it happen more than once. I started to read some articles about how to maintain a friendship so maybe I can still save the remaining friends that I think I still have. Keeping in touch is said to be the fundamental aspect of it, especially when it comes to maintaining a long lasting friendship. It sounds pretty doable though, but I don’t know how to do it. The people I’ve been best friends with until now are the kind of low maintenance friends, and I’m also a low maintenance friend. We don’t always talk to each other every day. We could go months without seeing each other. But we always give the reassurance that we still have each other.”

“As a trash texter with mild depression, it’s hard to imagine what I have to do to keep the friendship alive when the very basic thing like reaching out to friends, responding back to their messages, or making phone calls can feel so overwhelming sometimes. My close friends came from various background with various upbringing. Each of them carries different set of personality. I have friend whom I can do crazy things together, and I have friends whom I can sit for hours doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company while telling about our secrets. As much as they seem to be diametrically opposite, they’re very understanding towards my habit. They never call me out for being not fun when I’m not really up to do anything. That’s the kind of friends that I need in my 20s. I’m only two years away from quarter life crisis so I’m constantly trying to avoid the gravity to fall into it while preparing myself for the probability of experiencing it. No wonder I’m always exhausted.”

Read the rest here: http://bit.ly/2JD1HCx

crazy first

Copyright disclaimer

Social – Disclaimer: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in the Aladins Miracle Lamp is archived here under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in reviewing the included information for personal use, non-profit research and educational purposes only. Ref.

http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml. The opinions rendered are the authors and not necessarily those of this website.

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Living In The American Empire, 2018 (3)

Reflections by Mitch Santell

The number one issue in my opinion of living in an Empire is watching how the citizens treat each other.

One of my favorite YouTube Channel’s Jason A provides a profound look at what is happening all over the USA.

Jason A’s Web site: https://www.jasona.co
Jason A’s You Tube Channel: http://bit.ly/2JlG8Gm

Empires do collapse and usually from the inside out. When we shift from a compassionate empathetic society to one of narcissistic self-worship, this is when you are in big trouble and I see this brewing all over America.

As I was preparing this blog posting, I noticed this story on Twitter from Colorado. What was it? An Uber Driver shot a passenger and killed him. I’ve placed a pdf version of the story as proof of the story.

An Uber driver shot and killed a passenger in Denver

The Fall of the American Empire

5 Reasons Why America Will Not Collapse Like the Roman Empire

The American Empire Is Collapsing, And Americans Will Be The Last to Know



Living In The American Empire, 2018 (2)

Something I found on the internet today too…

Are your thoughts your own?

(9:02 Discussion of 1990’s, Harvard Failure, Homosexuality and the Control Grid).

“It amazes me how so many have caught on to the ancient trick of ‘controlled opposition’ or false (Left/Right) polarity in politics but overlook the same game in the religious sphere. When Satanists shock you by their ‘blasphemy’ against ‘God’ they are also tricking you. The great religions are mostly their creation and subterfuge, packed with the symbolism and values of the Babylonian priesthood, their ancestors. They handed down to us the deeply violent and polarizing concepts of sacrifice, the sacred, blood atonement, Heaven and Hell to poison the human heart and mind through the ages. So long as people perpetuate such religious-sacrificial doctrines, actively or passively, the Satanists will gloat in their superiority because that person is, in effect, just a mediocre satanist.

We have all been lied to on a gigantic scale and the Satanists are counting on the truth is too much for us bear.

In any event, it’s worth noting they’re not the ‘genuine ones’ they think they are. In their need to use power over others they betray their fundamental mediocrity (like the god-monsters they worship); they show themselves to be less intelligent than the average person by exulting as a mystery (‘order out of chaos’) what everybody else has long recognized as the scapegoat technique (or strategic stupidity). They are, above all, just another bunch of hypocrites, claiming to ‘give the sheeple what they want’ while actually building, slowly and meticulously, a microcosm of their own cultic system of hierarchies, slaves, terror, and pyramids.

Take away the fear of suffering and death and the Satanist becomes a truly pathetic, almost laughable, figure. We see the pitiful fruit of their imagination. Robots who didn’t rebel.”

More Research here:

Now, Heterosexuals are in the Closet 

If Ivy League men feel entitled to sex, why is Harvard stuck on ‘no means no’?

Why Men Going Their Own Way Is No Way To Go

Marriage Is Fraud

The Role Of Romance In A Relationship

“Jordan Peterson explains exactly what he means by enforced monogamy.”

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Living In The American Empire, 2018

Something I found on the internet today…

(8:57 Discussion of Culture & Turning Pornography Into A Freedom Issue).

Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices. St. Augustine, City of God

St. Augustine Manuscript for City Of God

Writing at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire, St. Augustine both revolutionized and brought to a close antiquities idea of freedom. A man was not a slave by nature or by law, as Aristotle claimed. His freedom was a function of his moral state. A man had as many masters as he had vices. This insight would provide the basis for the most sophisticated form of social control known to man.

Fourteen hundred years later, a decadent French aristocrat turned that tradition on its head when he wrote that the freest of people are they who are most friendly to murder. Like St. Augustine, the Marquis de Sade would agree that freedom was a function of morals. Unlike St. Augustine, Sade proposed a revolution in sexual morals to accompany the political revolution then taking place in France. Libido Dominandi the term is taken from Book I of Augustines City of God is the definitive history of that sexual revolution, from 1773 to the present.

Unlike the standard version of the sexual revolution, Libido Dominandi shows how sexual liberation was from its inception a form of control. Those who wished to liberate man from the moral order needed to impose social controls as soon as they succeeded because liberated libido led inevitably to anarchy. Aldous Huxley wrote in his preface to the 1946 edition of Brave New World that as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. This book is about the converse of that statement. It explains how the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control. Over the course of the two-hundred-year span covered by this book, the development of echnologies of communication, reproduction, and psychic control including psychotherapy, behaviorism, advertising, sensitivity training, pornography, and plain old blackmail allowed the Enlightenment and its heirs to turn Augustines insight on its head and create masters out of mens vices. Libido Dominandi is the story of how that happened.

E. Michael Jones, author of numerous books, is the editor and publisher of Culture Wars magazine.

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Socialism equals triumph for corporate criminals

America Is A Corporatocracy so enjoy it!

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Socialism equals triumph for corporate criminals

by Jon Rappoport

May 31, 2018

In several recent articles (all here under category: socialism), I’ve exposed the myth that socialism is a revolution of and for the people.

I’ve presented evidence that socialism is actually a movement owned, operated, and funded by ultra-wealthy elites.

Dupes, foot soldiers, blind idealists, indoctrinated students, and low-level thugs are recruited through cutouts to serve the agenda of Rockefeller Globalists, for example, who are determined to bring about worldwide socialism.

Socialism, in a nutshell, equals ultra-rich elites (represented by the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, etc.) owning the free market, cutting out competition, and creating more powerful, overarching, central governments.

Hidden in the plan is the granting of greater dominion to mega-corporations. This is a key fact.

The US Constitution was a document that established extremely limited central government. Regardless of the motives of the…

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More Roseanne Barr Blow Back & Tim Allen Reboot of Last Man Standing

Further Reflections by Mitch Santell

roseanne not a racist 2018
Roseanne Barr is Fighting Back!

There are more insights and updates coming out in regards to the collapse of The Roseanne Barr show that was just canned by ABC TELL-LIE-VISION.

Disney says no to Roseanne Barr 2018
The Number #1 Show Is Now Off The Air

Roseanne Barr went into meltdown on Twitter overnight on Tuesday as she retweeted a stream of abusive, controversial and doctored material after her show was cancelled over her racist remarks about Valerie Jarrett.

The star of America’s top TV show also last night blamed Ambien for saying Jarrett looked like the lovechild of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes’ before saying she also ‘mistakenly thought she [Jarrett] was white’.

Among hundreds of retweets Barr reposted comments including an image of Jarrett’s face next to a character from Planet of the Apes, a fake tweet claiming Jarrett had said she wanted to make America more Islamic, and a doctored image of Whoopie Goldberg wearing a t-shirt of Donald Trump shooting himself in the head.

The stream of retweets came alongside dozens of tweets from Barr herself, in which she apologized for her first racist comments, blamed sleeping drug Ambien and claimed she thought the target of her racist Twitter rant was white.

Read more here: https://dailym.ai/2J3BsS4

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