Will WordPress Continue to Grow As A Platform? Yes, I said yes!

Reflections by Mitch Santell

Each time I log into WordPress, I see the following scree

wordpress worry
WordPress Opening Screen.

WordPress claims to power 30% of the internet. I would like to say that I believe them. It would be interesting to note what percentage of their users are on the official WP platform and which users have downloaded the software to their server. Of course, I can’t answer any of this because I don’t work for WordPress.

The reason I know that WordPress will continue to grow is that their platform has created a space to network with thousands if not millions of other bloggers and postings.

The reason WordPress is on my mind is that I am looking at the plethora of platforms that are out there and each time I come back to WordPress.

From 2006 until 2009 I blogged at Typepad which was and is a competitor to WordPress. Typepad’s “Program it yourself platform” is known as Moveable Type. When I deleted my original WordPress site, it was gone and erased from the internet.

It was a lovely surprise to go back to my 2006 site and still see it online and intact.

Movie Capital Blog
My original blog still online at: http://moviecapital.typepad.com

Typepad might be a way to go for some of you who also need a stable and secure platform. Each online service their strengths and weaknesses but I have found it comes down to the interface and how fast you can get your content up there.

TypePad Movie Capital
You might like Typepad:http://www.typepad.com

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Start Your Own Music Label

Comments on Pay to Play and the State of the Music Business by Mitch Santell

more vinyl green
Start your music label: https://www.dittomusic.com/record-label-in-a-box

There has never been a better time to start your own music label. I have watched and read as dozens of Reggae Artists have truly taken their career’s back.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, the days of “Pay To Play” are finally coming to an end. Want a more profound indication of this? Look at what is happening at Billboard!

This is what Music Business Worldwide had to say:

When The Harlem Shake hit No.1 in the US, just 309,000 of its 103 million first-week streams came from audio services like Spotify.

The song was also helped by 262,000 downloads – driven by YouTube viewing, no doubt – but it got little help from a radio audience of just two million.

To exclude video streams from the Hot 100 would have ignored the public’s newfound ability to turn a song into a pop culture phenomenon almost overnight.

Five years later, Billboard has decided that a YouTube stream is no longer worth the same as a Spotify stream.

Starting in July, Billboard’s new weighting system for the Hot 100 will create a hierarchy that discriminates paid services from ad-supported services – and audio from video.

The Harlem Shake might not have reached No.1 if released in 2018.

This new scheme will work on a points basis:

  • Streams from on-demand audio services – Spotify, Apple Music, et al – are given one point;
  • On-demand video streams from YouTube, Vevo and others receive 0.67 points apiece;
  • Finally, programmed streams by Internet radio services – non-interactive and limited functionality, meaning you can’t choose a song or listen to an entire album from start to finish – like Pandora and Slacker Radio are given 0.5 points each.

How will these changes play out?

I took 2017 US year-end numbers from BuzzAngle, estimated the total number of streams for each category above, and then calculated each category’s share of total annual streams.

Then I applied Billboard’s new point system to these 2017 numbers.

This is what the total market looks like before and after the new weighting scheme:

Old Vs New Playboy

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2ISZxhL

It is interesting to note that Billboard purchased Radio & Records on July 7, 2006 shutting down R&R one year later laying off hundreds of employees so I have no love for Billboard Magazine for what they did to the radio business in 2006.

Billboard mag buys rival Radio and Records

Friday 07 July, 2006

As expected, Billboard magazine has reached an agreement to acquire Radio and Records, its 33-year-old Los Angeles-based competitor.

R&R has always maintained a strong focus on radio.

Billboard has its own radio-driven publication, Billboard Radio Monitor.

Billboard and R&R both publish their own airplay charts, which are created using data from competing airplay monitoring firms, Nielsen SoundScan’s BDS (owned by VNU, parent company of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter) and Mediabase.

Billboard owner, Dutch media giant VNU, says it will keep the R&R brand and will integrate R&R’s L.A.-based operations into the Billboard Music Group. R&R publisher Erica Farber will remain and the takeover date is July 31. VNU didn’t announce a price for the deal that’s long been speculated about.

Radio & Records was founded in 1973 by Bob Wilson, has witnessed several ownership changes. In the late 1980s and early ’90s, the publication was owned by radio chain Westwood One. The magazine was purchased by Perry Capital in 1994.

Read more at: https://radioinfo.com.au/news/billboard-mag-buys-rival-radio-and-records

To those of us who remember, this is what Radio and Records looked like in 1997.


Radio and Records Yes 1997
R&R in 1997 before Billboard bought them in 2006 and killed the company.


Work On Yourself First

Reflections In The Mirror by Mitch Santell

The most important thing that I work on each day is myself. How can I mentor or produce or inspire another person if I am not the best version of myself?

My observations and opinions are based on my experiences, books I have read, conversations that I have had with others. It is my quest to be coachable and willing to revisit topics and situations that are not comfortable.

Living in a post-modern era here in Southern California reminds me of an out-take from Blade Runner. Since I can’t read your mind, it is best I work on my own.

aaa work on yourself first

9 Minutes and 51 Seconds To Set You Straight

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Responsibility Gives My Life Meaning

Reflections On Life by Mitch Santell

There is a phrase that I love to say; it’s one of my platitudes. “When your life is in crisis, you find out who your friends are.” In 2006 and 2007 I had the biggest scare of my life. What was it? My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and it turned my life upside down. It had a more profound meaning for me because I was a child raised by two parents who both had cancer and my Dad beat his first cancer at the age of 24. In a future blog posting, I’ll post my Father’s backstory, and I know it will inspire you as it has thousands of others throughout the world.

The point is after the diagnosis I watched as a lot of my family, friends and business partners ran for the hills. Out of over 3,800 contacts in my Rolodex, my best friend of 40 years and his wife showed up to partner with me and my Mrs. to get her well. On August 25, 2017, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of my wife being cancer free. The truth is that what inspires me most about my Mrs. is that once the tumor was over, she didn’t want to ever talk about it again, it was like it never happened.

Now I fast forward to 2018. Wow, how time flies. Yes, I am a Father, I raised four children who are all grown now. My youngest daughter suffers from Aspergers and has taken more time, resources, love and compassion than the other three kids combined. In 1 percent to 3 percent of Asperger’s patients (yes it’s on the Autism scale), there are additional complications with an adult Asperger’s child, and I am going through it now.

The reason I share all of this with you is not for sympathy; I share it with you because I know that there are others out there who are suffering and for me, it has been this responsibility that has made me a better person, a better human and a better producer.

You are always welcome to write to me if you have a story to share, need feedback or a resource. My email is mitch@afterhollywood.online (Yes you will have to copy and paste the text into your email program). <grin> Think of AfterHollywood.Online as my daily confessional as a producer because there is no one reading this but you!

Make it a great week and remember that you have strength in you that you have never even tapped yet and you know it’s true!

This video clips is 3 Minutes and 44 seconds long and is a must see.

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Diversify Your Search Engines!

Producer Commentary by Mitch Santell

There is a great way to research any project and get sources that no one else gets. We all use Google or Bing or Start Page right? Here are some alternative search engines that will provide some very different and unique search results.


Yippy is easy and fun to use and super fast. Their search results are different from Google or Yahoo.

Qwant Search


Qwant is great at privacy like Yippy and divides the search between the web, social media and other sources.



Million Short allows you to refine your search by being able to remove up to 1 Million sites from your inquiry providing unique and off the cuff search results.

These search engines I know will be of help to you. Happy hunting! <grin>

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aaa search yes



Follow Up, Follow Through & Accountability

Written by Mitch Santell

The one response I dislike more than any other is “it’s not my fault, that is just how the system works.”

If you have any intention of living an authentic life, then you are going to have to take full responsibility for your own life.

The essence of playing the game of life is that you are the captain of your ship.

get better every day.gif

“Enlightenment is a destructive process.

It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.
Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.

It’s seeing through the facade of pretence.

It’s the complete eradication of everything we
imagined to be true.”
― Adyashanti

According to Adyashanti in his book “The Way Of Liberation,” he has discovered and written about The Five Foundations.

The Five Foundations are:

Clarify Your Aspiration

Unconditional Follow ~ Through

Never Abdicate Your Authority

Practice Absolute Sincerity

Be a Good Steward of Your Life

You want to take back your own life? Man, oh man, I think that Adyashanti (born Stephen Gray) is onto something with his book and he even gives it away free online. Here is his website: www.adyashanti.org

Here is The Way Of Liberation for you to enjoy. Just click!


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Bcc: Is My Life In 2018

Commentary Written by Mitch Santell

Each and every day I am driven to write. I don’t know why but I hope that in future generations ( if they survive ) some of these words may be read by some remnant of humanity.

Each and every day I work on @BigReggaeMix writing to bands, working on expanding our station and building our brand. While I do this, I think of the thousands and thousands of people who through no circumstance of their own have lost their family, their home or their country.

The real secret of my life is this:

Each day I get dozens and dozens of Bcc: emails.

A Bcc (blind carbon copy) is a copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear (as a recipient) in the message.

In other words, if you get a blind carbon copy email where the sender put only your email address in the Bcc field, and put their own email in the To field, you will get the email but it will not identify your address in the To field (or any other field) once it hits your email account.

The primary reason people send blind carbon copies is to mask the other recipients from the list of recipients. Using our example again, if the sender bcc’d multiple people (by putting their addresses in the Bcc field before sending), none of those recipients would see who else the email was sent to.

Note: Bcc is also sometimes spelled BCC (all uppercase), bcced, bcc’d, and bcc:ed.

Bcc vs Cc

Bcc recipients are hidden from the other recipients, which is fundamentally different than To and Cc recipients, whose addresses do appear in the respective header lines.

Every recipient of the message can see all the To and Cc recipients, but only the sender knows about Bcc recipients. If there is more than one Bcc recipient, they do not know about each other either, and they will typically not even see their own address in the email header lines.

The effect of this, in addition to the recipients being hidden, is that unlike regular emails or Cc emails, a “reply all” request from any of the Bcc recipients will not send the message to the other Bcc email addresses.


If you have been on the front lines of watching people fight for their family and their life you have a particular appreciation when someone sends you something in a Bcc:

You cannot abandon these kind individuals who care enough to share their findings. Why do they send a Bcc: instead of an email? You are their line of last defense because they may be a place in their life where they have no one else to talk too.

Last night a dear friend of mine sent me a long Bcc: along with this video. She did the video not me, I give her 100% credit for this, and my heart and prayers go out to all of the families that have been touched by a medically disabled child.

In future postings, I will explain as a producer how to get your content out to more people without being censored. I’ve used every single platform out there, and I am still learning new ones.

More here: http://bit.ly/2pnt4UH

If you can, email my friend: ncowmail at gmail dot com.

My friend’s name is Eileen Dannemann and she is the The Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women. You can visit Eileen at http://vaccineliberationarmy.com

Ingredients found in modern vaccines:

Vaccine Safety &amp; Availability &gt; Common Ingredients in U.S. Licensed Vaccines


50% Half the children born in 2032 will be diagnosed with autism

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Nothing Is The Key To Success!

Written by Mitch Santell

Happy Saturday to you dear readers! The Art of Producing to me is all about letting go of the need to be right. Each and every week I will get some kind of inquiry in regards to me saying “yes” to a project. I’ve learned that the person who has the “least emotional attachment to the project” is usually the person who can get the most done.

no plan at all

You will find a pdf book happily placed here, a book I have shared with a few of my clients and sent to some people demanding that I “immediately” produce their project.

You must keep your sense of humor. It does not matter what form your project takes. Enjoy what follows as it is the placed here for educational purposes only!


My view? If it’s not my wife and it’s not my life, I can handle almost any situation.

Nothing Matters

Click on the name above, and it will take you to the book!

Need something even simpler? Okay, Okay, go read this:

How to Develop a Mind That Clings to Nothing


It’s said that one of the great patriarchs of the Zen tradition, Hui Neng, was enlightened upon hearing a single verse of the Diamond Sutra (one of the key teachings in Buddhism).

That verse can be translate in various ways, but the key line in it goes something like, “Develop a mind that clings to nothing.”

Imagine having a mind like that — it doesn’t get attached, it doesn’t need things to be a certain way, it doesn’t need people to behave in particular ways. It’s a mind at home everywhere, because it doesn’t need to be anywhere in particular.

All of our difficulties would be eased:

  • If someone irritates you, it’s because you are attached to a particular way you want them to behave, and when you don’t get that way, you are unhappy. If your mind didn’t cling to what you wanted, you would be fine with how they were acting. In fact, you might have compassion for them, as you could see they are suffering.
  • If you are stuck in traffic, or a long line somewhere, you can become bothered when you want your life to be different (to not have traffic or a long line). Your mind is clinging to how it wants things, and doesn’t like not getting its way.
  • When someone is upset with you, you can become defensive or angry that they’re acting that way, because you’re clinging to wishing they would treat you a certain way. If you let go of clinging, it wouldn’t excuse their bad behavior — nor would you have to allow yourself to be abused. But you would not have to be upset, you would just protect yourself by not allowing yourself to be abused (if necessary). And again, you might have understanding for their suffering.

Every difficulty is caused by this clinging: stress when you’re overwhelmed, procrastination when you don’t want to work on something difficult or do uncomfortable exercise, loneliness, shutting your heart down in an argument, overeating, bad financial habits, and much more.

Let’s look at how we’d react in one situation, if we could have a mind of no clinging. Then let’s look at how we might start to develop that no-clinging mind.

Read the rest here: https://zenhabits.net/nothing/

More to check out: Doing Nothing Is Often the Best Plan of Attack

nothing burn

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Keeping Your Sanity With 5G Wireless

Written by Mitch Santell

Over the past few months, I have witnessed more and more people who are not mentally functioning, and I wanted to share with you why.

Mind control yes
Mind Control, enjoy the ride!

The world you live in is not what you expected when you were a kid so if you are serious about producing any content like a movie, a record, a film or a podcast, here is what you need to know so please listen to carefully to what is said.

Please be so kind to look at and download the complete list of symptoms that you will find at Stop The Crime dot net!

symptoms wireless 2018

Yes, there is a more technical chart that you will want to look at too!


Why Producer’s Love Using a VPN.

Written by Mitch Santell

Each and every day I have to research the media, products, services, and stories. Sometimes my research takes me really deep down the rabbit hole. Since living in New Zealand (2007-2013), I have been tracking and following a website “Reporters Without Borders.”

Express VPN Screen shot
I use ExpressVPN daily to research

Today, the website made the following request:

RSF urges journalists to quit Apple iCloud China by 28 February


Here is the bottom line, when you need to get research completed, you don’t want to get in trouble because you are looking for answers for difficult topics to understand.

First, here is the global ranking as of 2017 for Reporters around the world and Freedom of Press:  https://rsf.org/en/ranking/2017#

Second and most important, a VPN tool will help you undercover the exact information you need for your podcast, radio show, blog, or social media account.

Best VPN Services
Complete review of all VPN’s at https://thebestvpn.com/

Third, Here is a report I found from 2008 that explains precisely what VPN does.: vpn

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