The three elements of success

This posting is spot on. It really inspired me. There is one additional point I would add to this posting. What is it? There is no someday, there is only living in the ever-present-moment. Make it a great day!

Cristian Mihai

There are three elements to becoming successful in any given area.

Motivation: I also like to call it willpower. You simply want to get from point A to point B.

You want it. You are driven. You are willing to go the distance.

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Responsibility Gives My Life Meaning

Reflections On Life by Mitch Santell

There is a phrase that I love to say; it’s one of my platitudes. “When your life is in crisis, you find out who your friends are.” In 2006 and 2007 I had the biggest scare of my life. What was it? My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and it turned my life upside down. It had a more profound meaning for me because I was a child raised by two parents who both had cancer and my Dad beat his first cancer at the age of 24. In a future blog posting, I’ll post my Father’s backstory, and I know it will inspire you as it has thousands of others throughout the world.

The point is after the diagnosis I watched as a lot of my family, friends and business partners ran for the hills. Out of over 3,800 contacts in my Rolodex, my best friend of 40 years and his wife showed up to partner with me and my Mrs. to get her well. On August 25, 2017, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of my wife being cancer free. The truth is that what inspires me most about my Mrs. is that once the tumor was over, she didn’t want to ever talk about it again, it was like it never happened.

Now I fast forward to 2018. Wow, how time flies. Yes, I am a Father, I raised four children who are all grown now. My youngest daughter suffers from Aspergers and has taken more time, resources, love and compassion than the other three kids combined. In 1 percent to 3 percent of Asperger’s patients (yes it’s on the Autism scale), there are additional complications with an adult Asperger’s child, and I am going through it now.

The reason I share all of this with you is not for sympathy; I share it with you because I know that there are others out there who are suffering and for me, it has been this responsibility that has made me a better person, a better human and a better producer.

You are always welcome to write to me if you have a story to share, need feedback or a resource. My email is (Yes you will have to copy and paste the text into your email program). <grin> Think of AfterHollywood.Online as my daily confessional as a producer because there is no one reading this but you!

Make it a great week and remember that you have strength in you that you have never even tapped yet and you know it’s true!

This video clips is 3 Minutes and 44 seconds long and is a must see.

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The purpose of your future

You cannot predict the future and can’t change your past, so all you can do is BE, HERE, NOW! We have a responsibility as a society to our teenagers to support them in their dreams too!!

Maya Willemse

As a teenager, I think there’s a lot of pressure on your future plans. People will always ask what you want to be when you’re grown up, even kids of a few years old are asked that question! But how could you possibly know what you’re future will be like when the future is so many years away?

There’s nobody that can answer this question with a 100% certainty. In the years to come, a lot of things will change about your circumstances and about yourself. You will make mistakes and you will learn from it, you will discover yourself more and more. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re going to do in the future. And there’s no need to feel ashamed of that or to feel like you have no purpose.

Purpose is something we all struggle with. We only have a number of years on this…

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Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose in your 20’s is a major completion. Want to jump-start your life? Make a list of jobs you would hate to do and you are halfway there.

Dainty Diaries

As 20 something year olds, we often tell ourselves that this is our transition period. That this is when we wait. Wait till our dream job finds us, our magical spouse sweeps us off our feet, our bank populates itself enough so we take a trip to the Caribbean, and that everything that happens in between is temporary. Because 30 is the new 20, right?

Wrong. It really isn’t. Yes, maybe now that humans live for longer (and can possibly become immortal in the next 50 years), have their health for longer, have longer term retirement plans, our 20 year old selfs aren’t exactly in a hurry to buy a house, and become a CEO. But we can’t swish through life and on our 30th birthday magically wake up successful, with a Lamborghini in the driveway and a man grilling sausages in the beautifully trimmed front lawn…

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The mask of social media..

Read an essential commentary on social media in 2018. The bottom line is that the more authentic you are online, the more real your social media experience will be with real like-minded followers.

Anxiety The Bitch

Love it. Hate it. Social media today is as much a part of our lives as the very air we breathe. Not to imply that it is essential to survive, but remove a teenagers phone from them and they will get withdrawals. Just like they would if you were addicted to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I know this because I am a teenager. As we speak, I am portraying a message to you over the means of a computer screen. Where are the days where one would simply hold a conversation with somebody in the flesh? How have we let our world be consumed by the beautiful monster which is social media itself? It’s simple really; we can all be someone different online.

I’m not talking about being a catfish; pretending to have a completely different identity than what we were born with. I’m talking about the mask of…

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The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

The moment I saw this blog posting I knew I had to re-post it. The tips, tools, and techniques here are phenomenal and are a perfect solution for any producer or content creator! #bloggingtools #bloggingtips

Cristian Mihai

I’ve been following and reading a number of blogs for over five years now. I remember this blog by a Romanian journalist; I would spend hours reading the posts, the comments — oh, the comments were so funny and great. It was quite addictive. He got an insane number of comments, and I was jealous of his success.

I was quite sure that I would never become a successful blogger. I created some blogs on various platforms, but I never had the patience to build an audience. The thing is that I never asked myself whether I had something worth writing about on an almost daily basis. I think this is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. What’s worth sharing? What’s considered useful information? Also, I believe that a lot of writers simply focus too much on trying to come up with an original idea for a blog, a new…

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Facebook censorship: the grotesque mainstream solution

There is a massive feeling of freedom after you dump your FaceBook account. Give it a try, I dropped mine six weeks ago and never going back again.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Facebook censorship: the grotesque mainstream solution

by Jon Rappoport

April 11, 2018

The problem with Facebook started a long time ago. They used their money to promote their social media operations, and tons of users jumped on board, believing that conventional rules of free speech applied.

That was a mistake.

The mistake was on the level of believing the military-industrial complex is only interested in legitimate defense of the nation; or believing the pharmaceutical industry is only interested in alleviating existing illness with safe drugs.

Some lawyers and scholars are trying to “correct” Facebook. But beware: most of them are arguing that, since the Internet is a new platform, far beyond the ability of the Founding Fathers to have anticipated, we now have to change the meaning of the 1st Amendment, in order to make social media “more responsible” about the content they permit. In other words, Facebook should eliminate…

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Internet of Things – formula for a global trance

Here in Southern California when I shop at Ralphs Supermarket, I get to watch a lot of zombies. Why? Between the smartphones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and the Big Pharma, I get to watch the walking dead. Jon Rappoport nails it once again! Boom!

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Internet of Things – formula for a global trance

By Jon Rappoport

I’m following up on my previous article about the Internet of Things (IoT). Here is the psychology in a nutshell:


IoT is the absurd plan—now rolling out—to connect every conceivable device to the Internet. Worldwide. This means life will become automatic for a large chunk of the population in due time.

Your car will drive you. Your fridge will order new food items. Your heat and air conditioning will operate beyond your control. Your toaster will decide how brown the bread will be. Your whole home will run on prescribed algorithms, deciding how much energy you can use and when.

You will become a spectator.

Passivity IS hypnosis.

Why would you care about what’s happening beyond your bubble? As long as “functions are functioning,” all is well.

Of course, as…

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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

The most important thing that I have discovered about being productive is to do those things you dislike first thing in the morning. Why? The rest of your day will be a dream come true! Love this posting, check it out!


By Dr. Perry, PhD

“I am the greatest obstacle to my greatest dreams.” ~Craig D. Lounsbrough

The subconscious mind is like an overgrown hedge maze. We enter it thinking we can quickly get through to the other side only to realize we are lost somewhere in the middle. How often do you set out to accomplish a task only to start ruminating about something that went wrong in your life? Lost in thought we forget that we set a goal to traverse the maze and get through to the other side.

Replaying a past failure is only one of the many ways we can sabotage ourselves from accomplishing our goals and pursuing our dreams. Procrastination perhaps is the number one killer of dreams. We divert the energy we need to accomplish a needed goal towards watching more television or spending more time on social media. Some even go as far as…

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5 Productivity Tips For Bloggers

These tips are constructive to keep you and your blog on track. Happy Monday World!

New Lune

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Hey Loves! It can be difficult to maintain your blog when you’ve a social life, whether you work or study full time, or are taking care of your kids or have other priorities in life. Most people think you’ve to work every single day on your blog in order to be productive which isn’t completely false but you can work on your blog only once a week and have a very productive blogging day! Here are some of my tips for a productive day as a blogger!

Salut tout le monde!Il peut être difficile de maintenir votre blog quand vous avez une vie sociale, que vous travailliez ou étudiez à temps plein, que vous preniez soin de vos enfants ou que vous ayez d’autres priorités dans la vie. La plupart des gens pensent que vous devez travailler tous les jours sur votre blog afin…

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