9/11 America Is Fully An Empire in 2018

Careful Reflections After 9/11 by Mitch Santell

There are still millions of people in America and around the world that believe that 9/11 happened precisely as the government and the mainstream media said that it happened.

The best way to wake up is to give a story time and distance. To show you how embedded a lie can be promoted over many years and perceived as truth, I guess we need to go back to the Apollo 11 landing. So you know it was faked, right? Now you will think I am crazy or maybe you won’t follow my blog anymore but here is something that will make this 9/11 like no other you have ever remembered!

Fifteen years after Stanley Kubrick’s death, a video surfaced with Stanley Kubrick’s admitting that he was hired by the U.S. Government to create the moon landing.

The 20 minutes that you will invest to watch and listen to what Mr. Kubrick has to say will hopefully wake you up to the moon landing hoax. To pour salt on the wound, I have seen many videos on YouTube where an expert from NASA states that they lost all of the original video footage and even all the notes and paperwork related to Apollo 11.

Just as important is that maybe you’ll now question the official story of not only the Apollo Space Program but the biggest deception of all, 9/11.

I’ll have some more to say about 9/11 in the next couple of posts as it relates to my own story, but this is an excellent place to start.


This 9/11 Will Be Like No Other

Commentary and Recovery by Mitch Santell

9 11
9/11 * Never Forget *

Within the next 24 hours, we will once again remember 9/11. For me, there will never be another one like there will be tomorrow. Why do I think this? It is the fact that to stop another “attack,” we had to pull our country back to another time which is why outside of New York and California millions of middle-class Americans who lost their jobs, didn’t want to live in Obama’s America anymore which was more like the Weimar Republic than the Constitutional Republic that is America.

While many think that President Trump is acting too much like a dictator, it was President Obama who signed off on the NDAA which allows for any American at any time for any reason to be arrested.

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Can We Hold America Together?

A commentary today on YouTube said the following:

“The people of the world are sick and tired of being set against each other by powerful criminals who want us divided so they can continue to rape, steal from and exploit us.

Currently the gravest threat to the world is the corrupt mainstream media who has been taken over by a powerful cabal. They have been lying to us for decades, twisted our minds and led us down a path of darkness. The evidence is all around you.

The only way we can defeat this evil is by removing their power and turning them off. They are named the “Mockingbird Media” after a criminal operation of the same name to infiltrate journalism and take control of the narratives.

The only way out of this prison is to read the crumbs dropped via the NSA Intelligence Program otherwise known as Q.”

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The American Dystopian Dream Machine

Another uncoded commentary by Mitch Santell

The amount of zombies that pass as humans that I deal with on a daily basis blows my mind. I know that I should not “go there,” in this way but I can’t help it. For those of us who grew up in an Analog world which includes things like Audio Cassettes, Analog Amplifiers, and Schwinn Bicycles, this new digital crack addicted dopamine empire control grid can get a bit stressful at times.

Concerning evaluating the current Truman Show Like Matrix that is Southern California, a special friend sent this to me, and I had to share. Like I said when I started writing this blog months ago, I was looking to explore, evaluate and dialogue on issues that most people don’t think about or even consider.

reel-for-front-3 TASCAM
Analog People Living In A Digital World. ~ Mitch Santell 1981

(CJ Opinion) — In the movie The Matrix, humans are imprisoned in a virtual world by a powerful artificial intelligence system in a dystopian future. What they take to be reality is actually a computer program that has been jacked into their brains to keep them in a comatose state. They live their whole lives in that virtual simulation, without any way of knowing that what they appear to be experiencing with their senses is actually made of AI-generated code.

Life in our current society is very much the same. The difference is that instead of AI, it’s psychopathic oligarchs who are keeping us asleep in the Matrix. And instead of code, it’s narrative.

Society is made of narrative like the Matrix is made of code. Identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics, government, they’re all purely mental constructs which exist nowhere outside of the mental noises in our heads. If I asked you to point to your knee you could do so instantly and wordlessly, but if I asked you to point to the economy, for example, the closest you could come is using a bunch of linguistic symbols to point to a group of concepts. To show me the economy, you’d have to tell me a story.

more vinyl green
You will learn to love your servitude. 

“Am I good enough? Am I doing the right thing? Oh man, I hope what I’m trying to do works out. I need to make sure I get all my projects done. If I do that one thing first it might save me some time in the long run. Oh there’s Ashley, I hate that bitch. God I’m so fat and ugly. If I can just get the things that I want and accomplish my important goals I’ll feel okay. Taxes are due soon. What’s on TV? Oh it’s that idiot. How the hell did he get elected anyway? Everyone who made that happen is a Nazi. God I can’t wait for the weekend. I hope everything goes as planned between now and then.”

On and on and on and on. Almost all of our mental energy goes into those mental narratives. They dominate our lives. And, for that reason, people who are able to control those narratives are able to control us.

And they do.

Most people try to exert some degree of control over those around them. They try to influence how those in their family, social and employment circles think of them by behaving and speaking in a certain way. Family members will spend their lives telling other family members over and over again that they’re not as smart/talented/good as they think they are to keep them from becoming too successful and moving away. Romantic partners will be persuaded that they can never leave because no one else will ever love them. To varying degrees, they manipulate the narratives of individuals.

Then there are the people who’ve figured out that they can actually take their ability to influence the way people think about themselves and their world and turn it into personal profit. Cult leaders convince followers to turn over their entire lives in service to them. Advertisers convince consumers that they have a problem or deficiency that can only be solved with This Exciting New Product™. Ambitious rat race participants learn how to climb the corporate ladder by winning favor with the right people and inflicting small acts of sabotage against their competing peers. Ambitious journalists learn that they progress much further in their careers by advancing narratives that favor the establishment upon which the plutocrats who own the big media companies have built their kingdoms. They manipulate the narratives of groups.

Read the rest here: https://theantimedia.com/awakening-matrix/ 

smith matrix

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The truth about ‘Selfishness’

You are reading one of the most crucial blog postings that I will repost in 2018. Why? Read it, and you will know why. Sometimes we can care so much for others that we end up drowning ourselves in the process.

The Darkest Tunnel

Picture this:

You are stranded in the middle of the ocean, desperately trying to keep yourself afloat as you scramble for air in the smothering darkness.

The night is quiet around you, the world submerged in an ominous silence.

The sounds of your heavy breathing and your hands flailing in the water are the only things that pierce through the quiet.

The vast expanse of the inky blue sea is all you can see, along with a single narrow plank floating a few meters away from you.

What will you do?

You swim to the plank and save yourself from a sure death by using the wood to keep you afloat.

But your choice isn’t that simple.

You’re not alone.

I’m there along with you, scrambling for the same air you fill your lungs with and my eyes are frozen on the same plank that yours are riveted on.


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Life and death in the fake news business

More Insights with a Link by Mitch Santell

The first big transition in the news business was in the early 1980’s. ABC Television decided that their news division would become a part of their “entertainment division.” The result? There was a gossip column feel as more and more stories were written based on sponsors, products, and trends in the culture.

The most significant shift during my lifetime in media in the USA was the telecommunications act of 1996 signed into law by Bill Clinton and causing hundreds of companies to fold and thousands of jobs eliminated. Now read what Jon Rappoport has to say on the subject. He nails it right on the head.

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Thought Of The Day

Guest Posting by Ricky Ray

Maze 1

People have ALL been born into a Maze of deception with countless alternative corridors, rooms, dead ends to walk into, trapped like Theseus in the “Labyrinth” of Minos; to face the Minotaur or his own Shadow Self confused, stifled, paranoid, fears kept private but NO escape.

And in this time, we are still engendering new Myths and Cultural Icons. Our Hercules, however, is a TV Wrestling Star on steroids. Our Aphrodite is a fake Reality TV Star. We have a “Mad Max” Apocalypse Culture emerging, glorifying images of savagery and death this 2018 CE.

Social Media Hell 2018

Will it continue to be as ever in history that violent Myths and Religions will re-emerge and that the “Gods” of the Vanquished will become as always the Devils of the Victors?

This repeating History is too time worn and too dangerous for this Earth to bear in these times. Maybe we should ALL grow up at last, NOW. This IS the REAL “Childhood’s End” for Planet Earth. We as a Race-Collective, are at the brink of a new Renaissance, or the worst Dark Age in recorded History. We NOW have the technology to make the Earth a Garden of Delight or a burnt Charnel Field. This IS a Decision that must be decided upon Globally by the PEOPLE and NOT left in the corrupt murdering hands of the Religious/Political Ruling Hegemony as in Times past.

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5 Reasons Why I Need To Blog

You are about to read one of the best postings I have ever read about blogging.

Renard's World

Five Five

I have been blogging longer than I could actually remember (It all started many years ago when I was on Blogger).

I remembered seeing a blog online and saying to myself, “I can do that!”

Okay, back then blogging was not as sophisticated as it is today. The average blog post many years ago, was basically an online diary — it was a blogger’s space to post what they did on a specific day (And, those blog posts back then, were very short in comparison to the word count of the blog posts that bloggers publish today).

Now, I am very happy that blogging has evolved; it is more than an online diary.

Bloggers can use their blogs to entertain and educate the masses.

So, one should not underestimate the power and the influence that blogging has.

Blogging has grown on me; it is hard to imagine myself not…

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America On Trial

A “Can you Believe This Now?” Commentary by Mitch Santell

To be blunt, I never thought in my entire life that I would have to re-post something like this. Are you aware of what’s going on? Real censorship is here in America and with Apple, Inc. handing over 130 Million Customers to the Chinese Government, it’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

What disturbs me most? I decided to start blogging again, and I needed a place to vent. While I work on Big Reggae Mix, my internet radio station streaming in San Diego, I still feel the need as a producer and content creator to share my viewpoint. I am entitled to it, it is what we Americans do, and it is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.


What worries me now is that I launched AfterHollywood.Online here at WordPress because I have always trusted this platform.

Now I am watching as many of my favorite “independent thinkers” and “truthers” get taken offline.

Right now I am looking at other non-WordPress platforms in case I need to move all of my content over to a new home.

This is sad for me, I thought I had a new home here at WordPress, but if my friends can’t figure out why their content got pulled, it’s only a matter of time before my site is removed.

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Alex Jones, A Patriot or a Blow Hard?

Still in shock reflections by Mitch Santell

I’ve followed the alternative and independent media since the early 1990’s. Often I think about those who fought so long and hard to keep free speech alive in America.

Over the past week, it has been fascinating to watch the frontal attack on the Alex Jones Channel as it was dumped from YouTube as well as his flagship station 90.1, being fined 15,000 dollars by the FCC over the past 48 hours.

alex jones yes
Alex Jones, a test case for what is to come?

What do I think?

My answer is that I think Alex Jones is a test case to see what you can get away with on the air. My observation is that Alex Jones will remain on the air, it is simply going to be like everyone else, on the internet only.

In my book, this is not a bad thing because if you take a look at infowars dot com, you will notice that they are ranked by Alexa in the top 1000 sites in the USA and ranked in the top 3300 websites globally on the internet out of 1.2 Billion IP addresses, so that is amazing.

Mike Adams at The Alex Jones Show

As I tuned into Alex’s daily show (it’s funny I stopped listening to Alex Jones over three years ago), Mike Adams was just brought on to share his outrage at what is happening to Alex Jones.

As usual, I not only love to put out content, I also consume it and record various streams daily so yes, I said yes, I was able to capture this brief clip of Alex Jones and Mike Adams together.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts or check out other venues that are reporting on this. Here is the clip!

The clip is approximately 6 Minutes and 35 Seconds.