Living Under Medical Martial Law

A Commentary For Those Who Are Awake by Mitch Santell There comes a time in your life where you are merely watching a video comment from a person who works for an NGO (Non-Government Organization), and you pull your hair out. Question:             Want to watch a real Ass-Clown? Answer: … Continue reading Living Under Medical Martial Law

Trump May Be Our Last President

A Commentary About The Shift From the Constitutional Republic To Empire by Mitch Santell The personal attacks and blowback that I received from family, friends, and business associates were out of control as I decided to vote for Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election. There is one thing I never told any of these people. … Continue reading Trump May Be Our Last President

CoronaVirus Equals: Live Test

A Commentary About The Live Test of Coronavirus by Mitch Santell Do you like being locked away in your homes? Do you like being under house arrest? Do you like watching what is left of the middle class die? Enjoy the show folks. People die. Sometimes they die of car accidents. Sometimes they die of … Continue reading CoronaVirus Equals: Live Test

America Is Under House Arrest

America is under house arrest! So now you know what it feels, somewhat, to be under house arrest eh? How are you handling it so far? It's almost as we're all criminals or that we as a country and culture broke the law, got caught and got convicted. Now we are sentenced to spend time … Continue reading America Is Under House Arrest

Cyber Soma – The New Drug of a Brave New World

First, they turned off your sports. Second, they turned off your live events. What is next? The Internet.

Ian H Powell

Although reading 1984 was a life changing experience at age 11, I only got around to reading Brave New World last month and this book, like Orwell’s stark warning of cultural tendencies, highlighted many issues that we would all do well to be aware of if we don’t want to move inexorably towards a communist control paradigm.  For anyone who doesn’t think that’s possible in our supposedly ‘free’ society would do well to realise that 8 out of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto have already been implemented in the West.

A significant theme in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ is the pervasive use of Soma, a drug which enables the State to maintain a status quo through mass medication.  The enormous percentage of the population using prescription drugs today is as high as 70% in some areas with many of those consuming all manner of mood enhancers daily.  Add…

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Humanity, Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

A Commentary on keeping your humanity by Mitch Santell Today I was in my home office looking at a book that my Aunt Shirlee (RIP) left to me. The book is from old Hollywood in 1920 and shows a listing of all the major studios, stars, producers, screenwriters, and directors in that year. Now, look … Continue reading Humanity, Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

Brave New World: Dystopian Procreation and Censorship

“It Is What It Is.” – Mitch Santell (2015)

Literature and Transgression

Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s fifth novel, was written in 1931 and published in the United Kingdom in 1932. From its publication it was an incredible success for Huxley—its first year sales in Britain alone reached 23,000 copies. Today it is still considered the most popular of all his published works, which include more than 11 novels, 7 short story collections, 8 poetry collections, and 23 essay collections. (Sawyer 83-84). Brave New World, begins by setting up two key points of the book—eugenics and expectations for human behavior—starting with the description of “A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State’s motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” (Brave New World 3). Although this motto is not mentioned again within the text, reappearances of mental conditioning to create “stable” citizens and…

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Blueprint for perfect prayer:

Daniel 9:20 And whiles I was speaking, and praying, and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel, and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God; The blueprint... 1. hang out with God one on one, confess your sins, mistakes, character defects, ask God’s forgiveness … Continue reading Blueprint for perfect prayer: