9/11 America Is Fully An Empire in 2018

Careful Reflections After 9/11 by Mitch Santell

There are still millions of people in America and around the world that believe that 9/11 happened precisely as the government and the mainstream media said that it happened.

The best way to wake up is to give a story time and distance. To show you how embedded a lie can be promoted over many years and perceived as truth, I guess we need to go back to the Apollo 11 landing. So you know it was faked, right? Now you will think I am crazy or maybe you won’t follow my blog anymore but here is something that will make this 9/11 like no other you have ever remembered!

Fifteen years after Stanley Kubrick’s death, a video surfaced with Stanley Kubrick’s admitting that he was hired by the U.S. Government to create the moon landing.

The 20 minutes that you will invest to watch and listen to what Mr. Kubrick has to say will hopefully wake you up to the moon landing hoax. To pour salt on the wound, I have seen many videos on YouTube where an expert from NASA states that they lost all of the original video footage and even all the notes and paperwork related to Apollo 11.

Just as important is that maybe you’ll now question the official story of not only the Apollo Space Program but the biggest deception of all, 9/11.

I’ll have some more to say about 9/11 in the next couple of posts as it relates to my own story, but this is an excellent place to start.


The American Cult Creation Machine

Reflections of an 11-year-old boy rediscovered at 61 by Mitch Santell.

It is when you realize that the land of your birth may be a national cult that you start to question your dreams and visions.

Cult Screen Shot LDS
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

In 1968 as an 11-year-old boy, I had a neighbor in the same building as my Aunt and Grandmother in Los Angeles who’s granddaughter was rescued from a cult in New York City. As a kid, I kept scratching my head thinking “Julie is in a cult? How can that be, she is about the same age as me?”

Now as I fast forward to August of 2018, I see cults all around me and observe the sincere cloning off of humanity placed merely into a maze of thought that may not even be their own.

Cults know that if they can control your relationships then they can control you. Whether we like it or not we are all profoundly affected by those around us. When you first go to a cult they will practice “love bombing”, where they arrange instant friends for you. It will seem wonderful, how could such a loving group be wrong! But you soon learn that if you ever disagree with them, or ever leave the cult then you will lose all your new “friends”. This unspoken threat influences your actions in the cult. Things that normally would have made you complain will pass by silently because you don’t want to be ostracized. Like in an unhealthy relationship love is turned on and off to control.

Cults also try to cut you off from your friends and family because they hate others being able to influence you. A mind control cult will seek to manoeuvre your life so as to maximize your contact with cult members and minimize your contact with people outside the group, especially those who oppose your involvement.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2AJr3v4

Further reading on the subject of cults would include:

The hippie Christian cult that encouraged sex with children is still around today.


Cult Warning Signs

Satanic Cults Exist! Been Around For A Long Time! (Part 1)



10 Of The Most Dangerous Religious Cults

Hollywood’s Predictive Programming

Commentary on How Life Imitates Art by Mitch Santell

Hollywood has a deep dark secret. This secret is so deep and embedded within Hollywood’s DNA that the studios, producers, and executives never discuss it. What is it? The creation of films that provide you with a storyline that you know you have seen before. Yes, you have seen it before! It is called predictive programming.

Ever see the movie Geostorm? (Trailer is: 2 Minutes 29 Seconds).

Now let’s fast forward to what is happening in Redding over the past week. This clip from the Associated Press is for educational purposes only. (Time: 1 Minute 7 Seconds).

What Is ‘Predictive Programming’?

Predictive programming, a theorized method of mass mind control, proposes that people are conditioned, through works of fiction, to accept planned future scenarios.

How Would It Work?

Details of pre-planned societal changes are intentionally revealed to the masses through various forms of media. Propagandists use this type of foreshadowing as a means of pre-emptively minimizing resistance. Repeatedly exposing the public to the same specific themes should wear them down into a state of passive acceptance. By the time said changes start to manifest in reality, few will even think to question the developments, let alone rebel against them.

Fiction is the vehicle used to deliver these “predictions” for an important reason. When most people watch a film for example, they see it as a benign form of entertainment and nothing more. Therefore, as the viewer’s guard is lowered, messages can bypass the normal critical thinking process and download directly into the subconscious like a virus.

For predictive programming to work as a valid form of psychological conditioning, the following set of general rules and assumptions have to be made:

1). A group of powerful people (with a common agenda) might be able to exert a special influence over the entertainment industry.

2). People are less likely to resist societal developments that they’ve already been familiarised with.

3). The messages planted within fiction can vary in terms of their subtlety, ranging from subliminal clues to important plot points.

4). Although predictive programming prepares people for large social change, specific events can also be foreshadowed.

5). The exact contexts of the “predictions” (and the subsequent reactions of the characters within the story) aren’t strictly important.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2LNNC6i

The story hits the media, and it doesn’t seem to bother us too much because we saw it in a movie.

Northern California Fires 2018
Read the rest here: http://bit.ly/2Kb6xTw

The culmination of film clips showing us what will happen before it does along with current news clips regarding Northern California.

Please subscribe to this channel and get more: 


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Hollywood, #WalkAway Is Here To Stay

Reflections On A World That Has Gone Pear Shaped by Mitch Santell

The only way to survive the Democratic Party is to #WalkAway. Why do I say this? I was a Democrat from the age of 18 until the age of 60 when I decided that America needed to act like America again.


Here is my take on the #WalkAway Movement. You have thousands and thousands of Americans who decided that America could not take another four years of the USA acting like the Weimar Republic where anything goes.

Many will initially join the Republican party, long-term none of these people may even stay with the Republican party. What most people still don’t get is that President Trump is not a real Republican. He is an entrepreneur that ran as a Republican to blow the other side out of the water.


There is a massive blowback from the Obama years. To many of you who worshiped the ground that Obama walked on, you have to look further and take your research more seriously to realize that America is a “Constitutional Republic.”

What other country do you know of that exists to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

The most sinister thing that happened under Obama was the Lisbon Treaty signed in 2007 that shifted power throughout Europe. There were many who fought long and hard against this Treaty. 


The Lisbon Treaty was signed anyway, and it was then something known as Article 50 that started the journey towards Brexit just as Trump was pushing to stop the TPP (The Transpacific Partnership Agreement).

Donald Trump 1
Donald J. Trump Hollywood Star Before The Damage

Hollywood is paying for the hell that they created. Hollywood is not on the right side of history. When I saw that “Trump’s Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Destroyed With Pickaxe,” I knew that the blowback and hatred toward our President are the worst that I have ever experienced.

Trump Star Hollywood Destroyed
Perverted Pedophile Hollywood Will Pay For Their Mistake.

Donald J. Trump is the closest thing to Ross Perot that we will ever have in office so be grateful.


Ross Perot like Donald Trump did not mince words.


Ross Perot said “NAFTA” would create a “Giant Sucking Sound” in America with massive job losses to Mexico. This clip from 1992 is 2 minutes and 35 seconds long and worth reviewing again.

Hollywood’s Dirty Secret

The tinsel town that we know as Hollywood must continue to spin their lies about what is going on behind the curtain and the casting couch. It was crucial that Hollywood Executive’s like John Lasseter leave because if they did not, then the ultimate truth would come out.


WTF? Can you believe what this woman is saying? Wake Up!

Here is my final comment on this posting (12 Seconds): 

Marcus Tullius Cicero
Marcus Tullius Cicero

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through…all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero




Hollywood Gets Caught

Grateful Smiles by Mitch Santell

Earlier this morning I was a guest on The Zeph Daniel Report. It was a lovely interview, and I think you’ll enjoy the gentle flow of our banter as it relates to the current state of Hollywood.

zeph daniel color
Zeph Daniel of The Zeph Report

Since 2002 The Zeph Report has been putting out spiritual and geopolitical podcasts and prophetic reports across multiple media platforms including world wide shortwave and satellite radio.

The style is raw audio, the moment inspiration hits. Controversial, the truth is oftentimes brutal, and calls for change… in thinking, in consciousness itself.

Dedicated to the Creator of all things, the Zeph Report was inspired by a revelation from YHWH to Zeph Daniel in 2001, and has been on the air ever since.

Find Zeph at Spreaker now: https://www.spreaker.com/show/zeph-report-podcasts

By Zeph E. Daniel (http://www.zephnet.com)
October 23, 2004

[Editor’s Note: Zeph Daniel is a victim of satanic ritual abuse and Illuminati mind control programming. He was born into a powerful and influential Hollywood family and was subjected to the typical horrendous abuse from a very early age that most victims of Illuminati programming are forced to endure. He broke through his programming in 2000 and credits his unwavering devotion to God and Jesus as the lifelines which rescued him from the abyss. You can read more details of his incredible journey on Zeph’s web site. This article deals with a subject that needs to be faced squarely by devote and honest Christians everywhere on this planet, but especially here in the United States: the apocalyptic, End Times scenario that is being hammered into the minds and hearts of fundamentalist Christians across this nation is a set up. If you take the time to read a book written by William Bramley called The Gods of Eden, you will find that the same End Times scenario, the same script, and the same cast of characters, has been used before-many times before.

Self satisfied people often respond emotionally (and irrationally) to information that they cannot handle intellectually or objectively because of pre-conditioning (remember the earth used to be”flat” at one time and everyone just knew it to be true). If you possess a fundamentalist perspective and find yourself becoming upset and angry with the information presented below, then you have to honestly question yourself and ask: am I a victim of mind conditioning too? Words cannot harm you and if you cannot consider the merits of a presentation without going bananas, then you have a problem, dear friend, not the author of this article. Remember, truth will always find a way to surface and that which is false cannot sustain itself indefinitely…Ken]



More Roseanne Barr Blow Back & Tim Allen Reboot of Last Man Standing

Further Reflections by Mitch Santell

roseanne not a racist 2018
Roseanne Barr is Fighting Back!

There are more insights and updates coming out in regards to the collapse of The Roseanne Barr show that was just canned by ABC TELL-LIE-VISION.

Disney says no to Roseanne Barr 2018
The Number #1 Show Is Now Off The Air

Roseanne Barr went into meltdown on Twitter overnight on Tuesday as she retweeted a stream of abusive, controversial and doctored material after her show was cancelled over her racist remarks about Valerie Jarrett.

The star of America’s top TV show also last night blamed Ambien for saying Jarrett looked like the lovechild of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes’ before saying she also ‘mistakenly thought she [Jarrett] was white’.

Among hundreds of retweets Barr reposted comments including an image of Jarrett’s face next to a character from Planet of the Apes, a fake tweet claiming Jarrett had said she wanted to make America more Islamic, and a doctored image of Whoopie Goldberg wearing a t-shirt of Donald Trump shooting himself in the head.

The stream of retweets came alongside dozens of tweets from Barr herself, in which she apologized for her first racist comments, blamed sleeping drug Ambien and claimed she thought the target of her racist Twitter rant was white.

Read more here: https://dailym.ai/2J3BsS4

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Steve Job’s iPhone Turned America Into A Dystopian Atomized Society

Comments on iPhone Cloning of Humanity by Mitch Santell

The change is very subtle but you notice it still the same. What is it? The darting of eyes in the supermarket here in America as patrons (we call them guests), decide if they should pass you on the left or on the right.

aa fall fashion 4
Dystopian & Atomized America

The reason that most people don’t know is that the level of wireless wi-fi and radiation coming off portable smartphone devices, plus the cloning off of your thinking skills is enough to take for one person.

In atomization, the subcultural mode’s local communities cannot hold together, because they no longer deliver adequate meaning. The subcultural solution to the problems of self and society—intermediate-scale subsocieties that buffer individuals from national institutions—failed.

Instead, society moves onto global interactive media. Internet social networks support larger, geographically dispersed virtual communities. You no longer need to be in the happening place to get access to a genre or scene. You may not know the gender, race, or nationality of some of your closest friends. It is wonderful to find people who share your nearly-unique interests—but can online relationships replace in-person ones? Can electronic communities provide the same benefits as local ones?

The vestiges of systematic social organization are crumbling. As culture and society atomize, it becomes impossible to maintain a coherent ideology. Religions decohere into vague “spirituality,” and political isms give way to bizarre, transient, reality-impaired online movements. Decontextualized, contradictory, intensely-proclaimed religious and political “beliefs” displace legacy systems of meaning. These are not beliefs in an ordinary sense, but advertisements of personal qualities and tribal identification. The atomized mode generates paranoia, because without the systematic mode’s “therefores,” its structure of justification, there are no memetic defenses against bad ideas.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2sqpHy5

Technology divides us more than anything else. The more I read and observe, the more I am convinced of this.

Dystopia is everywhere. No longer just a narrative form in the vein of 1984 or Soylent Green, the very word is seeping into our daily news and culture, invoked as readily in the pubs of London as the checkpoints of Gaza. Far from “an imagined … society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic,” dystopia is now used to describe Facebook, Brexit, biometric data, militancy, antibiotic resistance, and HQ Trivia.

A 2017 article in the Nation summed up a great deal of liberal feelings about the current political climate: “With the election of an uber-narcissist incapable of distinguishing between fact and fantasy, all the dystopian nightmares that had gathered like storm clouds on the horizon—nuclear war, climate change, a clash of civilizations—suddenly moved overhead.”

Of course, the Western political and economic upheavals of the past few years are about as dystopian as a party balloon next to the reality of life in, say, North Korea, whose government sums up the rights of its citizens with a simple phrase—“One for all and all for one”—better known in the West for a book that is probably not discussed much in Pyongyang. Like Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany before it, the totalitarian oppression of the DPRK feels so remote that it becomes almost pantomime. The hysterical weeping of party officials at the death of Kim Jong-il and the assassination of Kim Jong-un’s defector brother, with the killers allegedly told it was part of a “prank” show, feel closer to fiction than fact—stories to be marvelled at, rather than profound human truths. Propaganda and history collide, blurring the lines between fiction and reality; as these lines move, so does our cultural understanding of dystopia.

More here: https://slate.me/2so2Djj

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Netflix is Blowing Hollywood’s Mind

Reflections on Hollywood Studio fall out by Mitch Santell

Netflix as a company that has the strength, financial backing, and corporate culture to take down the current Hollywood Studio System as we know it! How do I know this? This is the 4th or 5th time that Hollywood has had to confront its own shortcomings.

Netflix can change game plans much faster than a regular studio. The most recent example of this was the new season of Arrested Development. Season 4 which had mixed reviews by fans and critics alike was literally re-mixed, re-edited by Mitchell Hurwitz the Executive Producer (Writer and sometimes Director of the show).

Arrested Development 2018
Jeffrey Tambor (L) with Arrested Development Exec Prod Mitchell Hurwitz (R)

Not only did Mitchell Hurwitz have the integrity to Re-Edit Season 4 on Netflix just days before the release of Season 5, even though Jeffrey Tambor was “accused” of “sexual misconduct,” Mr. Hurwitz did not punish Tambor or the series. 

According to the Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES — The creator and executive producer of “Arrested Development” acknowledges that some people will not like his decision to keep Jeffrey Tambor on the show after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced last October.

“Good people will find this offensive,” explained Mitchell Hurwitz. “I, too, get worked up when I hear about Harvey Weinstein and other people who have taken advantage of people. But I also believe very strongly that we don’t want to live in a world where accusations ruin people’s lives. We have tried that as a human race and it doesn’t always, doesn’t work out great, you know? So accusations are very different than proof and, you know, we obviously are going to support people that haven’t done, that haven’t been proved guilty.”

Hurwitz said production was nearly wrapped on season five when news broke of the allegations made by Tambor’s former assistant and an actress on his other show, “Transparent.”

“Not only do I support him as a friend, but I’ve known him for 20 years. I’ve worked with him for 20 years and I’ve never seen any behavior like that described. I’ve never, even in private, he’s never been in any way inappropriate about, we don’t talk about women or objectify. It’s just not who he is, and he’s got a lot of things that I’d like to list, a lot of really bad qualities I’d like to list for you now, but nowhere in there, in my experience, is any kind of creep,” said Hurwitz.

The “Arrested Development” cast unanimously supported the 73-year-old actor at the Los Angeles premiere Thursday for the cult comedy’s new season. The event also marked one of the first public appearances for Tambor in recent months. Tambor posed for photos with his wife, Kasia Ostlun, but didn’t do interviews with the press.

“We are a family and it’s great to have everybody in the family here,” said co-star Will Arnett.

See more here: https://nydn.us/2GBRdhf

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A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: The Fall of Blockbuster! — D&A Anime Blog

Wow, it’s been five years since the once great video rental store giant went belly up. I’m talking about Blockbuster, one of the best video rental stores in North America (as well as across the world). Back when I was growing up in southeast Baltimore County (Baltimore, MD) my mother would take my brother and […]

via A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: The Fall of Blockbuster! — D&A Anime Blog

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Netflix Doesn’t Need Hollywood Anymore

Written by Mitch Santell


The shift started in 2013 with the premiere of House of Cards. Netflix, in my opinion, does not need Hollywood anymore nor does the company care what Hollywood thinks.

Some will say that Netflix is just producing big-budget Tell-Lie-Vision shows. My take? There is something much bigger happening. Think of Netflix as the Apple, Inc. of streaming. Why do I think that? Answer: Apple listens to its customers, and it would appear that Netflix is doing the same thing.

My experience of Netflix on a Mac or a PC is substantially better than my Apple TV not because Apple TV does not work, it is the interface. It is the fact that Netflix has incorporated their algorithm into everything that you watch on their service.

netflix buster
“Buster, He’s A Beautiful Boy!” 

Check out what I found:

Netflix vs. Cannes: Will the Company’s Original Content Succeed Without Hollywood Approval?

For those who haven’t browsed the Netflix catalog recently, the streaming service has taken a page from Hollywood studios and dived headlong into the production and distribution game. Its name is on titles with big stars like Adam Sandler and Will Smith — these stream alongside the company’s popular TV series like Stranger Things and Lost in Space.

It’s important for Hollywood studios to project an air of prestige around their more ambitious projects, and events like Cannes also provide gobs of free publicity. But the tussle between Cannes and Netflix arose from a recent change in the festival’s rules. A new regulation mandates that for a film to play in competition, it must have theatrical distribution in France.

That’s a tough one for Netflix, as French law stipulates there has to be at least a three-year gap between a film’s theatrical run and its debut in home entertainment such as streaming services. Almost needless to say, that’s a no-go for a company whose success relies on streaming content.

The screen goes dark

For those who haven’t browsed the Netflix catalog recently, the streaming service has taken a page from Hollywood studios and dived headlong into the production and distribution game. Its name is on titles with big stars like Adam Sandler and Will Smith — these stream alongside the company’s popular TV series like Stranger Things and Lost in Space.

It’s important for Hollywood studios to project an air of prestige around their more ambitious projects, and events like Cannes also provide gobs of free publicity. But the tussle between Cannes and Netflix arose from a recent change in the festival’s rules. A new regulation mandates that for a film to play in competition, it must have theatrical distribution in France.

That’s a tough one for Netflix, as French law stipulates there has to be at least a three-year gap between a film’s theatrical run and its debut in home entertainment such as streaming services. Almost needless to say, that’s a no-go for a company whose success relies on streaming content.

In reaction to the festival’s new rule, Netflix withdrew the five titles it planned to unveil at Cannes. Since then, the two sides have had few positive words for each other.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2IKjmrf

netflix yes

Living room vs. movie theater

The dispute benefits neither party. It makes the festival look reactionary and old-fashioned in a film and entertainment world that’s rapidly changing. And Netflix appears to be playing the role of intolerant Silicon Valley disruptor — our way is the future, and if you’re not on board, forget you.

In its movie-making efforts, Netflix has fewer allies. That’s no surprise, given its insistence on debuting its feature films in theaters and on the streaming site simultaneously (its big-budget fantasy action movie Bright was to open in a grand total of two cinemas in the U.S.).

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2IKjmrf

Yes, I said yes! Netflix is onto something big and we all know it.

netflix more
Shall we binge watch a series?

If the miss the old days of going to a Movie Theater, here is a little reminder.