CoronaVirus Mind Control Nightmare

A Commentary On The Bizarre Shift of America by Mitch Santell The global rumors surrounding America right now are out of control. It is hard to know from one day to the next what is really going on. The Powers That Be" tell you, we are in the middle of a Global Pandemic. Looking out over … Continue reading CoronaVirus Mind Control Nightmare

CoronaVirus Is A Front For The Global Reset of the Dollar

A Commentary On Our Global Reset & US Dollar Collapse by Mitch Santell The craziness that you witnessed today in the financial markets has been planned for over 100 years. The Powers That Be, the Global Elite, the 1% love what is happening! They are laughing their asses off. Question: Why are they doing this? … Continue reading CoronaVirus Is A Front For The Global Reset of the Dollar

Coronavirus March Madness 2020!

A Commentary On Bringing Order Out of Chaos by Mitch Santell Never let a good crisis go to waste is what I always say. All the significant events that you watch on Tell-Lie-Vision (TV) are all planned in advance. Don't believe me? Watch this! What is Predictive Programming? Alan Watts describes himself as a “long-term … Continue reading Coronavirus March Madness 2020!

The Black Conservative Movement

A Commentary on Black Americans Taking Back Our Country by Mitch Santell It was in February of 2016 that I started telling family and friends and business associates that Donald J. Trump was going to win the election. Please invest four minutes and 59 seconds in watching this short clip of Candace Owens, a Black … Continue reading The Black Conservative Movement

The Crash Of 1929 Revisited In 2020

A Commentary On How History Repeats Itself by Mitch Santell It was back in August of 1996 when my fourth child was born that I started to think about my Great Uncle Alfred Santell and my Grandfather Martin James Santell who were directly involved in writing scripts, producing and directing movies during the Golden Age … Continue reading The Crash Of 1929 Revisited In 2020

Coronavirus Shifting Quickly

A Commentary On Crisis by Mitch Santell The Coronavirus crisis shifts almost daily as across the globe researchers, NGO's and other organizations are trying to figure out what to do next. In the meantime, here is a little "back story" on the CoronaVirus. There are strange facts surrounding the coronavirus outbreak of 2020. In 2018, … Continue reading Coronavirus Shifting Quickly

Baby Boomers Angry At President Trump

A Commentary From One Baby Boomer To Another by Mitch Santell There is an old saying that I have pontificated for years and that saying is, "That you don't wake up to the truth until it hits you in the face and affects you personally." Baby Boomers have finally awoken to the nightmare that President … Continue reading Baby Boomers Angry At President Trump

America’s Super Bowl Distraction

  "Life is routine. Monotonous cycles of work, miscellaneous tasks, and sleep are typically broken up by periodic diversions and random chance. For most, tomorrow will look like today, as will the next day, and the one to follow. It’s a consequence of being able to think abstractly and live for a relatively long time. … Continue reading America’s Super Bowl Distraction