President Biden’s Message To America

REPOSTED BY REQUEST – (A guest Commentary presented for your analysis). Understanding the bigger picture is to understand how the “fundamental change” issues are not directly connected to the ongoing 2020 debate challenges, ballot issues, election outcome, etc; yet, the “fundamental change” issues required a Biden election.d Why is COVID-19 so important politically? This discussion … Continue reading President Biden’s Message To America

My Observations Of Trump

A Commentary I didn't Write & Agree With By Mitch Santell You see Trump’s arrogance, I see Trump’s confidence. You see Trump’s nationalism, I see Trump’s patriotism. You hear Trump’s unsophisticated words, I hear Trump’s honesty. You see Trump’s racism, I see Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their … Continue reading My Observations Of Trump

Canadian Universal Income To Be Launched in 2021 ~ It is not what you think!

A Commentary For Those Awake And for Those Who Wish To Wake Other People Up By Mitch Santell This may be the single most important video that you watch before the end of 2020. If you think this lockdown so far has been bad, you ain't seen nothing yet!! Be ready!! Ride the Wave! Here … Continue reading Canadian Universal Income To Be Launched in 2021 ~ It is not what you think!

Will You Take The Shot?

Wake Up Before They Modify You by Mitch Santell There is a decision that You, as a human being, are going to have to make. Ready? Will you stay who you are, or will you allow yourself to be modified? Scientists have warned that rushing to develop and approve a vaccine for coronavirus could actually … Continue reading Will You Take The Shot?

New Jersey Gym Fighting NWO

A Commentary Worth Writing by Mitch Santell Here in Orange County, California, small and medium-sized business owners find ways to help each other and stay open. On the East Coast, especially in New Jersey and New York, entrepreneurs have to get creative. Please check out Tim Cast at: Embattled Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith … Continue reading New Jersey Gym Fighting NWO