It’s Like A Twilight Zone Episode.

Commentary Beyond Control by Mitch Santell The reason that the U.S. Congress has such a low approval rating is that most Americans believe that all the Congress does is lie. Don't believe me? Did you know that lying is legal in the U.S. Congress? Here is the actual Bill Signed into law: 1996-10-11-HR-3166-False-Statement-Accountability-Act-of-1996-104th-Congress-Oct-11-1996 A special … Continue reading It’s Like A Twilight Zone Episode.

Unknown Force Shutting Down Cars

Commentary On The What About This Department by Mitch Santell Since I don't know what to make of this, I thought I would share it with you dear reader and follower and invite you to comment! Make it a great day! A special thank you to this you tube channel at secureteam10 a great youtube … Continue reading Unknown Force Shutting Down Cars

Finally, America Protecting America

Commentary On Military, Political and Social Strain by Mitch Santell Throughout Obama's first term I was living in New Zealand with my wife (33 1/2 years) and my two younger daughters (now grown). Each and every month I would cringe as  I kept hearing Obama give these Socialist Marxist Speeches. President Obama sincerely believed that … Continue reading Finally, America Protecting America

America’s Possible Collapse

Commentary On The Quiet Invasion of America by Mitch Santell It is not easy for me as a 3rd generation native Californian to watch the quiet invasion of my country. Regardless of what the major Tell-Lie-Vision networks tell you, we quickly have between 4,000 and 9,000 people crossing from Mexico into Southern California each week.  … Continue reading America’s Possible Collapse