Notre Dame ~ Alternative View


Written by Ricky Ray (Exec Producer)

People have texted and called about Notre Dame burning.

Other churches and cathedrals have been attacked and burned like St Sulpice that was used in the “Da Vinci Code” movie.

The ones that matter are the Gothic Cathedrals. WHY?

Because in their stonework and architecture are hidden secrets of alchemy and esoteric science.

In the 1920s, the French alchemist Fulcanelli, did a full transmutation of mercury into gold at a gasworks in Paris, before top scientists of the Société Royale there.

He gave his only disciple Eugène Canseliet a manuscript with photos he had taken to publish. Le Mystère des Cathédrales – The Mystery of the Cathedrals.

He revealed the secrets carved and created and what they represented in physical alchemy. However, he made it deliberately cryptic so very few will ever decode it guaranteed.

God Save Notre Dame 2019

In fact, I’m going to attach it to You all to read pdf link here:

Fulcanelli disappeared and was sought by elites many years besides Nazi SS Intelligence among with OSS and MI6 as far back as the ’30s.

Eugène taught alchemy to some students like Dr. Albert Reidel/Frater Albertus, a German-American alchemist who practiced in Salt Lake City, Utah. And the son of surreal artist and minor royal, Balthus, Stanislaus de Rola nickname “Stash” who was intimate with the Beatles and Stones in the ’60s as Mod.

Stanislaus was my classmate of Eugène before his passing 1982, and his daughter is my dear friend. You can find entries on them at Wiki but they’re not accurate.

Long ago, after the dreaded Albigensian Crusade that ended at Montsegur 1244, many Cathars, Waldenses, Albigensians, Anabaptists fled, taking old secrets with them and became Guilds like the Weavers and those who built the Gothic Cathedrals.

And real physical alchemists.

While it’s plausible that Macron member of French Freemasons Grand Orient de France/GODF, or Mossad, or Islamic fanatics may have set fire to Cathedrals, there is one view that none of You ever considered. That the fires and destruction were caused by secret guilds still in existence to prevent elites from getting the secrets in Stone there…

My old website talked about the Langue Verte/Green Language in detail for people who could decode it.

That was the Cant that elites Can’t decode nor most of You no hard feelings.

It’s true Fulcanelli contacted Nazi scientist Andreas Helbronner to show him the consequences of giving his overlords the atomic bomb he was very close to pulling off long before the Manhattan Project.

He disappeared and in 1952 appeared to Eugène again with manuscript Les demeures philosophales/Dwellings of the Philosophers.

This was about the mansions and castles and chateaus that also contain cryptic esoteric knowledge in the architecture.

Salons in them are intimate rooms for gatherings. A Salon proper IS a gathering.

Our old live Salon Sessions were recorded in Europe in Salons in gatherings let’s say a bit like Eyes Wide Shut…


All seeing Eye


One old Guild Master was poet and outlaw François Villon, and the rabble of the Court of Miracles in Paris he ruled…

This is obviously NOT the study of post 9/11 Conspiracy theorists or none on You overall.

No insults intended but what most have found and think is so special is just Smoke & Mirrors long set in place to mislead people thinking and better yet boasting they hit gold when it’s really just pyrite = fools gold.

I’ll give a clue that it’s NOT lead that turns to gold.

Atomic weight of mercury is 80, where gold is 79.

Thus REAL transmutation is a very controlled form of entropy so the mercury sheds 1 notch of its atomic weight to harden from liquid into potable gold.

Any of You can do it literally on a simple stovetop.

But I’m going to email You Frater Albertus book on physical alchemy to You all to enjoy. And hopefully, try it at home.

Meanwhile, my take is the black science of the elite 1% is dangerous and too close to what many alchemists and guildsmen and women died for to keep silent and secret, knowing it would give them the power to destroy and rule ruthless beyond how it is now.

So perhaps some Cathedrals were and will be torched to shut off possibly forever many things that could destroy the earth before its time.

That’s just a plausible view to think on.