August 11, 2019, Next Global Shift

A Reflection Living Inside The Last Constitutional Republic by Mitch Santell* *America was a Constitutional Republic until 1871. We only had a republic for 95 years. (1776 -1871). RIP. There is no longer a safe place to live, although it always appears that some places are better than others. Here is Southern California it feels … Continue reading August 11, 2019, Next Global Shift

Too Strange To Explain

Guest Post by Dane Wigington Global climate engineering operations are creating ever more extreme weather and temperature whiplash scenarios. The immense scale of climate forcing being carried out by the geoengineers is wreaking havoc on the biosphere. Over 70 years of covert climate intervention and weather warfare (along with countless other forms of anthropogenic activity) has … Continue reading Too Strange To Explain

Moon, Kim, Trump Hold Historic Three-way Talks On South Korean Soil

Commentary That May Be Historic by Mitch Santell Like so many of us who keep weird hours in the Truther Community, it blew my mind to wake up to see what happened in Korea. Here are two short edited clips to the event. We take a break from our standard scheduled New World Order Programming … Continue reading Moon, Kim, Trump Hold Historic Three-way Talks On South Korean Soil

What If America Wasn’t America?

Written in 2007 before the banking crisis and re-posted here for your analysis. “Have fun in your little made-up universe where the government comes to round you up and you manage to fight it off.In the real world, fascism is when the corporations and governments work as a single entity, and you can wander around with your fucking … Continue reading What If America Wasn’t America?