Predictive Programming Or Mass Extinction?

A Commentary that makes me scratch my hair by Mitch Santell No subject is discussed more within the "Truther Community" than Predictive Programming. So many times, when I drink my morning coffee and plan my day, I start having thoughts on what I want to accomplish or blog posts I want to write or preparing … Continue reading Predictive Programming Or Mass Extinction?

Caracas: In Venezuela, Has Plenty Of Food

It is becoming more evident that the "crisis" in Venezuela is another "Dog and Pony" show by America to deceive people. All America has to do is lift the blockade against Venezuela, and everything will be alright! Please support the Gray Zone Project Website. Enjoy: The Grayzone is a news and politics website dedicated … Continue reading Caracas: In Venezuela, Has Plenty Of Food

Unknown Force Shutting Down Cars

Commentary On The What About This Department by Mitch Santell Since I don't know what to make of this, I thought I would share it with you dear reader and follower and invite you to comment! Make it a great day! A special thank you to this you tube channel at secureteam10 a great youtube … Continue reading Unknown Force Shutting Down Cars