Sorry, Mr. Thalberg, Hollywood Is Over

A Commentary On The The Entertainment Industry in 2020 by Mitch Santell The American Cultural Shift over the past 24 months has transformed how we live here more than during the previous 24 years. The Institutions of the American Culture that are being attacked or canceled are all on purpose. From what I have watched, … Continue reading Sorry, Mr. Thalberg, Hollywood Is Over

Southern California Peaceful Protest

A Commentary On A Peaceful Protest by Mitch Santell You will be pleased to know that protests here in Orange County, California, have been peaceful. Yes, I said yes, I have friends who are attending the protest each day. This is an excellent test to see how much push back Hungtington Beach and Dana Point … Continue reading Southern California Peaceful Protest

Mind Control & Consumerism

The Godfather of modern public relations is the "double nephew" of Sigmund Freud. Who is he? His name is Edward Bernays. Mr. Bernays discovered how to manipulate and control people by placing his observations in a book entitled "Progaphanda" which was published in 1928. If you want to understand why a social media company like … Continue reading Mind Control & Consumerism