My Observations Of Trump

A Commentary I didn't Write & Agree With By Mitch Santell You see Trump’s arrogance, I see Trump’s confidence. You see Trump’s nationalism, I see Trump’s patriotism. You hear Trump’s unsophisticated words, I hear Trump’s honesty. You see Trump’s racism, I see Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their … Continue reading My Observations Of Trump

A Global War On Happiness

A Commentary For Those That Can Still Think by Mitch Santell The majority of humanity is now what I believe to be under a global hypnotic spell. It is getting more dystopian here in Orange County, California, and a more significant divide between those going along with the "plan-demic," and those who are willing to … Continue reading A Global War On Happiness

New World Order Is Here, You OK?

A commentary on the collapse that is here now by Mitch Santell (This is the first of 30 blog postings before the permanent shut down of AfterHollywood.Online on January 11, 2020). It is so interesting to note the small changes in people as the world continues to flip out of control. From 2005 until 2015, … Continue reading New World Order Is Here, You OK?

Hillary Clinton Will Run In 2020

A Commentary on Bread and Circuses by Mitch Santell Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your dreams are about to come true! <grin> That's right: Hillary Clinton is running for president again in 2020.  She has actually ramped up her campaign since her defeat in 2016!  From her Twitter feed to university speeches to appearances abroad – from Ireland … Continue reading Hillary Clinton Will Run In 2020