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A quick update by Mitch Santell

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Happy Tuesday dear followers and readers! Starting this month I wanted all of you to know that each and every month I will be making minor changes, updates including text, links, and media as things shift in our world that affect the “about page.”

The reason that the about page may shift is that life is shifting and fast.

Check out now:


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It Is What It Is ~ Acceptance

Commentary On Life In The Moment by Mitch Santell

There are so many of us who are watching the divide of humanity, and we feel stuck.

The reason that we feel so stuck is that we remember how our life used to be and what it is now.

It all comes down to the heart.

In life there is your side of the story, there is my side of the story, and then there are the facts.

Guess what?

There is something more, and this awakening is a huge one.


So much of who you are and who I am is intuitively related to the time that we were alive. 

How do I know this?

There is something that we all do when we awake.

We always want to defend our position.

Why is this wrong?


In America, we use being right like a drug.

We need to be so right all the time to make you wrong which makes us happy.

It is about making the other person wrong.

Now that you know America’s biggest challenge, I need you to do me a small favor.

What is it?

Please be so kind as to indulge me in listening to this entire interview.

It may not change your life, it will give you clarity on where humanity is at in 2019.


Before You End Your Life

This may be the most important blog posting that you are reading this year. While I have found happiness in my own life, I know of so many that are depressed or fighting depression. The author of this post moved me deeply because I helped my youngest daughter survive a 5150 lockdown (she is home now Thank God) and I have another good friend of mine who’s niece is in a medically induced coma because of trying to kill herself.

Life is too short to not see the joy in it. Yes, we all have bad days. Yes, sometimes things don’t go our way, but that does not mean that you cannot move past it.

For all of my followers and readers, I want to wish you all the best Christmas yet in your own life. Be kind to yourself this holiday, okay? I know I will. Take good care now.

Writing My Heart Out

Are you at the lowest of your life right now?

Does everything seems to falling in front of you?

Have you lost faith in yourself?

Do you feel like taking your own life & end everything ?

If yes, keep reading till the end .

Hello everyone!

First of all, the reason why am I writing this.

If you have read my post How To Move On From Past then you must be knowing about a girl who reached out to me to seek help for moving on from her abusive relationship.

So few weeks back she was feeling really down & she started blaming herself for everything that happened to her. She was feeling miserable that day & then she said

“I don’t wanna live anymore. I’m tired of dealing with all this every single day while he(her ex) is living happy life“.

I know there are lot…

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World Happiness Report 2018: See the world’s 18 happiest countries

An article I found of great interest by Mitch Santell

Happiness index 2018

Want to be happy? The Nordic nations seem to have it all figured out.

The cold countries of northern Europe again dominated the annual World Happiness Report, released March 14. Finland ranked as the happiest country in the 2018 report, followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

Published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the rankings are based on people’s assessments of their well-being in Gallup World Poll surveys. The top nations, the report says, “tend to have high values for all six of the key variables that have been found to support well-being: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.”

Check out the top 18 of the 156 countries below — and see where the United States turns up.

Read the rest here: https://nwsdy.li/2PvqFUy

Now you can download the report too (just click below): 

2018 world happiness report

come to your senses alan watts

Alan Watts Comments on Dreams (3 minutes 30 seconds).



The Smallest Moments Mean The Most

Written by Mitch Santell

Today was one of those fantastic days where it all went wrong, and it all went perfectly. Today felt like a long week. Have you had days like that? There is a flow to life if you can tune into it. Every day I still see the good and kindness in people. The ones I mainly respect can move through the world without a “chip on their shoulder.”

You do not see the world the way the world is, you see the world the way “you are.”

Yesterday as I was driving around my local town running errands I noticed that my wife’s van was barely starting over each time I turned on the engine. I did not know if it was the battery or the alternator. One of those errands included making a simple deposit at my bank.

As always, I make it a point to be kind to people I meet in public. Kindness is my style, and I have been this way my whole life. With each person I met at my bank branch I smiled warmly and just went about my business.

the word can't
Respect yourself first and stop acting like a victim!

When I returned to the van and tried to leave, the car was dead. One of the young men I had smiled at immediately offered to give me a jump-start. Grabbing a jumper cable out of the trunk of his car, a woman in a brand new Lexus SUV starts to pull into the parking spot between our vehicles.

Quickly and quietly motioning to her, I motioned for her to roll her window down but she refused. Again, I smiled and mouthed as best I could “to please move over to another parking spot so I can start my van.” You could tell she was upset and my feeling was it had nothing to do with me.  My kindness helped me move past her anger and allowed me to start my vehicle.

The young man kindly helped me start my van. Afterward, as a small way of thanking him, I handed him a 20 dollar bill. He smiled, seemed very grateful and went on with his day.

By nature, I always look at how to accomplish the most with the fewest steps. Later this same day, I had to purchase a brand new battery. While I never told my wife of the incident that happened earlier in the day, the man who sold us a new vehicle battery and installed it did so with a smile on his face and a happy heart.

small moments
Small Moments Mean The Most

Most people will show you their best self when you show your best self. When they can’t show their best self, be the bigger person and be kind because it is the right thing to do.

My take? Be kind, stop acting like a victim and be the best version of yourself!

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