Living In Faith ~ Invisible Energy

Something To Think About By Mitch Santell

I found this on the internet and wanted to share it with you my kind readers and followers:

Invisible Energy

“Just because you cant see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

There is invisible energy you cant see such as the wind.

You can only see the effect of the wind, but you cant see the wind.

The wind is a invisible energy.

There’s a invisible energy that you use when you use a remote control to control your tv. Or think about how your phone works, how is it that you can talk to someone thousands off miles away, because there is invisible energy that you could only see the effects of this invisible force and so it is with consciousness a invisible energy that exists.”

The Power Of Gratitude

Life Is Amazing by Mitch Santell

Living in gratitude may be the single best way to keep your life grounded. Happiness is a decision that you make in your life. No one can give this to you. Ever meet a person who is simply miserable? There may be a way to help by being kind to them, or you may be stuck with the blow back of their own misery.

For me this Thanksgiving? I am Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.
My heart and prayers go out to those who are alone this Thanksgiving Holiday. 
Gratitude and Love

5 Things To Quit

Hat Tip To Ricky Ray

5 things to QUIT….

1. Trying to please everyone.

2. Fearing change.

3. Living in the past.

4. Putting yourself down.

5. Overthinking.



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Ladies, How To Look Rich When Your Not

Perception Is Reality By Mitch Santell

Natalie Wood in the middle, Jane Fonda on the right. Who is on the left?


Nothing says success like a good handbag. It doesn’t matter how corporate or casual you are, an expensive-looking bag will always pull your look together. And nothing looks more expensive than a classic structured handbag. For many women, a handbag is more accessory than necessity. But if there is one investment every woman should make, it should be a good handbag. It doesn’t have to be a big-name brand or luxury label, it just has to be structured, made of leather and be plain … very, very plain. Simple but elegant.

2: WEAR HEELS (when necessary)
My grandmother always used to say that “we spend a third of our lives in bed and two-thirds on our feet, so it is essential to wear good shoes”. Shoes can make or break an outfit. Stilettos or high heels are a necessary evil, but they elongate the leg and will make any outfit look rich and expensive, even jeans. High heels also force you to throw your shoulders back and walk tall and more elegantly. But heel and toe shapes date more quickly than anything else, so if you must buy one item every season, make it a pair of on-trend shoes. And where possible wear all-leather shoes. Tip: Make sure your shoes are also unscuffed, reheeled and polished.

Navy is the colour of old money, private schools and the upper classes. It spells sophistication and elegance, particularly when worn with jeans or neutrals such as nude or white. But don’t just stop at the jacket. Navy is the epitome of European chic.

OK, so this is not about what to wear but how to wear it. It’s an old trend that is back in vogue and won’t cost a thing! In warmer weather or if indoors, drape a cardigan instead. It looks sophisticated and oh-so grown up. Tip: Up the style factor and carry a clutch bag.

An oversized trench, cashmere coat or even a fur coat, especially when belted with no other clothing visible, gives the illusion that you are wearing nothing but designer underwear, expensive jewellery and an exotic perfume. Confident and sexy!

Read the rest here:

Elizabeth Taylor, a true classic.

Life Outside Your Comfort Zone…

The ability to take risk is in all of us. I am willing to take risk all the time just because I experience a world that has substantially changed.

The fundamental pillars of society are falling away and leading to a new culture that so many cannot put their finger on.

There has never been a better time to spread your wings and try something new. May this blog posting inspire you as much as it did me!


In my previous two post on comfort zone we discussed on disadvantages of comfort zone and how can we come out of comfort zone… Have a look at those post if you have not yet read…

Comfort Zone is a danger zone…

How to come out of comfort zone…

So now let’s analyze the advantages of coming out of the comfort zone:

More adaptive to change: Once you leave your comfort zone, you will become more adaptive to change and moreover you will yourself start bringing the change.

More Creative: Since now you are no more in comfort zone, your thinking pattern will change as now there won’t be any boundaries or limitation in your thinking. You will become more creative in thinking and approaching towards things in your life.

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Netflix, Look Away In 5 Seconds

This just in by Mitch Santell

Many years ago a dear friend of mine in the movie business told me that Ben Stiller paid extra money not to have anyone look at him while on a movie set. While I thought this was a bit extreme, I think Netflix has set a whole new standard.

netflix yes

The new sexual harassment policy started by Netflix is a bit overboard. It all boils down to this when you are in production you have 5 seconds to look away; otherwise, a charge of “sexual harassment” can be filed against you by management.

Check out more here:

charlie chaplin 1
Life Used To Be So Much Easier Back in the Day!

As part of an effort to further the goals of the #MeToo movement and enforce more stringent sexual harassment guidelines in the workplace, Netflix has independently implemented a series of feminism-inspired rules for some of their employees who work on shows like “Black Mirror” in the United Kingdom.

Among the most bizarre of these new rules is Netflix’s directive to film crew members that they should never “look at anyone for longer than five seconds.” This appears to be an attempt to stop all flirting in the workplace, and to be fair, it is quite hard to imagine how sexual harassment could take place at Netflix in the absence of normal social interactions where people look at each other while having conversations that last longer than five seconds.

Even more here:

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Thought Of The Day

Guest Posting by Ricky Ray

Maze 1

People have ALL been born into a Maze of deception with countless alternative corridors, rooms, dead ends to walk into, trapped like Theseus in the “Labyrinth” of Minos; to face the Minotaur or his own Shadow Self confused, stifled, paranoid, fears kept private but NO escape.

And in this time, we are still engendering new Myths and Cultural Icons. Our Hercules, however, is a TV Wrestling Star on steroids. Our Aphrodite is a fake Reality TV Star. We have a “Mad Max” Apocalypse Culture emerging, glorifying images of savagery and death this 2018 CE.

Social Media Hell 2018

Will it continue to be as ever in history that violent Myths and Religions will re-emerge and that the “Gods” of the Vanquished will become as always the Devils of the Victors?

This repeating History is too time worn and too dangerous for this Earth to bear in these times. Maybe we should ALL grow up at last, NOW. This IS the REAL “Childhood’s End” for Planet Earth. We as a Race-Collective, are at the brink of a new Renaissance, or the worst Dark Age in recorded History. We NOW have the technology to make the Earth a Garden of Delight or a burnt Charnel Field. This IS a Decision that must be decided upon Globally by the PEOPLE and NOT left in the corrupt murdering hands of the Religious/Political Ruling Hegemony as in Times past.

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Avoid Dream Stealers

Observations by a Producer named Mitch Santell

There are people that you will meet along your path who are so cynical that you can feel it reeking off of their shoulders. These are “psychic vampires” and “Dream Stealers.” There is a great way to get them diverted and away from you. The answer is to listen to what their dream is and start sending resources to them. Another strategy is to kill them off with sympathy. Toxic people can’t stand kindness and will attempt to make you question yourself. Whatever you do, don’t fall into their trap.


Are you clinically depressed? Are you suicidal? Do you have suicidal thoughts? If the answer is no you are a fortunate person. As soon as you are done reading this blog posting, you need to go out and get yourself hot cocoa with marshmallows, or a root beer float or a chocolate Sunday.

big fall

My Mother suffered from clinical depression her whole life and had numerous situations that would trigger her.

Unless you suffer from depression, there is no way that you can’t go out and make something positive happen in your life.

We were built for struggle!

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Taking Back Your Power

Happy Writing by Mitch Santell

There appears to be a lot of Americans in 2018 who are mentally, spiritually and emotionally ready to step away from the “victim mentality,” that has been so common over the past eight years and are now willing to take responsibility for their actions and their life.

Our society needs this trend. The shift is significant because it creates an environment of creativity, action and positive change.

Jen Trinque is a certified life coach and author. She loves helping her clients change their lives by changing their thoughts. According to Jen Trinque, she suggests the following:

Here are the steps I suggest taking:

1. Identify the people in your life from which you suck energy. Examples are people you try to get to praise you, give you words of love, compliments, sympathy, etc. Let me say again, it’s great to have a supportive web of friends and family, but there is a certain feeling of ickiness when you’re manipulating others to get something from them in order to make yourself feel better.

2. Start taking note of the exchanges where you’re creating or changing the energy in order to get something from another person to boost your own ego.

3. While you continue to note examples of you giving away your power, the power to feel good, to other people, start making a change. Do this by creating lists daily of why you are wonderful, lovable, and worthy. Picture yourself enveloped in a beautiful cloud, or a big, shimmery bubble, from which only love can enter and exit. Protect yourself from other people’s words and attitudes; this only leads to unhappiness leaking into your life.

4. Make the shift, permanently. Honor yourself and the power you have over your own feelings of self-worth. If your dad doesn’t tell you you’re the best or if your boyfriend doesn’t tell you you’re beautiful, tell yourself. You’re the only one who has to know it or believe it, anyways. Do not stop making lists of how wonderful you are or keeping up your protective bubble any time in the foreseeable future. You need to start taking care of you.

We have amazing power we aren’t even aware of. Often from the time we’re young we’re taught to reach to others to feel better. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, when you’re filling yourself up with love and goodness, you can’t help but attract even more love into your life! Start taking back your power today!

You have to be willing to make these changes now otherwise a lot of energy vampires are going to steal your dreams, soul, and passion. Taking positive action is about stepping away from bad energy vampires.

When I meet people I want to work with I have to make an assessment right away as to if they are a psychic vampire which is the following:

Energy vampires drain positive energy in many ways, such as:

* Intruding on your life, ignoring boundaries and privacy (energy vampires don’t think of you).

* Making big deals out of nothing. Energy vampires are often called “drama queens” because they can easily turn a broken nail into a Shakespearean tragedy.

Negative energy spreads from everyday events.

* Complaining constantly about their partners, jobs, children, bad luck, and illnesses. Energy vampires like to vent.

* Criticizing your hair, appearance, job, children, partner, friends, and pets (energy vampires aren’t positive).

* Not taking “no” for an answer. Energy vampires don’t consider your needs.

* Being unrelentingly negative. Their negative energy is relentless, and energy vampires drain your positive energy by encouraging you to be negative, too.

* Blaming everyone else for their problems (energy vampires don’t take responsibility).

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