California’s New Lockdown 11/16

A Commentary On What We Knew Was Coming by Mitch Santell (FYI: I had to repost this with a small revision. Thanks). Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, has successfully announced a new round of lockdowns for our State on the West Coast of America. Here was the County Statistics for California two weeks ago: Now … Continue reading California’s New Lockdown 11/16

This Is A War Of Life Or Death

A Guest Posting by DC Coach Today, America has reached a crossroad in its history. The country must choose between the former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump as the next president. If America elects Biden, Washington will return to the old path of political operations. That means America formally accepts the full … Continue reading This Is A War Of Life Or Death

Trump Continues To Push Forward

A Commentary On The Obvious Truth by Mitch Santell Trump is not perfect, and yet he is our best hope. If you have not seen this, here is the video that President Trump placed on YouTube placed there by the White House as an archive. Question? Why did the President Do This? Answer: He believes that the … Continue reading Trump Continues To Push Forward

Gavin Newsom’s California

A Commentary From Bizarro California by Mitch Santell There is nothing more precious than Gavin Newsom's California. It is dystopian here, with more residents harassed whenever they don't wear their face masks in public! There is no where to run or hide. The churches are closed. You can't go sing in church. You can't attend … Continue reading Gavin Newsom’s California

Now You Know ~ Take Off Your Mask ~ South Orange County

A Commentary Behind The Mask by Mitch Santell All hands are on deck here in South Orange County, California. Check out what is happening. Yes, I said yes! Peggy Hall is on the front line here in South Orange County and is fighting for our children and grandchildren here in California. Usually, Peggy Hall is … Continue reading Now You Know ~ Take Off Your Mask ~ South Orange County

Christians Arrested In Moscow

A Commentary On How It Is by Mitch Santell Not only are Americans being arrested for not wearing a mask, so are people in Moscow. So, three of my friends got arrested last night and charged with misdemeanors for not social distancing while maskless in public (outside City Hall). Here's the whole story from my … Continue reading Christians Arrested In Moscow

California & Oregon DEW Kill Off

A Commentary For Those Who Are Awake by Mitch Santell It is sad to report that behind the curtain, the evildoers in this world are using DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) to burn out specific parts of Northern California and Oregon. This video was captured by Dutchsince, a popular YouTube Channel last night. Here is his … Continue reading California & Oregon DEW Kill Off

New Jersey Gym Fighting NWO

A Commentary Worth Writing by Mitch Santell Here in Orange County, California, small and medium-sized business owners find ways to help each other and stay open. On the East Coast, especially in New Jersey and New York, entrepreneurs have to get creative. Please check out Tim Cast at: Embattled Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith … Continue reading New Jersey Gym Fighting NWO