California’s New Lockdown 11/16

A Commentary On What We Knew Was Coming by Mitch Santell (FYI: I had to repost this with a small revision. Thanks). Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, has successfully announced a new round of lockdowns for our State on the West Coast of America. Here was the County Statistics for California two weeks ago: Now … Continue reading California’s New Lockdown 11/16

Baseball & Songbird ~ Perfect Predictive Programming

A Commentary On Hollywood's Mind Control Machine by Mitch Santell If you are wondering why you don't believe in Hollywood anymore, I will tell you why. The New World Order doesn't need bread and circuses anymore. Have you been to a baseball game since the Covid-19 lock-down? The most common complaint is that there is … Continue reading Baseball & Songbird ~ Perfect Predictive Programming

This Is A War Of Life Or Death

A Guest Posting by DC Coach Today, America has reached a crossroad in its history. The country must choose between the former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump as the next president. If America elects Biden, Washington will return to the old path of political operations. That means America formally accepts the full … Continue reading This Is A War Of Life Or Death

Joe Biden’s Campaign Is Over

A Commentary On The Obvious by Mitch Santell It is now apparent to me on this cold October morning here in South Orange County, California, that while the fires are still burning out of control here in Silverlake and Lake Forest, Joe Biden's Campaign is over. Don't believe me? Since 95% of my readers are … Continue reading Joe Biden’s Campaign Is Over

Canadian Universal Income To Be Launched in 2021 ~ It is not what you think!

A Commentary For Those Awake And for Those Who Wish To Wake Other People Up By Mitch Santell This may be the single most important video that you watch before the end of 2020. If you think this lockdown so far has been bad, you ain't seen nothing yet!! Be ready!! Ride the Wave! Here … Continue reading Canadian Universal Income To Be Launched in 2021 ~ It is not what you think!