Orange County California Is Awake

A Commentary On The Awakening of Orange County, California by Mitch Santell The times are getting exciting as both the city of Dana Point along with Huntington Beach have had enough of the "Covid-19 Pandemic" which most of us now call a "Plan-demic." For those of us who are local to Southern California, we depend … Continue reading Orange County California Is Awake

America, A Lost Empire

  A Commentary On Permanent Change by Mitch Santell It can now be disclosed that events globally are now entirely rogue. It is only a matter of time before more systems start to fail. News cycles no longer exist globally as all news is instantaneous from multiple sources, each pontificating their point of view. What … Continue reading America, A Lost Empire

WHO, CDC & Bill Gates Now In Control

A Commentary For Those Who Are Awake by Mitch Santell First, you need to watch what The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation did to eliminate the Corona Virus, often referred to as Covid-19. The World Health Organization is an Agency of the United Nations. It is a real trip sitting here in my home office … Continue reading WHO, CDC & Bill Gates Now In Control

CoronaVirus Is A Front For The Global Reset of the Dollar

A Commentary On Our Global Reset & US Dollar Collapse by Mitch Santell The craziness that you witnessed today in the financial markets has been planned for over 100 years. The Powers That Be, the Global Elite, the 1% love what is happening! They are laughing their asses off. Question: Why are they doing this? … Continue reading CoronaVirus Is A Front For The Global Reset of the Dollar