My Observations Of Trump

A Commentary I didn't Write & Agree With By Mitch Santell You see Trump’s arrogance, I see Trump’s confidence. You see Trump’s nationalism, I see Trump’s patriotism. You hear Trump’s unsophisticated words, I hear Trump’s honesty. You see Trump’s racism, I see Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their … Continue reading My Observations Of Trump

China Quarantine of 11 Million People

A Commentary For the Health Minded by Mitch Santell It would seem that we have a bit of a problem with the Corona Virus. China has had to Quarantine 11 Million People, and the CDC (Center's For Death Control) are going to have to decide if there is an emergency to be declared. Health officials … Continue reading China Quarantine of 11 Million People

1776 Is Now 2019

America is under attack from the Crown. The same one we fought in 1776. Wake up! ~ Dean Henderson The Rothschild City of London depopulation-obsessed Nazi inbreds have run into some headwinds this past year with regard to their active denial 5G full spectrum dominance all-seeing eye scheme. Having played their Trump card via the … Continue reading 1776 Is Now 2019

2019 ~ Global Weather Out of Control

Commentary On Our Ecological Collapse by Mitch Santell The evidence is now right in front of us. All of the Geo-Engineering Spraying that is going on Globally has permanently changed our Weather Systems. If the people doing this would stop, then our planet would have time to reset herself. Please invest the time needed to … Continue reading 2019 ~ Global Weather Out of Control

L.A. County Has 1 Million Undocumented

Reflections On The Invasion of America by Mitch Santell There are independent truth seekers all over California who are doing their best to get the truth out. Watching the takeover of Los Angeles is not a fun thing for me as a 3rd Generation California.  What would you do if these people attended your local … Continue reading L.A. County Has 1 Million Undocumented