Mercury In Retrograde

A Commentary On Staying In Action When Communications Fail by Mitch Santell Three times each year Mecury Goes Into Retrograde which sincerely affects communications. Not only does it affect communications, but you may also experience a break down of appliances, recording gear, emails, and software you are wanting to install. For me, Mercury In Retrograde … Continue reading Mercury In Retrograde

California Law Kills Freelance Journalism

A Commentary For Those Who Remember Freedom Of The Press  by Mitch Santell The truther community has always relied on independent researchers who are passionate about their subject and write about it often. Within this community, many of these researchers pay their bills by writing "freelance" articles to make up the gap. One of my favorite … Continue reading California Law Kills Freelance Journalism

Have You Had Too Much To Think?

Commentary On Distractions by Mitch Santell Happy Thursday dear readers and followers. First, thank you for being here. Second, can you believe how crazy things are getting? Third, do you have a plan? There is something out there that is called:  “The Truther Movement.” While many will try to convince you that this movement was … Continue reading Have You Had Too Much To Think?

Kevin Spacey Appears In Court Today

In The What Do You Think Will Happen Department by Mitch Santell Kevin Spacey appeared in court today in regards to a Sexual Assault charge. The outcome of Kevin Spacey's trial I believe will play a significant role in how Hollywood deals with the power of celebrities. From my perspective as a documentary filmmaker, producer … Continue reading Kevin Spacey Appears In Court Today

America, Pelosi Vs. Trump vs. Borders

In The You Can't Make This Stuff Up Department by Mitch Santell First, some comments from Nancy Pelosi, who was just re-elected as Speaker Of The House about NSA, Metadata, and Surveillance. Sorry, Ms. Pelosi doesn't talk right. What do I think? It's called dementia. Nancy has stage 2 dementia and when it hits stage … Continue reading America, Pelosi Vs. Trump vs. Borders

Ladies, How To Look Rich When Your Not

Perception Is Reality By Mitch Santell HERE’S HOW TO LOOK RICH WHEN YOU’RE NOT 1: CARRY A STRUCTURED HANDBAG Nothing says success like a good handbag. It doesn’t matter how corporate or casual you are, an expensive-looking bag will always pull your look together. And nothing looks more expensive than a classic structured handbag. For many … Continue reading Ladies, How To Look Rich When Your Not