The New World Order Is Here

A Commentary On Enjoying A Dystopian World by Mitch Santell

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Did you ever notice how, when you want to log into a web site, a verification number is sent to your smartphone? The Powers That Be Will Claim That this is for your protection. It is not. This all has to do with the constant verification of who you are.

Even with your bank, ever notice how they make you sign twice?

Even when you go to CVS pharmacy to fill your prescription, you have to sign twice.

real id california

New Jersey is pushing the Real ID Act that was passed back in 2005 during the George W. Bush Administration.

We have the same thing going on in California.

You have the State of Virginia fighting to keep their second amendment rights.

Now I see that the homeless problem here in Los Angeles is only going to get worse.

Homeless downtown LA 2019

For communities across the West hoping to gain some legal leeway to deal differently with homeless people sleeping on their streets, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt them a setback that, at least for now, maintains the status quo.

The high court declined to hear a landmark case on homelessness, letting stand a ruling that amounts to a broad curb on police powers in nine Western states, including California, to stop people from sleeping on public property if no other shelter is available.

Dozens of other local governments, including the city and county of Los Angeles, had urged the court to hear a challenge to Martin vs. City of Boise, in part to clarify how best to comply with it. But the justices, without comment or a dissent, said that they would not.

Here’s what that means for Los Angeles and the rest of California.

Read more here:

Homeless 3

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America, Pelosi Vs. Trump vs. Borders

In The You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department by Mitch Santell

First, some comments from Nancy Pelosi, who was just re-elected as Speaker Of The House about NSA, Metadata, and Surveillance. Sorry, Ms. Pelosi doesn’t talk right. What do I think? It’s called dementia. Nancy has stage 2 dementia and when it hits stage 3, that will be like Alzheimer’s stage 1. Plus, Nancy is a total globalist. Cheers mate!

Now  for a few words from President Trump in regards to new jobs just created.

Want a bigger understanding of why we need to protect our borders? Here is former Police Officer Mike Ruppert (RIP) disclosing in front of the CIA director in 1996 his observations of drug trafficking across the borders.

The level of corruption coming out of the U.S. Government is pretty bad right now as Trump battles both the Elites and the Federal Reserve which is neither Federal nor a Reserve.

Trump supporters want the wall. The country is divided. All we can do is pray, store some food and water and appreciate living in a 1st world country.

Please don’t take life too seriously okay? It is not like we are all transgender okay? LOL


Today Is The First Day​​

Reflections on the first day of 2019 by Mitch Santell

Here you are, and here we are in 2019. It is the first day of the new year, and I must tell you what an amazing and transitional time this is. AfterHollywood.Online started as an idea on a napkin in December of 2017 and was launched here at WordPress back in January of 2018. If you have followed me here at AfterHollywood.Online for a while now, you know that I cover a wide variety of topics.


Yes, I come from a famous old-school Hollywood family. We originally immigrated from Poland to New York in 1899, ended up moving to San Francisco in 1900 where my Grandfather, Martin Santell was born followed by the 1906 Earthquake which forced both my Grandfather and my Great Uncle Alfred Santell to re-locate from San Francisco down to Santa Monica California. Now, I am not a famous person. However, I have worked with a lot of famous people which keeps me humble and also has allowed me to live a much happier life than those I have either produced, raised capital or provided strategy for.

Thank you so much for reading this blog and a special thank you to all my readers and followers.

AfterHollywood.Online has been a labor of love, a beautiful place to vent and a safe place to explore new ideas. Think about how the internet has changed and shifted. New Year’s Eve was a trip because my wife was able to call a close dear girlfriend of her’s who lives in Greece right now. The call was made on a cheap smartphone and worked as promised.

I’ll be renewing my domain name and this blog in the next a few days. There is a real obsession that I have with the interface of the software that runs AfterHollywood.Online

Right now I am on WordPress. There is a reasonable probability that I’ll stay with WordPress for the next year. The biggest challenge I have with the blog is in two areas.

The first area is WordPress’s new editor. The bottom line for me? I Don’t like it. It interferes with my writing, I have to convert formatted text to plain text and then pop it in here.

WordPress is a powerful blogging system, and there are many companies out there that use it for substantial commercial websites. 

As long as I can continue to use WordPress’s classic editor, I’ll keep posting. Please note that I openly invite any of you out there who use WordPress to email me directly at mitch at afterhollywood dot online with your own insights on the new editor.

Now, since I’ll be looking at other platforms while I continue to blog here, I’ll share with you my ideas here.

The second area for me right now is social media. With such mixed feelings about it, I’ll have to see how social media plays out for me in 2019. FaceBook? Oh yeah, I dumped that service in 2018. While I continue here at WordPress, re-post on Linked-In and push through my postings on Twitter, I actually think there is more we can do through direct contact.

Over at my streaming radio station, Big Reggae Mix, we continue to push our social media feed because we are a music station and in that situation, you need social media. Let me know how things go for you this year with all of these transformational changes.

What is my take on all of this? The only thing that will remain constant in 2019 is change.

We speak into reality what we wish to create so remember the weight of the words you use this year.

Peace. Shalom. Love. Gratitude, Blessed. Ready, set, it’s here!

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10 Rules of Self Discipline ~ Napoleon Hill

Something To Think About By Mitch Santell

self dicipline

1. Keep cool while others go hot.

2. Three sides to all arguments.

3. Don’t give directives to a subordinate when you are angry.

4. Treat all people like you would treat yourself.

5. Look for the seed of an equivalent benefit in every unpleasant circumstance which you are in.

6. Learn to ask questions and listen to the answer (How do you know?)

7. Never say or do anything before thinking if it will benefit someone or hurt them.

8. Learn the difference between friendly analysis and unfriendly criticisms.

9. Remember that a good leader is one that can take orders as cheerfully as he gives them

10. Tolerance

how you do anything

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