Trump Continues To Push Forward

A Commentary On The Obvious Truth by Mitch Santell Trump is not perfect, and yet he is our best hope. If you have not seen this, here is the video that President Trump placed on YouTube placed there by the White House as an archive. Question? Why did the President Do This? Answer: He believes that the … Continue reading Trump Continues To Push Forward

Canadian Universal Income To Be Launched in 2021 ~ It is not what you think!

A Commentary For Those Awake And for Those Who Wish To Wake Other People Up By Mitch Santell This may be the single most important video that you watch before the end of 2020. If you think this lockdown so far has been bad, you ain't seen nothing yet!! Be ready!! Ride the Wave! Here … Continue reading Canadian Universal Income To Be Launched in 2021 ~ It is not what you think!

Gavin Newsom’s California 2020

A Commentary That You Will Get As Soon As You Watch The Video by Mitch Santell The passion and vision that Governor Gavin Newsom has for California is Dystopian. Look at the new rules that Governor Newsom now has in place. Will you take the bate and stay home, or will you celebrate Thanksgiving? Suppose … Continue reading Gavin Newsom’s California 2020

Facebook Shut Down Advance NZ During Live Stream

A Commentary On New Zealand Fighting For Survival by Mitch Santell New Zealand is the canary in the coal mine. Please watch Billy Te Kahika share what is happening with the fastest growing political party in New Zealand. A Special Thank you to my dear friend Tim Lynch from New Zealand who brought this story … Continue reading Facebook Shut Down Advance NZ During Live Stream

2020 ~ A Strange Election Year

A Commentary From Inside Of What Is Left of California by Mitch Santell 2020 is a bizarre election year, which means you are going to have to think for yourself. Do not get caught up in the left-wing, right-wing debate. Both political parties are in bed with each other. How you vote this year will … Continue reading 2020 ~ A Strange Election Year

Gavin Newsom’s California

A Commentary From Bizarro California by Mitch Santell There is nothing more precious than Gavin Newsom's California. It is dystopian here, with more residents harassed whenever they don't wear their face masks in public! There is no where to run or hide. The churches are closed. You can't go sing in church. You can't attend … Continue reading Gavin Newsom’s California

New Zealand Fighting TPP & NWO

A Commentary About New Zealand remaining New Zealand by Mitch Santell This political party is taking New Zealand on the home front to fight against the Global takeover of New Zealand. (The reason the county is on lockdown is not because of Covid-19, it is because of the TPP ~ (Transpacific Partnership which President Trump … Continue reading New Zealand Fighting TPP & NWO

Now You Know ~ Take Off Your Mask ~ South Orange County

A Commentary Behind The Mask by Mitch Santell All hands are on deck here in South Orange County, California. Check out what is happening. Yes, I said yes! Peggy Hall is on the front line here in South Orange County and is fighting for our children and grandchildren here in California. Usually, Peggy Hall is … Continue reading Now You Know ~ Take Off Your Mask ~ South Orange County

Christians Arrested In Moscow

A Commentary On How It Is by Mitch Santell Not only are Americans being arrested for not wearing a mask, so are people in Moscow. So, three of my friends got arrested last night and charged with misdemeanors for not social distancing while maskless in public (outside City Hall). Here's the whole story from my … Continue reading Christians Arrested In Moscow