Baseball & Songbird ~ Perfect Predictive Programming

A Commentary On Hollywood’s Mind Control Machine by Mitch Santell

aaa fake baseball

If you are wondering why you don’t believe in Hollywood anymore, I will tell you why.

The New World Order doesn’t need bread and circuses anymore.

Have you been to a baseball game since the Covid-19 lock-down?

The most common complaint is that there is no audience there. It is all fake.

Are you tired of dealing with Mask-Debates? Well, thanks to the miracle of predictive programming, Hollywood is ready to make you even more paranoid about Covid! Never let a good crisis go to waste.

This is the how the process of predictive programming works

1. Desensitize (exposure)
2. Repetition (conditioning)
3. Multiple platforms to convey the messages (music, fashion, novels etc)
4. Slowly and systematically the concepts are normalized (successful conditioning)
5. People accept the changes as normal and natural (desired outcome)

Desensitize – Expose the public through movies to a new idea or concept for example humans and robots merging. As its fiction so people won’t oppose any such suggestion, and consider it as simple fantasy. With movies you can show the public any bizarre, absurd, twisted content because it’s all fake after all. People don’t react strongly and watch it as their censors are down. They aren’t judging anything, duped into thinking it’s just harmless entertainment. Desensitization means the state of shock and anxiety have been resolved. People would no longer feel or see the change as awkward, surreal, bizarre, absurd, disgusting and instead would become used to it and accustomed. They would no longer feel disturbed or uneasy. Also too much investigation won’t be carried out by average man as he would form preconceived ideas and beliefs. In fact he would be leaning to think in favour of the changes.

Repetition – Repetition starts to hard wire the concept in the public mind. Somehow creating a permanent place in the subconscious mind. Repetition means conditioning, more and more movies show the same things again and again. The public mind is inundated with the underlying concept for decades. (for ex Transhumanism).

Why they succeed

As people think movies are all about entertainment for viewers and money for producers, they never stop watching them, people never suspect that movies can be used to program them. If the Nazi party manufactured or financed a movie, people would boycott it or would watch it with skepticism, people don’t think the same way regarding Hollywood movies because they believe they are created without any agenda and purely for entertainment reasons, contrary to the popular belief, Hollywood movies have been from their very inception used as  vehicles of propaganda and tons of information is out there that clearly documents the connection that the CIA and Pentagon have with Hollywood movie makers.

Read more here:

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