Facebook Shut Down Advance NZ During Live Stream

A Commentary On New Zealand Fighting For Survival by Mitch Santell

facebook coke

New Zealand is the canary in the coal mine. Please watch Billy Te Kahika share what is happening with the fastest growing political party in New Zealand.


A Special Thank you to my dear friend Tim Lynch from New Zealand who brought this story to my attention early this morning. The chip in your EFPOS or Debit Card was tested in New Zealand. It is all tested there. Now look at what Russia today had to say:

In a statement, Te Kahika denounced Facebook for “election interference” and argued that his party has been “bravely questioning the government’s approach to Covid-19.” 

The party’s platform includes a list of coronavirus-related issues, including staunch opposition to mandatory vaccination, and calling for the creation of a medical advisory board that is independent of the World Health Organization (WHO).  

This isn’t Advance NZ’s first run-in with Facebook. Last month, the platform removed a video posted by the party, following complaints that the clip wrongly accused the New Zealand government of legislating for forced vaccination. 

Read the rest here: https://www.rt.com/news/503545-new-zealand-fb-removed-coronavirus/

Please excuse the bad language on the graphic below. I visited the Instagram page for Advance NZ and Billy Te Kahika and here is what I found:

New Zeawland Party Instagram Billy Te Kahika
Billy Te Kahika, shut down and boganlennon wrote on Instagram That He Shut Them Down!

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