2020 ~ A Strange Election Year

A Commentary From Inside Of What Is Left of California by Mitch Santell

2020 is a bizarre election year, which means you are going to have to think for yourself.

Barricade You Tube

Do not get caught up in the left-wing, right-wing debate. Both political parties are in bed with each other. How you vote this year will determine if we remain a Constitutional Republic.

My observation this year is that the country shown on TV is not real.

What is real is this:

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness continue to be suspended here in the United States.

You can’t go to a Baseball game at Dodger Stadium and get a Soda and a Hot Dog.

Please think of how all of this has traumatized our kids.

So in my simple commentary, I will point out a couple of things that are happening behind the scenes.

Trump will win by a landslide, even though it will take several weeks to determine the outcome.

Can I prove this, here is a clip from Right Side Broadcasting, the only independent media company showing Back to Back Coverage of all of Trump’s Rallies.

Right Side Broadcasting YouTube


Now look at the magic and power that is Joe Biden!

Things will continue to get even more bizarre as more and more weird stuff comes out about Joe Biden’s Political Career. Now why do I keep going back to the election? Answer: You have to look, listen and research what is happening in Canada.

You are watching in real time the global reset of the world covered up by Covid-19. The lock-downs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand are horrific.

I was always a moderate Democrat during my life, and this was what the party was in the 1980s; that party is dead, buried, and gone! At least, Senator Diane Feinstein was cordial, respectful during the open hearing of Amy Coney Barrett. (We know Senator Feinstein isn’t perfect, she may have been in office too long, and yes, she did sell off a lot of stock before the miracle of Covid-19). LOL

Get ready for a wild ride! It is here!

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