Christians Arrested In Moscow

A Commentary On How It Is by Mitch Santell

Not only are Americans being arrested for not wearing a mask, so are people in Moscow.

So, three of my friends got arrested last night and charged with misdemeanors for not social distancing while maskless in public (outside City Hall). Here’s the whole story from my POV. If you’re a cop brother of mine, or if you’re a fellow Christian simply wondering “why make such a fuss, just put on the mask,” maybe this will help clear things up.
1) Monday evening, in a total sham meeting, the mayor and city council extend Moscow’s masking order till Jan 5. This, despite the lack of any emergency in Moscow or Latah county from the very beginning. You cannot create an emergency simply by declaring one. This is important.
2) Tuesday afternoon, I get the word that my church is organizing a “flash psalm sing” outside City Hall to peacefully protest the mask order. The first amendment protects our right to assemble. This, too, is important.
3) 4:40 Wednesday, I show up a few minutes early to City Hall and meet three early comers: Meredith Wilson, Chase Clift, and Abbie Adkerson. We’re laughing and chatting. Across the vast parking lot are painted colorful circles, each six feet apart, just for us. “I’m not standing on no circle,” I tell my friends.
4) A line of masked MPD officers are stationed outside City Hall, and two of them come over. “Are you with the sing thing?” one of them asks. We say: “Yes.” The cop goes on: “As long as you stand six feet apart on these circles, you’ll be fine, but if you don’t, we’re gonna have to write some citations, and I’d rather not do that.” “I’d rather you not do that either,” I say.
5) Close to 300 people show up. Moms with babies, dads with strollers, college students, business owners, single, married—all kinds of people. Some are casually social distancing, most are not. We have our hymnals and we’re full of good cheer. I march up to my roommate Kelsie Elmore and my friend and coworker Lindsey Doolan and say: “Come join me in the front lines.” I always stand in the front because otherwise I won’t see anything 😂 but this is also strategic. I don’t want to hide.
6) Right before we sing, my pastor announces to the crowd that MPD has said they will issue citations for anyone not six feet apart without a mask, and that if we don’t want that to happen, we are free to social distance.
7) We sing.
8) As soon as we begin, Gabriel Rench gets arrested. I see that he has been turned around with his hands behind his back, held by two cops, and my whole body floods with heat. My voice shakes. This just got real. We’re singing a 1628 setting of Psalm 20, a setting that has been sung by the Reformed church for nearly 400 years, and the original psalm for a couple millennia before that: “The Lord hear thee in troubled times. May Jacob’s God defend thee, and send out strength from Zion’s hill and from His sanctuary…” The words have never been more real.
9) I wonder whether I should back away from Lindsey. I have an excuse standing next to Kelsie; we’re roommates. I quit singing to tell Lindsey: “You’re not a coward if you step away from me.” She replies smartly: “Oh, I’ll go with Gabe.” She doesn’t move. Neither do I.
10) Two thoughts keep going through my head. ONE: My dad’s a pastor AND a lawyer—I’ll be fine! TWO: I am descended from French Huguenots. I cannot budge. If you flunk this small test, you’ll flunk everything for the rest of your life.
11) Then the cops go after Sean Bohnet. The crowd is thick and I can’t see much, but I can see they’re handcuffing him and I wonder how his wife is doing.
12) By now we’re singing Amazing Grace, and then the doxology. Hands raised high, I wonder if I should feel guilty at my own relief that it’s over, we’re done, and I’m okay. I pray silently: “If that’s cowardice, forgive me.”
13) I go straight through the scattering crowd to find and comfort Rachel Joy Bohnet. “Where’s Rachel?” I ask around. “Guys, where’s Rachel?” Someone says, “Oh, they got her too.” Sean and Rachel both! Two of the sweetest, gentlest Christians you’ll ever meet. I am filled with dismay that I didn’t notice the cops taking her away, or I would have followed and tried to say something encouraging.
14) I go to two or three cops still standing at attention outside City Hall. I recognize one of them from Niac Train. I ask him: “Do you remember me? We used to do CrossFit together.” The cop nods but looks embarrassed. I say straight up: “I love cops, I respect you guys, but this is shameful. You guys are all being cowards. God bless you, but you need to repent.”
15) I go towards the cop cars on the street where they are about to drive off with either Rachel or Sean—I can’t see which. Darren Doane is filming and waxing eloquent about this wrongdoing: “When BLM was here a couple months ago, they wanted you defunded! And we backed you up! We supported you! We defended you! Every one of us would take a bullet for any one of you.” “Amen,” I say, and walk away, because one guy shouting is enough.

Meanwhile, check out what just happened in New York:

More here:

Dr Scott Atlas

This all started because on March 11, 2020, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights were suspended with power being handed over to FEMA so you had better prey that Trump wins re-election because here is what we now know:

The Data Is in — Stop the Panic and End the Total Isolation.

He explained five facts that were already apparent a month after lockdowns started and some of which should have prevented anyone from ever even suggesting the heretofore unheard-of lunacy.

  • Fact 1:The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19.
  • Fact 2: Protecting the older, at-risk population would have been sufficient to prevent hospital overcrowding, (which it turns out was never a danger anyway).
  • Fact 3: Total isolation policies, if effective, PREVENT vital herd immunity and, hence, only PROLONG the problem.
  • Fact 4: People are dying because medical care for other ailments was shut down due to hypothetical COVID-19 fatality projections (that were produced by a guy with a history of massively inflated projections and, predictably, turned out to be total garbage).
  • Fact 5: We have a clearly defined population at risk who could’ve been better protected by adopting targeted measures.

In May, Dr. Atlas tried to get the word out that the useless untargeted measures inflicted on us instead are going to kill far more people than even the most exaggerated projections about the virus’s death toll used to con us into accepting them.

More here:

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