Australia, A Captured Lawless Land

A Commentary For Those Who Feel What Is Going On by Mitch Santell


Happy Saturday, dear readers and followers.

There is a deep peace that comes from knowing you are an American in Southern California living in America.

The divide here in America is out of control, and it is only out of control if you follow the mainstream media.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned about 2020 is this:

“Profits before Progress!” by Anonymous

You see, “The Powers That Be” won’t bring in the next “Police State NWO Order Mandate” until they have made as much money as they can off of the Baby Boomers, The Millenials, and The Z Generation.


You are about to hear another interview to get You up to speed on what is happening in Australia and especially as it relates to Australian Law.

As we come into this world every effort is made to separate the new life from being whole. In both law and health being whole is where each of us wants to be. No one wants sickness or slavery. The example of wholeness is shown us in nature where there is no lie and this example allows us to know the difference. Nearly all man-made synthetic systems serve to divide us in one way or another. Consider fractional reserve banking or for that matter fiat currency, allopathic medicine or politics. It is in these synthetic systems we assign value where no value exists. Our current struggle is at it ever was – a struggle for control of the human mind. Even what we consider normal, echoes this truth. The word government literally means to control the mind. The whole living being is a creator in this existence and that which is able to rise above the pitfalls of this place we call the world.


The purpose of bringing Australia under New World Order medical martial law has to do with the aggressive expansion of public/private partnerships.

Check it out here:

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