New Zealand Is Freaking Out!

A Commentary Based On New Zealand’s Total Lock Down by Mitch Santell

NewZealand_2020_OutputThe natives are very restless as New Zealand is waiting to see if there will be an election. A Country that is 7,000+ plus miles South of Los Angeles with less than 5 Million People are acting like there are 100 Million people there.

There is the bigger story!


In New Zealand they have no right to own a gun. In New Zealand their guns have already been taken from the Kiwi’s so it will be interesting to observe how many blunt instruments like macheties are in the country.


Nope, I don’t own a gun and I respect your right as an American to buy and own fire arms.

Everything that is done here in America is usually tested in other places!

The number one place to test stuff?

Answer: New Zealand!

First, Vinny Eastwood not just a credible but an incredible street smart Journalist in New Zealand shows the world what was really going on!

Second, here is the Prime Minister of New Zealand with the latest “restrictions” in a country that is a colony of England.

Third, we have shootings here in America including Portland.

The big question that is on my mind is this: Has the Civil War Started in August of 2020 or will it start after the election?

While a lot of Americans are looking at what is happening in the USA, I am sincerely looking at Americans that are overseas telling the truth because they can’t speak the truth here.

This is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who receives no real public support from the “Main Stream Media” in America and had to fly to Berlin to give this speech:

Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Now is the time to stay calm, take action and avoid the zombies. Love you all, Happy Wednesday 2020. 🙂

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