America’s Civil War~Now What?

A Commentary That Must Be Written by Mitch Santell

Police state 2020

Things are getting worse here in America as we remain under medical martial law. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is now over here in America. It is only a matter of time until the New World Order comes to your front door.

Here Is A Solid Indication Of The Riots That Are Spreading Across America in August, 2020.

Sadly, our higher education institutions are reinforcing this “intellectual cloning”.  And it doesn’t matter whether your son or daughter goes to Harvard, Stanford, Arizona State, or your local community college.  The so-called smart kids are just as easily indoctrinated, if not more so.

With respect to our freedom of speech, sure you can still say what you like.  But if the social media mob doesn’t like what you say, they will destroy you, your career, and your family.  In other words, our freedom of speech is being held hostage in exchange for self-preservation.  And if you dare defy them, this mob relishes (and will cheer on) your execution via Twitter.

Read more here:

Now check this out and I will have a link below:


It is a conspiracy you never heard about. Somehow, (no one will say how) the Dems had a law in place that made it illegal for elections to be audited. The law was so stark that even the RNC could be brought up on criminal charges for investigating election fraud, for an infraction as small as a poll worker asking for ID in a “blue state”. THAT is how Democrats got away with having illegals vote, the dead vote, and all the other crap. 2018 is the first time in 36 years the Dems will face an election where them stealing it can be studied and prosecuted. And when they lose, rather than say the real reason – they can’t get away with fraud anymore, – they’ll claim they lost because of the Russians.

The report, with all the details follows below. California was never a blue state, and rather than lose the whole deal Dems wanted to split California up when this law was un-done in January 2018 by none other than an Obama appointed judge.

What could keep such a law out of the MSM, with the RNC being silent about it also for 36 years? Blackmail? WHO was blackmailed to stay shut up about this, and let it happen?

This is all real folks, here is the report:

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