America’s Civil War~Now What?

A Commentary That Must Be Written by Mitch Santell Things are getting worse here in America as we remain under medical martial law. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is now over here in America. It is only a matter of time until the New World Order comes to your front door. Here … Continue reading America’s Civil War~Now What?

Trump Part Of The Deception Now

Commentary by Mitch Santell The strangest thing of all that is happening is that President Trump is playing a massive role in the deception. When a society shifts from 1 in 50,000 children with autism to 1 in 40, you know our kids are in trouble. (Here is the article: ). Question: Why did … Continue reading Trump Part Of The Deception Now

New Jersey Gym Fighting NWO

A Commentary Worth Writing by Mitch Santell Here in Orange County, California, small and medium-sized business owners find ways to help each other and stay open. On the East Coast, especially in New Jersey and New York, entrepreneurs have to get creative. Please check out Tim Cast at: Embattled Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith … Continue reading New Jersey Gym Fighting NWO

A Global War On Happiness

A Commentary For Those That Can Still Think by Mitch Santell The majority of humanity is now what I believe to be under a global hypnotic spell. It is getting more dystopian here in Orange County, California, and a more significant divide between those going along with the "plan-demic," and those who are willing to … Continue reading A Global War On Happiness

August 13, 2020, ~ Our DNA Is Changing

Observations Sent To Me By Mitch Santell Deep within the Truther Community, a Remnant of times gone past that can never appear again is still out there in the stratosphere. Many have concluded that humanity as we knew it, ended in 1999 as a result of spraying the skies with Nan-Technology. Today, I was sent … Continue reading August 13, 2020, ~ Our DNA Is Changing

August 11, 2020 ~ A Dystopian Shift

A Commentary On How Crazy Things Are Getting By Mitch Santell It seemed so natural this morning as I boiled water to make a delicious homemade French Press Coffee. The world just felt right. Jasmine flowers that my Mrs. planted in the backyard floated into the kitchen, mixing with the smell of the coffee. Pure … Continue reading August 11, 2020 ~ A Dystopian Shift

Ellen DeGeneres Is Worse Than The Fictional Larry Sanders Show

A Commentary On The State of Hollywood in 2020 by Mitch Santell For those of us who follow Hollywood, are a part of Hollywood, or have a Family History in Hollywood, 2020 has never looked so bizarre. Regardless of how you feel about Trump, for those of us in the middle of another Covid-19 lockdown … Continue reading Ellen DeGeneres Is Worse Than The Fictional Larry Sanders Show