Dystopian Mask Land In Southern Calif

Written by Mitch Santell in an early morning reflection.

face-mask-election-2.jpgAll we can do is keep our sense of humor as “sheep America” continue to live in a mask. My medical doctor has told me not to wear a mask as I am in good health.

America Joined The New World Order On March 11, 2020 (Having fun yet)?

It is sad for the employees who work for these huge corporations who are stuck wearing a mask all day long. If you can’t see it now how Governor Gavin Newsom has totally messed up California, then YOU need to go back to sleep!

Right now, Americans are being trained through the Covid-19 lockdown, how to be good slaves.

To show you an exaggeration of where we are now, check out this short clip from the film Idiocracy. The clip above is 1:44 in length.

Freedom Vs Tyranny

Now take a look at how serious this has become. Don’t believe me? Watch Tucker Carlson, a real reporter who has already been threatened personally by Antifa last year at his home.

While I intended to publish this blog after September 11, 2020, I decided after careful consideration to re-launch it now as events are now happening so quickly. My goal is to help you get a handle on the absolute craziness going on.

The battle is here in America. Please pray for us. If America goes, the whole world is over, the world we once knew.

Here comes the sad part (a special thank you to my friend RR):

Few of you are going to want to hear this, but I have a very, very bad feeling about what’s to come, in the near term and semi-near (the next year or so), and it’s not just the insane New Mexico laws and nice-guy Park Rangers who enforce them. Neither is it just the COVID black op, nor the fabricated social disturbances, both of which are aspects of the Global Reset mentioned in a recent post.

Read the rest here: http://blog.banditobooks.com/bad-feeling/


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