Note to You ALL: Be Aware

A Commentary by Ricky Ray
Today is April 19th, the beginning of the occult Satanic fertility cycle leading to Walpurgis Night at Sunset April 29th through to Sunset April 30th, where Beltane actually begins through Sunset May 1st. Beltane is Ba’al Worship.
burning circle
It is marked by non-stop human sacrifices where it would conclude with human sacrifice burned alive like the 1973 movie Wicker Man showed graphically.

Examples of this recently:
1961 Bay of Pigs
1993 Waco Massacre last word to Janet Reno by Hillary Clinton Satanic Witch multi-generational
1995 Oklahoma City Bombing tied again to occult Clinton’s crimes.
2005 selection of former Hitler Youth and head of the Vatican Inquisition called Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman, and Universal Inquisition renamed Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (SCDF), Joseph Ratzinger, was selected as Pope Benedict XVI after the 16th Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Blasted Tower as in 9/11.

Ratzinger in 1962 was responsible for enforcing 1922 CRIMEN SOLLICITATIONIS, hiding Vatican sex crimes from 1962.

Watch, therefore, from today through May 1st on this coverup coronavirus hoax. 

Watch for obituaries of famous individuals and pray for the many countless victims globally who perish as human sacrifices every year at this time of abducted children.



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