Coronavirus Observations

A Commentary On The Current Health Crisis by Mitch Santell

People wear masks as they ride vehicles during evening rush hour, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in Beijing

The thing I remember most about my Mom turning 65 years of age was telling me how she was living as a “social recluse.”

My immediate response was, “Why, Mom?”

Her answer was simple: I don’t want to go out in public to a political convention or a concert because I don’t want to come down with a bad flu bug, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

There are several bizarre discoveries that I have made about the Coronavirus that simply makes me scratch my hair.


The observation was made by my wife Laurie of 33 1/2 years: “Mitch, do you ever notice how every time there is a national election, there is some sort of pandemic that is going to take us all out?

What did I do next?

Answer: Yes, I simply went online looking for the timing of the current Coronavirus and if there was a “money play” behind it.

Here is what I found, and no, you can’t make this stuff up!

First, there is an actual patent for the Coronavirus.


Coronavirus Vaccine Application from 2015.


You might want to look at the entire patent application.

Here it is

(Click On The Text Under This & It will Open Up a New Window:

AA US Patent CoronaVirus Full Application 2


Before 2015, another Patent was applied for back in 2007.


Corona beer 3
No, Corona Beer Does Not Contain This Virus

Then I hit the motherload so check this out:


This is actually a very important message

Early on with this whole Coronavirus deal, I stated that it was impossible to know what was really going on in China because everyone was lying and the data was garbage. Here we had only four digit deaths when all 50+ crematoriums in the Wuhan metro were going full tilt burning bodies with a capacity of well over 5,000 a day, PLUS 40 portable crematoriums added on top of that, for only 3,000 or so deaths now. Obviously I called bunk, and at that time, I stated that March 2 was the date we’d get data that was not garbage to know if they were hiding virus deaths or committing a communist style genocide. On March 2 we got our answer: NO GENOCIDE. Yes, they returned to work but it was all so screwed up that there’s no way the government did anything malignant, and Wuhan is dead. And I found ways to prove it that cannot be refuted, and actually provided quite fine detail. Who knows how many people in Wuhan are actually dead, but one thing is certain, they are not working.


This is why the above message is very important:

We now know there was no genocide and it appears that subversive elements in the U.S. government are intentionally misinforming Trump and doing all they can to deny there’s a problem until it all absolutely explodes. It is clearly what they want.

If you have to work, don’t worry about being a “freak”, at least wear half way stylish safety glasses, an N95, and keep everything as sanitary as possible. Don’t touch your face, not even for an itch, itch your face with a pencil where no one touched the pencil or anything else, if possible. And for gods sake if you are already sick, consider the consequences of being a super spreader, don’t do it, make damn good and sure you at least have a cough cover on to protect others. I know the people who read this site are decent enough to understand this, it is the leftists who won’t give a damn about others.

There’s nothing personal about this virus. It does not make you bad or underclass if you have it, but it would be VERY bad to have it and not protect anyone else from it if you can. Today’s traffic stats in China were horrible, they’re going DOWN and it is overwhelmingly probably going to happen in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

STUNNING social media post: Every election year has an outbreak. Coincidence?

SARS ———-2004

Trolls are saying some of the dates don’t line up, but if you actually check to see when they are declared emergencies, they do. There’s no doubt there is serious manipulation of when outbreaks are declared for whatever reason. Probably to distract the public from learning about political candidates. Additionally, this year was the whopper, likely because of Trump. The globalists could care less who they kill, and it is not coincidental that Iran’s government got nailed FIRST right after a failed attempt to start a war with them. China was getting out of hand too.This election year, the timing of events was so perfect they probably did it for real.

FACT: They knew they were going to lose against Trump, and had to come up with a way to disrupt an election so badly that it would be plausible he’d lose. They may even mandate mail in votes to prevent virus spread and invent an excuse that Trump supporters were too stupid to use the postal system. Or perhaps they’ll do online voting, perfectly secured by Hillary’s new election software company.

No matter how you cut it, we are dealing with a man-made virus that hit exactly when needed, with perfect timing. This fall will probably be crazy, right when they need it to be and as a bonus, China and Iran will be whipped into submission.

Hopefully what you just read is still online.

There is a lot more to share so click here:

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  1. Very interesting points and insight as always! It’s definitely good to stay out of any kind of hype and sometimes take a step back, slow down, and really view things before reacting. Good stuff!

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