Brave New World: Dystopian Procreation and Censorship

“It Is What It Is.” – Mitch Santell (2015)

Literature and Transgression

Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s fifth novel, was written in 1931 and published in the United Kingdom in 1932. From its publication it was an incredible success for Huxley—its first year sales in Britain alone reached 23,000 copies. Today it is still considered the most popular of all his published works, which include more than 11 novels, 7 short story collections, 8 poetry collections, and 23 essay collections. (Sawyer 83-84). Brave New World, begins by setting up two key points of the book—eugenics and expectations for human behavior—starting with the description of “A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State’s motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” (Brave New World 3). Although this motto is not mentioned again within the text, reappearances of mental conditioning to create “stable” citizens and…

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Blueprint for perfect prayer:

RR tropical-beach-5000x3248-ocean-hawaii-coast-4k-5336-2
Special Guest Post by Executive Producer Ricky Ray

Daniel 9:20
And whiles I was speaking, and praying, and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel, and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God;

The blueprint…
1. hang out with God one on one, confess your sins, mistakes, character defects, ask God’s forgiveness and grace to clear blockage between You and God…
2. Next, pray and ask God to forgive the sins, mistakes, character defects of the people You are praying for asking God to forgive them and give grace to them to clear blockage between them and God too…
3. Only after that, bring up what You or they need as the subject matter or petition for You or them called supplication…
Then God will hear and answer 100%

It’s simple.

In that verse, it says Daniel is rapping with God.
He confesses his sins or anything that blocks that way between Him and God asking to be forgiven.

Then for people he prays for, there might be obstructions between them and God so he confesses their sins or asks God to forgive them and clear the way…

Then he brings up needs or supplications after clearing the way first.

I guarantee you that’s WHY countless prayers are NOT answered because of obstruction that needs to be removed.

And Daniel was brought up from captive slave to be Prime Minister of the world’s first two huge multi-national empires, Neo Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, and Medo Persia under Darius the Mede and Cyrus of Persia.


New Zealand Warned You In 2011

A Commentary About Passion and Compassion by Mitch Santell

New Zealand Beautiful We Warned You 2011

You just woke up this morning, and the world you now know is over. How do you feel? Do you feel inspired? Do you feel like you need to go buy some food for your family?

Well, well, well, those days are over folks.

You had a chance to stand up, and you didn’t.

The powers that be are taking everything you have ever worked for throughout your life.

Me? I didn’t want my children or my grandchildren to go through the challenging times that we are in right now.

Back in 2011, I was still living in New Zealand, and I was the “Somewhat Fabolous Producer of The Vinny Eastwood Show.”

Americans are now under medical martial law.

We were talking about this in 2011.

If you are not awake now, then just go back to Netflix and enjoy their latest shows.

What’s next? Hmmm, martial law?

Question: What is the most significant speculation now? 

Answer: Now that they took away your Sports, Your Concerts, and Social gatherings, speculation is the internet is next.

(Comment: Hope you have some books to read, a DVD player. I’ve been prepared for this since 2010, how about you) and mentally prepared since September 11, 2001).

Hey, have yourself a beautiful Saturday as you wait in line at the store to buy your corporate chemical injected food. Please note that I do appreciate the fact that Costco is working so hard to take care of their customers. The truth? They are watching their sales increase by 12% right not in March 2020. Order Out of Chaos!

Here is my parting shot of the day:

Obama Vs Trump

CoronaVirus Mind Control Nightmare

A Commentary On The Bizarre Shift of America by Mitch Santell

New America 2020

The global rumors surrounding America right now are out of control. It is hard to know from one day to the next what is really going on. The Powers That Be” tell you, we are in the middle of a Global Pandemic.

Looking out over the landscape of America in 2020, you almost can’t recognize our country unless you do what I do. 

What is that?

Answer: Go take a walk with a good friend or family member.

There is always something that we independent thinkers say: 

“There is your side of the story,

there is my side of the story, and then there are the facts.”


My Mrs. of 33 1/2 years (no I am not a Free Mason, LOL) went to Ralphs’s Supermarket locally here. There was a line of several hundred people. To avoid any kind of hoarding, the store only lets in 50 at a time.

When my wife and daughter returned from the store, I asked, “How was it?” Her response was “fine.” The truth is that I know it was not okay. As a third-generation native California, what my wife described I have never seen in my lifetime 

My take? We are entering an era where “The Powers That Be” want total control over the American population, and I feel like they are using the Corona Virus as another 9/11 type of event to scare the living crap out of people.

It is a known fact that you can’t take an antibiotic or a vaccine for a virus. You just have to take aspirin or Tylenol, get plenty of rest, eat chicken soup, and chill-lax.

Look at this short clip from Contagion in 2011 and listen carefully to the dialogue.

My take is that this is a test for something far greater down the road.

Did you know that 2018 was one of our worst flu records on record? 

Did you know that the mainstream media reported on the flu in 2018? Did you know there was none of the hysteria that is going on now?

Here is the story on the Flu in 2018:

Okay, now take a deep cleansing breath, okay?

Here is a more extended clip.

Please look and listen very carefully.

Now, look at Mr. Evil, no, you can’t make this stuff up. Here is Bill Gates in Davos, Switzerland telling us in real-time back in 2017 what’s coming.

Of course, he tells you it’s a hypothetical and this sounds and smells fishy to me.

There was a test that was a simulation called 201, and you can look it up for yourself where a “global pandemic” was practiced in case we ever had the real thing.

What I want you to see is how Bill Gates back in 2015 openly discusses what is happening right now.

So be ready, folks. It is about to get even stranger!



CoronaVirus Is A Front For The Global Reset of the Dollar

A Commentary On Our Global Reset & US Dollar Collapse by Mitch Santell

What Will Do When Fema Comes Your Door To Take You To A Detention Center?

The craziness that you witnessed today in the financial markets has been planned for over 100 years.

The Powers That Be, the Global Elite, the 1% love what is happening!

They are laughing their asses off.

Question: Why are they doing this?

Answer: It is called the Federal Reserve, and it is neither “Federal” Nor Is it A Reserve!

Woodrow Wilson, 1919


Anyone who is in Banking & Payments and is a bit of a history buff, would know essential flow of how our money is made. I use the word flaw deliberately, because that is what it is.

Money today is created out of thin air. It has been for decades now. There is no tangible commodity at the back end to cover it. It is all created at will and then pushed into the money supply.

There is indirect taxation because of this, i.e. inflation that is a monster by itself to deal with.

Now, whether you are a history buff or not, conspiracy theorist or not, the following videos and books are illuminating at the very least, and for those who dig deeper into it, eye-opening would be the term that comes to mind.

New currency federal reserve

There is a great documentary (on which I will post separately), but I could not help but transcribe the following passage from its opening:

There is no system that is taken for granted or misunderstood as the monetary system. Taking on nearly religious proportions, the established monetary institution exists as one of the most unquestioned forms of faith there is.

How money is created, the policies by which it is governed, how it truly affects society, are unregistered interests of the great majority of the population.

And whether we are aware of it not, the lifeblood of all of our established institutions and thus society itself is … money.

Therefore understanding this institution of monetary policy, is critical to understanding why our lives are the way they are.

Unfortunately, Economics is often viewed with confusion and boredom.

Endless streams of financial jargon, coupled with intimidating mathematics quickly deters people from attempts at understanding.

However, the fact is, the complexity is so seated with the financial system, is a mere mask. Designed to conceal one of the most socially paralyzing structures, humanity has ever endured.

I don’t want to come across as a person to influence you, however, I would want that you read, watch and listen and draw your own conclusion. This is precisely one of the reasons why Bitcoins are touted as the monetary system that would serve as our savior.

When I discuss what is written above (and below) with friends and colleagues, there is almost a comical irony in it, considering I am a Banking & Payments consultant. Am I cognizant of the money flaw? Yes, I am. Can I do anything about it? Probably not a whole lot, other than educate others. What am I trying to achieve here? Nothing! Just simply sharing a book and its story.

Read the rest here:

Edward Griffith
G. Edward Griffin

The starting book and lecture that universally everyone should read and watch, is by the American Author G. Edward Griffin.

Here is another perspective of what is going on from one of my favorite people on this planet, Candace Owens (Los Angeles, California):

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 5.10.54 PM


Coronavirus March Madness 2020!

A Commentary On Bringing Order Out of Chaos by Mitch Santell

The First Costco In China Is In Total Chaos

Never let a good crisis go to waste is what I always say.

All the significant events that you watch on Tell-Lie-Vision (TV) are all planned in advance. Don’t believe me? Watch this!

What is Predictive Programming?

Alan Watts describes himself as a “long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.” He describes predictive programming as the use of fiction, either in print or visual media, to condition people to accept a planned future event.

When applied to what the government may have done or is currently doing, predictive programming provides just enough information to the people concerning the presence of UFOs and ETs so that it “penetrates their subconscious.” By the time the people are faced with the reality of the information, they will be psychologically conditioned. The real facts and information will be acceptable since the fictitious event has been “downloaded” into their subconscious. Then, they are less likely to object to the information and question it. They are most likely to not view it as being false.

When people become familiar with certain characters or situations that they originally would view as outlandish, they begin to accept them as possibilities. One chilling example is found in the pilot for a television series that was created as a spin-off of the X-Files. The series opener, “The Lone Gunman,” featured hijacked planes trying to crash into the World Trade Center. It portrayed a large-scale government conspiracy. The episode aired six months before September 11, 2001.

Hollywood and Predictive Programming

The government and Hollywood allegedly have a long history of working together to secretly disclose information about UFOs, ETs, technology and, upcoming world events. Instead of coming right out and releasing reams of reports for public eyes, it’s believed the government is disclosing bits of information slowly through predictive programming., This will get humans used to the idea of UFOs and ETs ,so there won’t be widespread panic when they are ultimately confronted with the actual reality.

The government conducts predictive programming through feature films and television shows. This type of programming has been going on for decades.

Some examples include television programs like “The Outer Limits,” which ran from 1963 to 1965 and often dealt with alien abduction themes. “The Twilight Zone” was considered the inspiration for “The Outer Limits” and aired on television from 1959 to 1964. It focused primarily on the paranormal and situations of irony.

Read more here:

There is no reason to be in fear. What does fear really mean? 

Future Events Appearing Real.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 2.24.50 PM

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The Black Conservative Movement

A Commentary on Black Americans Taking Back Our Country by Mitch Santell

martin_luther_king-2 AfterHollywood Online 2020

It was in February of 2016 that I started telling family and friends and business associates that Donald J. Trump was going to win the election.

Please invest four minutes and 59 seconds in watching this short clip of Candace Owens, a Black American Conservative who tells the truth of what is going on in Black America.

The issues that Candace Owens makes in her brief statement are profound, honest, and true. Black Americans are sick and tired of being victims and being used like pawn pieces on a giant chessboard.

Imagine if the pawns didn’t want to play?

America was the only Constitutional Republic for the first 95 years of its existence. 

After the civil war? The act of 1871. No wonder Black Americans are pissed off.


1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for

the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871.

With no constitutional authority to do so, Congress creates a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, a ten mile square parcel of land (see,Acts of the Forty-first Congress,” Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62).

The act — passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War — was a strategic move by foreign interests (international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America. Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers. Because the bankers were not about to lend money to a floundering nation without serious stipulations, they devised a way to get their foot in the door of the United States.

Read more here:

Need more proof?

Check this out:

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 6.07.35 AM

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The Crash Of 1929 Revisited In 2020

A Commentary On How History Repeats Itself by Mitch Santell

Alfred Santell Ginger Rogers Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

It was back in August of 1996 when my fourth child was born that I started to think about my Great Uncle Alfred Santell and my Grandfather Martin James Santell who were directly involved in writing scripts, producing and directing movies during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

There was only one request that my Great Uncle and my Grandfather made of me before they passed on. (RIP)

Alfred Santell Janet Gaynor 1932

What was the request?

Answer: It was my responsibility to carefully keep and share the stories of the Santell Legacy from 1914 to 1946.

farrell-santell-gaynor copy
My Great Uncle Alfred Santell in the 1930s

This can be a challenging task when the people you love and are writing about have passed on. I’ll do the absolute best I can to give you a picture of what it was like during the Golden Era of Hollywood.

Mitch 2007 Yes
In Los Angeles at a Pitch Meeting. 

The Santell Legacy is in my DNA, as I have literally lived in a suit for most of my professional life. It was my Grandmother Iris Santell who was, born Iris Block and re-married a second time and became Iris Crosty (RIP).

Marty and Richard Santell

After my Great Uncle Alfred Santell and my Grandfather, Martin James Santell, finished “The Brenan Girl” in 1946, Alfred, and Marty went their separate ways. (They would always love each other and be brothers, they simply ended their chapter together in the film business).

My Great Uncle would fall in love and married Yoshiko and moved to Japan in 1950.

My Grandfather Martin James Santell was offered a Directing Spot at Paramount Pictures new Television Division in 1953 but decided to shift his career to the “Retail Record Business” and exited Paramount Pictures with no hard feelings, he simply moved on.

My Grandfather, Martin James Santell, partnered with my Dad and launched 3 small record stores called Marty’s Music. These three little shops were located in West Covina, Hacienda Heights, and Inglewood. By 1964, Marty’s Music shifted from 3 stores down to one store, and that store in West Covina lasted until 1976 when the record business once again changed.

Martin James Santell & Alfred Santell in 1931

It was my duty and responsibility to share the story of my Grandfather Martin James Santell, who was born in San Francisco in, 1900 living with his older brother, who was born in 1895 in Europe and moved to New York and then to San Francisco. 

Okay, so let’s get back to August of 1996 when my 4th child was born.

It was at that time that I started to seriously look at how my own Family survived the crash of 1929. 


There were lots of stories about my Great Uncle Alfred Santell and how they started in the film business and what he was being paid in 1929.

The story that I used to tell in 1996 while I was 39 years of age was that my Great Uncle Alfred Santell was paid 10,000 dollars a week in the film business working for a major studio.

The truth is that I was wrong, and it was only after I returned from living in New Zealand that I discovered the truth of what my Great Uncle and my Grandfather were paid during the Great Depression.

Are you ready?

Alfred Santell and Martin Santell were a tremendous directing team in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940’s, plus my Great Uncle wrote his first script in 1914.

The fact that they were able to start off in the silent film discover and start the career of Gloria Swanson during the silent era as well as beginning the careers of David Niven, Red Skelton, and Barbara Stanwyck in the 1940s is a testament to their talent and that era.

Marion Davies was my Dad’s Godmother and my Dad at 17 used to go up to Hearst Castle to play tennis. (I’ll have more for you on this in another blog posting).

According to a cover story in Forbes Magazine in 1931, this is how the Santell team were paid.

Fox Film Corp

Fox Film-Corp., which later became 20th Century Fox contracted The Santell Team to shoot 200,000 Feet of Film for each Feature-Length Film, which was edited down to 8,000 feet of film for release.

Alfred Santell was contracted to Direct 5 films every two years. The Santell Team were paid 50,000 dollars per picture X (times) 5 = $ 250,000 dollars. Can you imagine? This was in 1931. My Great Uncle owned 3 homes in Los Angeles. One home in Beverly Hills, One home in Belair and One Home in the Hollywood Hills.

First Scene Alfred and Martin Santell

Look at the date in this scan from Fortune Magazine in 1931. Imagine? The stock market crashed on October 29, 1929, and on November 30, 1929, my Grandfather Martin Santell is up at 3:30 AM, shooting the first scene of the movie. ( I know he shot this scene because he told me personally). 

You may think that I am totally delusional, but I had there bizarre feeling back in 1996 that I would be alive during the next “Global-Reset.”

Guess what? It’s here! All we can do is ride the wave!

A very special thank you to one of my favorite cousins, Jimmy Courneya who sincerely inspired me and shared with me that I have to start writing our family stories down from old Hollywood. Hey, What about the music store stories? Oh yes, those are coming to this blog soon!

Jimmy Courneya & Mitch Santell June 17 2006
Jimmy was my Dad’s partner at Marty’s Music and after for over 20 years.

stock market crash 1929 wow
Do We Really Have To Go Through This Again?

Link to this video:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 1.33.05 PM

Coronavirus Observations

A Commentary On The Current Health Crisis by Mitch Santell

People wear masks as they ride vehicles during evening rush hour, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in Beijing

The thing I remember most about my Mom turning 65 years of age was telling me how she was living as a “social recluse.”

My immediate response was, “Why, Mom?”

Her answer was simple: I don’t want to go out in public to a political convention or a concert because I don’t want to come down with a bad flu bug, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

There are several bizarre discoveries that I have made about the Coronavirus that simply makes me scratch my hair.


The observation was made by my wife Laurie of 33 1/2 years: “Mitch, do you ever notice how every time there is a national election, there is some sort of pandemic that is going to take us all out?

What did I do next?

Answer: Yes, I simply went online looking for the timing of the current Coronavirus and if there was a “money play” behind it.

Here is what I found, and no, you can’t make this stuff up!

First, there is an actual patent for the Coronavirus.


Coronavirus Vaccine Application from 2015.


You might want to look at the entire patent application.

Here it is

(Click On The Text Under This & It will Open Up a New Window:

AA US Patent CoronaVirus Full Application 2


Before 2015, another Patent was applied for back in 2007.


Corona beer 3
No, Corona Beer Does Not Contain This Virus

Then I hit the motherload so check this out:


This is actually a very important message

Early on with this whole Coronavirus deal, I stated that it was impossible to know what was really going on in China because everyone was lying and the data was garbage. Here we had only four digit deaths when all 50+ crematoriums in the Wuhan metro were going full tilt burning bodies with a capacity of well over 5,000 a day, PLUS 40 portable crematoriums added on top of that, for only 3,000 or so deaths now. Obviously I called bunk, and at that time, I stated that March 2 was the date we’d get data that was not garbage to know if they were hiding virus deaths or committing a communist style genocide. On March 2 we got our answer: NO GENOCIDE. Yes, they returned to work but it was all so screwed up that there’s no way the government did anything malignant, and Wuhan is dead. And I found ways to prove it that cannot be refuted, and actually provided quite fine detail. Who knows how many people in Wuhan are actually dead, but one thing is certain, they are not working.


This is why the above message is very important:

We now know there was no genocide and it appears that subversive elements in the U.S. government are intentionally misinforming Trump and doing all they can to deny there’s a problem until it all absolutely explodes. It is clearly what they want.

If you have to work, don’t worry about being a “freak”, at least wear half way stylish safety glasses, an N95, and keep everything as sanitary as possible. Don’t touch your face, not even for an itch, itch your face with a pencil where no one touched the pencil or anything else, if possible. And for gods sake if you are already sick, consider the consequences of being a super spreader, don’t do it, make damn good and sure you at least have a cough cover on to protect others. I know the people who read this site are decent enough to understand this, it is the leftists who won’t give a damn about others.

There’s nothing personal about this virus. It does not make you bad or underclass if you have it, but it would be VERY bad to have it and not protect anyone else from it if you can. Today’s traffic stats in China were horrible, they’re going DOWN and it is overwhelmingly probably going to happen in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

STUNNING social media post: Every election year has an outbreak. Coincidence?

SARS ———-2004

Trolls are saying some of the dates don’t line up, but if you actually check to see when they are declared emergencies, they do. There’s no doubt there is serious manipulation of when outbreaks are declared for whatever reason. Probably to distract the public from learning about political candidates. Additionally, this year was the whopper, likely because of Trump. The globalists could care less who they kill, and it is not coincidental that Iran’s government got nailed FIRST right after a failed attempt to start a war with them. China was getting out of hand too.This election year, the timing of events was so perfect they probably did it for real.

FACT: They knew they were going to lose against Trump, and had to come up with a way to disrupt an election so badly that it would be plausible he’d lose. They may even mandate mail in votes to prevent virus spread and invent an excuse that Trump supporters were too stupid to use the postal system. Or perhaps they’ll do online voting, perfectly secured by Hillary’s new election software company.

No matter how you cut it, we are dealing with a man-made virus that hit exactly when needed, with perfect timing. This fall will probably be crazy, right when they need it to be and as a bonus, China and Iran will be whipped into submission.

Hopefully what you just read is still online.

There is a lot more to share so click here:

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