Have You Had Too Much To Think?

Commentary On Distractions by Mitch Santell

Too Much To Think

Happy Thursday dear readers and followers. First, thank you for being here. Second, can you believe how crazy things are getting? Third, do you have a plan?

There is something out there that is called:  “The Truther Movement.”

While many will try to convince you that this movement was born after 9/11, it actually started after the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

One of my current favorite, “Truthers,” is Richie From Boston who has a large following on YouTube.

Here is his video for today:

Richie from Boston May 30 2019 4.22.55 PM

Here is RFB’s YouTube Link:  


Flooding In Iran

Flooding in the Midwest of America



6 thoughts on “Have You Had Too Much To Think?

  1. Hello Mitch! Not sure if you remember me. Back in the very early 2000s, I was a host on Teen America (WGBB 1240 AM in Freeport, NY). Remember Pauly D? I think you were working for Clear Channel Entertainment at the time and saw syndication potential in me. Well, I am now living in Los Angeles and ready to embark on a professional radio career. Any advice with respect to radio education, jobs, extern/internships would be much appreciated! Feel free to email me, too. pauldicocco83@gmail.com. Talk soon!


    1. Great to hear from you! Welcome to Los Angeles. There are 10 Million of us here. Thank for your email address. Boy, oh by, the radio business has changed a lot. Clear Channel merged with AM/FM and became an 1,800 station powerhouse. After the telecommunications act of 1996, we watched America shift from 53 media companies down to only 5 or 6. I’d suggest doing a podcast and I’ll email you.


  2. Hi my name is Sulayman Sayes from Sbc news, We don’t mind you using our video but at least put a link thank you


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