Before You End Your Life

This may be the most important blog posting that you are reading this year. While I have found happiness in my own life, I know of so many that are depressed or fighting depression. The author of this post moved me deeply because I helped my youngest daughter survive a 5150 lockdown (she is home now Thank God) and I have another good friend of mine who’s niece is in a medically induced coma because of trying to kill herself.

Life is too short to not see the joy in it. Yes, we all have bad days. Yes, sometimes things don’t go our way, but that does not mean that you cannot move past it.

For all of my followers and readers, I want to wish you all the best Christmas yet in your own life. Be kind to yourself this holiday, okay? I know I will. Take good care now.

Writing My Heart Out

Are you at the lowest of your life right now?

Does everything seems to falling in front of you?

Have you lost faith in yourself?

Do you feel like taking your own life & end everything ?

If yes, keep reading till the end .

Hello everyone!

First of all, the reason why am I writing this.

If you have read my post How To Move On From Past then you must be knowing about a girl who reached out to me to seek help for moving on from her abusive relationship.

So few weeks back she was feeling really down & she started blaming herself for everything that happened to her. She was feeling miserable that day & then she said

“I don’t wanna live anymore. I’m tired of dealing with all this every single day while he(her ex) is living happy life“.

I know there are lot…

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4 thoughts on “Before You End Your Life

  1. I am saddened to know that young people today can’t deal with stress and resort to extreme measures when life doesn’t follow their planned path. Life is a struggle. From your first breath to your last. It’s the journey in between. It’s not any tougher today than it was before. What has changed is how we communicate with each other. Unfortunately you can’t communicate love through a text or email. Love needs to be felt not read. Love is first hand. I wish I had spent more time teaching this to my children.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. I have always been of the belief based on personal experience, that these smartphones with all this constant texting ruined normal social human interactions. I watched this from New Zealand when Apple introduced the first iPhone. I never had one in New Zealand. About 2 years ago I finally bought an iPhone 7s, but only use it for basic communications and emergencies. The way I took my own life back was to dump my Facebook account about six months ago. This is the best thing I ever did for myself.


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