Jordan Peterson’s Fight For Truth

Reflections On Truth By Mitch Santell

Jordan Peterson

One of my hero’s Jordan Peterson, who is an articulate, kind man who doesn’t mince words is fighting to stay online. Currently Mr. Peterson is on YouTube with his own channel and over 1.6 Million+ Subscribers. Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson are like so many that rely on YouTube to get their message out. With censorship on the rise and with most independent media sources attempting to not have their channel deleted, Mr.Peterson has to find a new way to receive contributions.

Patreon is now censoring channels.

  • Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor who frequently rails against political correctness on YouTube, says that he’s planning to launch an alternative to crowdfunding platform Patreon before Christmas.
  • The announcement comes as Patreon has been losing users and patrons following the banning of a high-profile YouTuber belonging to the “Intellectual Dark Web.”
  • Peterson and those in his circle have seen subscriber losses between 10% and 20%.

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