John & Ken on KFI Talk About Thousand Oaks Shooting

A brief Media Clip presented by Mitch Santell

kfi 640 AM
KFI AM 640 • 50,000 Watt AM Station Los Angeles.

The killing that just happened in Thousand Oaks, California still has a lot of people in shock. Here is a clip from today’s John and Ken show that is heard locally here in Los Angeles on 50,000 Watt Radio Station KFI.

A special thank you to all of my followers and readers who are in Europe, Asia, and Africa. This audio media clip was placed here for you to hear what the locals here are saying in Los Angeles.

California is more like Chicago in that it has stricter gun laws than other areas. There is a reason that these killings will continue. What is it? It is a known fact that when you take a U.S. soldier and put him or her in harm’s way for more than two tours of duty, it shreds their brain and creates huge PTSD.

John and Ken heard daily in Los Angeles.

The clip is 3 Minutes and 7 Seconds.

P.S. Live updates at the Los Angeles times can be found here:



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