Economic Shape Shifting

Writing stuff that I don’t want to talk about by Mitch Santell

Los Angeles, Downtown 2018.

The hardest thing to tell an American in 2018 with our unemployment rate so low is that in the long run, America is still moving toward collapse. Not a quick breakdown, a slow failure over a 20 to 30 year period.


In America or at least our “brand” known as America we have always strived that each generation moving forward would have it better than the previous generation.

Please note this is my opinion and not based on any scientific poll. What do I think? As a baby boomer I contend that when my generation is gone, the last group of Americans who had it better than their parents will be gone.

tent los angeles 2018

What do we make of an economy in which a handful of bubblicious urban areas are magnets for jobs and capital while rural communities have been hollowed out? The short answer is that this progression of urbanization has been one of the core dynamics of civilization for thousands of years: opportunities are greater in cities, and so people move from rural areas with few opportunities to cities with greater opportunities.

But that’s not the only dynamic hollowing out America’s rural communities: globalization plays a key role, too. Rural economies can rarely muster economies of scale that enable globally competitive enterprises. Rural communities generally lack the capital, expertise, global supply chains and cheap transportation costs that are the building blocks of successful global production and distribution.

In a global economy characterized by over-capacity, over-production and mobile capital, localized rural economies can’t compete with the low cost of commoditized products distributed by finely tuned global supply chains and cheap transportation.

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2 thoughts on “Economic Shape Shifting

  1. The answer is this: We all come to the truth in our own way. We do not see the world the way the world is, we see the world the way we are, so it isn’t until the truth comes up to slap you in the face that you see it. For some to wake up, it took the JKF murder. For others it was 9/11. Stil even more found their awakening when it was openly admitted by state agencies and even on the internet that we are all being sprayed on purpose. So we have to find our path. Once we know who we are based on our own research, then we can be of support to others. I had my awkaening but still have to search, research and go back and re-think my positions time after time. The first baby step is to work on yourself harder than anyone else because that is the only way to find peace. (You asked, so that was my answer). Make it a blessed day.


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