Hollywood Misses Kevin Spacey

Reminiscing About How Hollywood Used to be by Mitch Santell

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Over the years, Kevin Spacey has been one of my favorite actors. There is an authentic intensity to how he takes on a character in a scene that I have seen in few other actors.

Here are three brief scenes with Mr. Spacey that still get me every time.

Swimming With Sharks • 1994

The Usual Suspects • 1992

House of Cards * 2017

Hollywood ReporterNow that Kevin Spacey is gone, here is what the Hollywood Reporter had to say:

The character, formerly played by Kevin Spacey, was written out of the show after the actor and executive producer was fired following sexual assault allegations. Production on the forthcoming sixth and final season of the Netflix drama was shut down so the story could be reworked to send Frank six feet under. Ahead of its Nov. 2 return, Netflix has already confirmed that Frank is indeed dead (following the events of the book on which the series is based). The political drama will not waste any time in revealing Frank’s fate.

“We didn’t want to be coy about it and we didn’t want to run away from it,” co-showrunner Melissa James Gibson explained Wednesday during The Hollywood Reporter‘s TV Talks series at New York’s 92nd Street Y, where she was joined by executive producer Frank Pugliese and stars Robin Wright and Michael Kelly for a discussion after a screening of the season six premiere.

“It would have been a big mistake to in any way pretend that the character didn’t exist or to erase the character somehow,” she added of confronting Spacey’s departure. “Our way forward — the way we figured out the way forward — was basically to dig into the DNA of the show and honor the seeds of it and figure out what made sense as the next step.”

The next step is the legacy of President Claire Underwood, a storyline that had been set up in the season five finale that aired nearly six months before Spacey’s ultimate dismissal from the series. Last season, Claire moved into the White House after exiling her husband, Frank, and ended the finale with two, series-defining words spoken directly to the camera.

“Claire this season, there’s a lot of reckoning. She’s reckoning with her past with Francis and setting her own course and her own terms — which was happening anyway,” Gibson said of Claire’s rise and Frank’s fall. “This has been an organic progression. Season five ended with her looking into the camera and saying, ‘My turn.’”

More here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/house-cards-team-series-finale-killing-spaceys-frank-underwood-season-6-1153304


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Parting shot:  (No worries to you gentlemen who are worried about Mr. Spacey harassing you. Kevin has had his career at the studios shredded like dozens and dozens of other actors. Why? Although I am not saying that Mr. Spacey’s conduct may not have been appropriate, Kevin is now out for good). I won’t be writing about Mr. Spacey again!

House of Cards 2018
Can The Final Season of House of Cards Work Without Keven Spacey?

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