After Paul McCartney

A Deeper Reflection by Mitch Santell

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Haunts Me).

The death and the replacement of James Paul McCartney is the one “Truther Story” that has fascinated me more than any other. A lot of what I am placing here I did not write, and I am putting it here so that you can read an example of how facts and situations are manufactured so that no one will wake up.

Faul vs Paul AfterHollywood

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At five a.m. on a Wednesday morning in November, 1966, Paul McCartney of the Beatles pop group was driving his car in London.  Stopping at a set of traffic lights, he turned to look at a meter maid.  He didn’t see the lights change ahead of him and another vehicle collided with his car.  It burst into flames crowds of people gathered around the site of the accident.  The person inside was badly mangled and hard to identify.  He suffered severe head injuries and his teeth were knocked out, so he couldn’t be identified by dental records.  All anyone knew was that he was a young man with dark hair.  Shortly after the crash, a Paul McCartney lookalike contest was held.  The winner was William Campbell, a police officer from Toronto.  Campbell underwent plastic surgery and filled in for McCartney, appearing in all the subsequent Beatles’ photo shoots.  Right from the beginning the Beatles began putting clues into their songs to tell their fans of Paul’s death…

paul vs faul

The myth of the death of Paul McCartney in a car accident, and its subsequent cover-up, displays many elements common to a clear-cut, hyper-sceptical, near-paranoid belief system, a ‘conspiracy’ impenetrable to contrary facts and ordinary common sense.  The very idea that the Beatles and their management were so mired in their own growing legend that the death of one of their number could be successfully covered-up is as scandalous as it is ridiculous.

So why did a rumour, which began with one man writing in a college newspaper in the American Midwest, blossom into a world-wide news-story so strong, so impervious to basic common-sense, that the Beatles press officer, Derek Taylor, was forced to issue the following: “Even if he appeared in public just to deny rumours it wouldn’t do any good.  If people want to believe he’s dead, then they’ll believe it.  The truth is not at all persuasive.”  The rumour showed no signs of abating, not until the man at the centre of the controversy appeared on camera to affirm that he was very much alive and well.  Yet even this was not enough to kill the story.

Just A Good Replica!

Special Note:

It is definitely possible that Paul’s replacement was unaware of any furtive plots hatched by MI5 to control the biggest rock band of the era.  In that case, where he was installed to coverup a truly accidental death of the real Paul, the following perspective is offered for the reader’s consideration.

Faul and Linda Band On The Run
Linda & Paul McCartney Band On The Run era.

It must be acknowledged that Paul McCartney’s replacement was tasked with one of the toughest jobs in the world. Regardless of who he really is, the new Paul (some call him Faul) was certainly coerced (or simply assigned by MI5) to play a roll that only preordained destiny could have fatefully brought to him in 1966. In this light, his was perhaps one of the greatest sacrifices made in modern times. For he was compelled to leave behind his real identity for the rest of his life in the interest of the greater good for all of humankind. Yes, he got to play a rock ‘n’ roll superstar, but that’s not nearly as fun or easy as it sounds.

Now many may say, as many have already said, that he was, and is, an imposter. No, he is not an imposter!

In reality, all of us are called upon from time to time to be or act like something that we are not. We spontaneously fill that vital role in the moment because it is ours to do. In the case of Paul McCartney’s replacement, his noble and selfless deed surely saved the lives of who knows how many across the planet?

Again, this highly qualified perspective is being presented in the event that Paul’s replacement was truly unaware of any designs by British secret services to use: The BEATLES to advance a clandestine worldwide agenda.

Go even deeper down the McCartney story by looking at the Forensic evidence.


Forensic evidence based on photographs

The two researchers began their analysis by obtaining high quality photos of Paul McCartney before and after the car accident. Gavazzeni complained that some photos taken before 1966 were not properly dated (sometimes different photo agencies would have different dates for the same photo), and that some of the best photos were the property of photographers who were very reluctant to release them. However, they eventually found two good quality photos dated before 1966 and two after 1967.

Different photos of a human face, in order to be compared, have to be re-sized to match the same scale; to do this, one feature of the face must be used as a scaling factor.

These two researchers opted for the distance between the pupils. In other words, the photos were scaled so that the distance between the pupils was exactly the same for all of them.

Once photos of a person have been scaled so that the eyes have identical locations, then if you lay the photos on top of each other, certain features will match exactly, such as the shape of the skull. The skin and hair may be very different, but the skulls should be identical.

Both of the photos taken prior to 1966 matched one another perfectly, and both of the photos taken after 1967 matched one another perfectly.

However, the researchers were shocked to discover that the photos prior to 1966 did not match the photos taken after 1967.

For example, the frontal curvature of the jaw was different (i.e. the curve going from one ear to the other and passing through the chin, which you see when looking directly into a face, as in the photos on the right) and the jaw arc was also different (i.e. the curve of the jaw that you would see if looking downward at the head from above).

2 thoughts on “After Paul McCartney

  1. We do love conspiracies. Some have taken serious root (JFK) while others are simply fun. I’m pretty sure Paul is still with us. Lets talk about Elvis and Jim Morrison. Now you have my attention.


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