Why President Trump Matters

Comments On Keeping Our Constitutional Republic

Living in a household with two politically active parents, both in local politics as well as national, I got to watch and experience what it means to be an American.

At ten years of age (in 1967) my Mom had me walking local precincts to make sure that people were signed up to vote.

Yes, we were Democrats, but we were moderates who came from the John F. Kennedy era.

The Democratic Party that you are watching, witnessing and cringing at in 2018 is not the party of John F. Kennedy nor is it even the party of Bill Clinton and Al Gore back in 1998.

SGT Report provides phenomenal videos on a daily basis on what is happening in America. Yes, I am a subscriber to the channel, and if you can subscribe or even make a small donation, this guy is spot on!

America, for the most part, is genuinely grateful to have a President who is looking out for America first.

As you watch the video, see if you can spot the deep-seated anger of Hillary Clinton who was the front-runner for the Democratic Party who also destroyed the Bernie Sanders Campaign.

The way the Democrats in Washington D.C. are acting I am ashamed and became a Republican and voted for Donald J. Trump. Want to know a secret? Most Trump supporters can’t even tell their family and friends they voted for Trump but at the end of the day, I prefer to live in the Constitutional Republic known as America thank you very much!

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One thought on “Why President Trump Matters

  1. I am from a liberal town. Here in Eugene, Oregon we are so blue we’re purple. I have several life long liberal friends who handed in their Democrat cards. They did not want Hillary. They were done with the Clintons. They wanted a wider selection the same way the Republicans did for their voters.

    This is alarming. The Democratic leaders need to take notice.


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