Why Is Each Day The Same?

Looking Deeper Beyond The Matrix by Mitch Santell

Knowledge 2018

If you could rewind the clock before 9/11, what kind of world would we find?

How the nano-technology from the Geo-Engineering spraying each day enters your body.

What the hell is happening… you must be thinking that, as well as being dazed and confused in the least which is the purpose of this web site. Your unfortunate lack of critical thinking skills leaves you without the ability to see the unseeable.

You watch, but you fail to see. Fear not my less informed friend – whether your being chemtrailed, body/mind controlled, hearing voices or stalked by the public, this web site connects the final high level dots concerning this otherwise complicated puzzle of insanity currently before you. ‘Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, and the White Knight is talking backwards’This is what they are doing to you and your family, and this is how they do it.

Complete, high dexterity remote control of every single synapse and neuron for every person on the face of the earth and the greatest revelation in human history… your BioAPI.

Want to know a little more? (Click the link below).


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