The truth about ‘Selfishness’

You are reading one of the most crucial blog postings that I will repost in 2018. Why? Read it, and you will know why. Sometimes we can care so much for others that we end up drowning ourselves in the process.

The Darkest Tunnel

Picture this:

You are stranded in the middle of the ocean, desperately trying to keep yourself afloat as you scramble for air in the smothering darkness.

The night is quiet around you, the world submerged in an ominous silence.

The sounds of your heavy breathing and your hands flailing in the water are the only things that pierce through the quiet.

The vast expanse of the inky blue sea is all you can see, along with a single narrow plank floating a few meters away from you.

What will you do?

You swim to the plank and save yourself from a sure death by using the wood to keep you afloat.

But your choice isn’t that simple.

You’re not alone.

I’m there along with you, scrambling for the same air you fill your lungs with and my eyes are frozen on the same plank that yours are riveted on.


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