Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Predator’s Party

This is a must read. Many say that AA is a cult. In fact, I know many who have been through the program, and it seems to breed sociopaths.

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

This brilliant man with the handle of Quackaholics Anonymous has a YouTube channel readers will love.  See the link below for his take on the recent article regarding the rampant predation (dismissed by the common 12 step cult term the 13th Step) inflicted on members by the most “trusted servants” of the 12 step cult religion. This YouTube vlogger can use our support.  He’s hilarious and right on!

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Article to which he is referring:

Quackaholics Anonymous YouTube Vlog:

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2 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Predator’s Party

  1. The 12 step cult religion is a mecca for the sickest predators around. These people will blame the victim and excuse the rapes and murders with the “character defects” chant. You are NOT safe in the “rooms” of this dangerous cult religion… no matter how the brainwashing has affected hollywood.

    Thank you for the reblog!


    1. Happy to reblog what you wrote. It was especially important because I live in South Orange County and the Orange County Register is our local paper here. So, as we both know, no one escapes this regardless of being in an affluent town or on the street. Take good care!


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