Vaccine Schedule Out Of Control

Health Observations by Mitch Santell

Keeping your health is not for the faint of heart. You are going to have to work on this every day of your life. There is nothing wrong with a vaccine. I have had to have them throughout my own life. The problem with vaccines now in 2018 vs the 1960’s is that there are too many vaccines on the schedule. To add insult to injury, even the flu vaccine that you can get for free is only 20 percent to 30 percent effective.

The medical system that has saved millions is now harming millions because of the vaccine industry becoming a money machine for big pharmaceutical companies.

To help you protect yourself and your family, I have included here the “Overcoming Vaccine Mania,” a 35 Page PDF and a book written back in 1988 “Murdered by Injection.”

This information is crucial and I provide it here for you to keep control over your own health. You know the old saying right? “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

How can you get your radio, music, film or book project off the ground if you can’t think straight from the vaccines? 

On a personal note: I did not give the Gardasil shot to any of my daughters.

Vaccine Mania

Murder by Injection
Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection


1: Statistics Infant death rate Unvaxed children are healthier
2: Smallpox vaccination
3. Polio AlsoMeasles Mumps Rubella Whooping Cough Meningitis
4: Vitamin C
5: Disease Theory: a) Pleomorphism b) Word game c) Toxemia d) Fever e) Positive effects f) Toxicology g) Virology h) Nutrition i) Diet j) Sanitation
6. Vaccine science Self-regulated
7: Vaccine disease and death Vaccine victims  VAERS
8. Ingredients Animal kidneys Contaminants Blood brain barrier Covert ingredients Synergistic toxicity
9. Government politics. Government vaccine testing JCVI The CDC ACIP Executive Order 13139
10.  Medical politics Allopathic Iatrogenic deaths Cancer Racket Vivisection Circumcision  Vaccines used to induce disease  Fluoridation Drug Corporation criminality Child experiments Infected blood plot
11.  Medical whistleblowers
12. Money incentive/Conflict of interest  Chickenpox & Mumps vax Smallpox vax TB vax Diptheria vax Smallpox vaccine heist (2002) Swine flu vaccine heists
13.  Vaccine Failures.
14. Integrity Covert-Sterilising MMR Urabe
15:  The foundation stone: Atheism
16. Vaccination from the bottom of the Rabbit hole, the bottom line: PSYCHOPATHY

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