Too Hip, Can’t Talk, Gotta Go ~ Producer

Imagined by Mitch Santell

Producer’s by nature have a great and a lousy reputation at the same time. If you are lucky enough to work with a great one, you will know it right away because of they’re follow up and follow through.

The #1 tool in a producer’s success kit is doing what they say they will do.

Want a recent example that drove me nuts? An email arrives in my inbox inviting me to attend a festival. My partner tells me right away that I need to respond that I am interested. The email is written up in a timely fashion and sent back to the festival promoter (which is another kind of producer). My email and direct cell phone number are written in the email precisely so there will be no doubt that I have definite interest.

OMG, what was the response?

The promoter writes back that he will get around to me when he can but he was the person who reached out to me! Now you know why I always say to avoid people who are: Too Hip, Can’t Talk, Gotta Go!

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