Why Blogging Matters

Inside My Mind by Mitch Santell

One of the most common blog postings that I read on a regular basis is why the “blogger” is not “blogging” Listen, you set up a blog because there is something deep in your soul that wants to get out. True or true? There is something that you want to share with the world because you want to “tilt the planet!”* (*Tiling the planet is a term that I got from Clif High who is an expert on Predictive Linguistics).

You may think that your point of view does not matter, but it does to more people than you know. The internet has an algorithm for it. Our news feed, our internet advertisements, and everything is controlled by this.

More here: http://bit.ly/2HXOmS3

Question: Are your thoughts your own or are you merely re-stating someone else’s point of view?

Answer: You are blogging because you can’t or won’t agree with anyone’s point of view so each day you have to write.

What is Blogging and Why Is It So Important?

6 Enterprise Blogging Platforms to Consider.


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